Which SEC teams have put the most players in the NFL over the last decade?


The 2014 NFL Draft looms Thursday, and several former SEC players will be picked in the first round. Twelve SEC players were selected in the first round of last year’s record-setting draft, and as many as 12 could be first-round picks this year.

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Which SEC teams have owned the NFL Draft over the last decade? The results aren’t too surprising, considering the power brokers over the BCS era. Here’s a team-by-team breakdown from 2004-2013:

Team No. Draft Picks 1st Round Picks
LSU 61 14
Georgia 58 8
Alabama 49 14
Florida 46 10
Auburn 36 7
South Carolina 35 5
Tennessee 35 8
Arkansas 32 6
Texas A&M* 24 3
Missouri* 23 6
Ole Miss 20 5
Mississippi State 16 2
Kentucky 14 0
Vanderbilt 12 2

*Reflects 10-year draft history

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  • SEC programs have seen 421 total players drafted since 2004, and that only includes Missouri’s and Texas A&M’s 2013 draft class, not the total number.
  • The conference has also seen 83 first-round picks during the same time period. Again, only Missouri and Texas A&M’s 2013 draft classes are included.
  • Alabama and LSU have had the same number of first-round picks with 14 to lead all programs. Florida is the only other program in double digits with 10. However, LSU has seen 12 more players drafted over the last decade than Alabama, which is a rather large number. The Tigers have been wiped out by the draft the last two years, with nine last year and another bumper crop this year.
  • Alabama didn’t have a first-round pick from 2004-2008, but since 2009, the Tide have torched everyone with the 14 first-round picks.
  • Not to anyone’s surprise, Georgia has had the second most players drafted, and yet the Bulldogs failed to win a National Championship over the era despite being an NFL factory.
  • Aside from Alabama’s over 28 percent first-round picks, 26.1 percent (6-of-23) of Missouri players drafted have been first-round picks. That’s a nice number, and they’ll add to that this year with Kony Ealy.

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  • I criticize Richt for certain things, but I think CMR unfairly catches a bad rap for this stat. Especially within DawgNation. You always hear “all that pro talent and no National titles”. Inferring that CMR is not getting the most out of the players. but Let’s dig a little deeper:
    With exception to Auburn in some years, haven’t the previous National Title winners (UF,LSU, Bama) usually out-rank UGA in recruiting? And let’s not forget Auburn picked up a pretty dominant free agent that year they won it all.
    Oh, and don’t each of those teams have more first rounders than UGA on this list?
    Hmm…so it is the teams getting most of the 5 star talent are also the ones winning titles.
    Imagine that.
    So if anything you could criticize CMR for not recruiting more of the game-changing talent that doesn’t need a lot of coaching, but you should then give him props for preparing lesser known talent for the next level.

  • If you only count the Missouri Tigers who are in the NFL RIGHT NOW there are 22.

    Having said that I’m glad college football is a different game played by different kinds of players, for a totally different set of motivations.