SEC Network releases schedule for first four weeks of 2014 season


The SEC Network is about to consume your life surrounding your favorite conference 24/7 and will debut on August 14th.

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The network released the schedule of the first four weeks of the season, and every team will host a game on the new network over that time period.

“The fact that the SEC Network will originate a game from every stadium in the conference in the first four weeks of the 2014 season is testament to the depth of coverage fans can expect from the network,” SEC commissioner Mike Slive said in a statement “In just the first month of the season, fans that get the network will enjoy all the passion and pageantry of SEC football from 14 of the greatest venues in the world of sports. This is what the SEC Network is all about.”

The network already has agreements in place with AT&T U-Verse, Google Fiber and Dish Network for distribution, and it’s still working on Comcast and DirecTV, among others.

Please note on September 6th there will be an overflow channel available to all subscribers.

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Here’s the four-week schedule:

Date Time (ET) Game
Thu, Aug. 28 6 p.m. Texas A&M at South Carolina
9:15 p.m. Temple at Vanderbilt
Sat, Aug. 30 Noon Tennessee-Martin at Kentucky
4 p.m. Arkansas at Auburn
7:30 p.m. Southern Mississippi at Mississippi State
Sun, Aug. 31 7 p.m. Utah State at Tennessee
Sat, Sept. 6 Noon Florida Atlantic at Alabama
Noon Arkansas State at Tennessee
4 p.m. Eastern Michigan at Florida
4 p.m. Nicholls State at Arkansas
7:30 p.m. Sam Houston State at LSU
7:30 p.m. Lamar at Texas A&M
Sat, Sept. 13 Noon UCF at Missouri
4 p.m. Louisiana-Lafayette at Ole Miss
7:30 p.m. Kentucky at Florida
Sat, Sept. 20 Noon Troy at Georgia
4 p.m. TBD
7:30 p.m. TBD

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  • Comcast….pick….this….channel…up….NOW!!!

  • MetroCast, you are being presented with the opportunity of a lifetime. If you ever want to take complete control over Oxford, and possibly become a household brand across the Southeast, then, please, for the love of God, strike a deal with the SEC Network. I don’t care if you charge your customers extra on your monthly fees. I believe I speak for the rest of Oxford when I say that I will happily pay extra. The ball is now in your court.

  • All I know is that Directv better carry the SEC network, because if they don’t I am going to switch to Dish and so will thousands of other customers all over the country. I can’t believe they haven’t already done it.

    • I thought Directv would’ve gave in a long time ago but now I’m worried. I haaaate Dish and wouldn’t want it if I didn’t have to have it.

      • I thought they would have by now too! I tweeted them a couple weeks ago asking about it and they said it was in the works. Someone from Dish tweeted to me then and said “we have it, interested?” I just screenshoted it and tweeted it to Directv and said don’t let this happen!

  • MY husband is on the phone with Direct TV now about another issue. He has spoken to 2 different people who do not even know what the SEC Network is. Hmm.

  • I hope we enjoy the SEC network in 2014 because college football as we know it may not exist much longer. CBS sports reported on May 2nd that our gutless congress will consider but could still dodge the NLRB ruling that college students are employees. They might dodge it because they want another group of voters beholden to vote for them. They might dodge it because employees can be taxed and tax money means more influence and power for elected officials. US citizens are about to lose college campus life where athletes, artists, scholars, and many more who get incentives in the form of forgiven room, board, tuition, fees, etc.. If a football program that makes 5 million a year after expenses is an employer, then so is a football program that makes zero profit, and so is a football program that goes into the red every year for the past 100 years. Every band, theatre, athlete, scholar would be an employee. The NCAA Division
    I and II will be history. Football players will have even less help with injuries. College activities will assume a lower quality either way. Fans will become less interested in lower quality college activities. College activities will become more an isolated community offering. Millions of young people who received free educations would then be uneducated. NFL professionals who fail to stay viable will be unable to make a living commanding the income of the educated class. Student athletes, or scholars who don’t want to be employees will be forced to be because labor unions in the United States have generally been able to monopolize the work place where they are allowed. There have to be some things in society that are not employer-employee relationships. There are thousands of examples in our society of groups who work together to produce something who are not employees. Many of these sacrifice significant wealth, time, energy. College students are a reflection of society. Some have jobs, and some participate in activities because it has value to them personally or they want to contribute to their college community, some do both of the just mentioned. 80% of a recent poll of thousands agree that this is not an employee-employer relationship. Let your law-maker know how you feel. If you like unions and union products be a member and buy their products. We should all respect and recognize the fact that not everything is life can be a job, and even in the workplace employees should be able to have a job without supporting ideas that unions support. Division III college football for everyone would be ok, but we can do better if we keep the Division I and Division II

  • There is some scheduling conflicts already this week. I live in Nashville, Tn and am a big Alabama fan for 40 Years. Now #2 Alabama is playing un-ranked Fla. Atlantic and Tn. is playing Arkansas St., both un-ranked. Which will get the airtime? I’d say play the ranked teams in this situation and sell the programing to a larger broadcaster like ABC or ESPN (one in the same). If not, they will have some hot fans on both sides this week. Are you listening SEC Network????

    Timothy Smith