There is a noticeable absence in the total career numbers for the SEC quarterbacks, but not for the running backs.

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In fact, the running backs position is absolutely loaded in 2014, with Todd Gurley, TJ Yeldon and Mike Davis headlining the position. Those three SEC backs may be the country’s top overall backs, too. All three will play on Sundays, and all three have first-round potential for next year’s NFL Draft.

Here are the top 10 returning running backs according to the numbers:

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Rushing Yards
Todd Gurley, Georgia (JR): 2,374
TJ Yeldon, Alabama (JR): 2,343
Mike Davis, South Carolina (JR): 1,458
Jonathan Williams, Arkansas (JR): 1,131
Kenny Hilliard, LSU (SR): 1,110
Marcus Murphy, Mizzou (SR): 1,033
Alex Collins, Arkansas (SO): 1,026
Keith Marshall, Georgia (JR): 1,005
Jerron Seymour, Vanderbilt (JR): 984
Kenyan Drake, Alabama (JR): 975

Total Carries
Todd Gurley: 387
TJ Yeldon: 382
Mike Davis: 255
Jerron Seymour: 247
Kenny Hilliard: 212
Jonathan Williams: 195
Alex Collins: 190
Keith Marshall: 173
Marcus Murphy: 160
Kenyan Drake: 134

Yards Per Carry
Kenyan Drake: 7.3
Marcus Murphy: 6.5
Todd Gurley: 6.1
TJ Yeldon: 6.1
Keith Marshall: 5.8
Jonathan Williams: 5.8
Mike Davis: 5.7
Alex Collins: 5.4
Kenny Hilliard: 5.2
Jerron Seymour: 4.0

Total Touchdowns/Scoring (includes receiving TDs)
Todd Gurley: 33 TDs, 198 pts
TJ Yeldon: 27 TDs, 162 pts
Kenny Hilliard: 22 TDs, 132 pts
Jerron Seymour: 19 TDs, 114 pts
Kenyan Drake: 14 TDs, 84 pts
Mike Davis: 13 TDs, 78 pts
Marcus Murphy: 13 TDs, 78 pts
Keith Marshall: 11 TDs, 66 pts
Jonathan Williams: 8 TDs, 48 pts
Alex Collins: 4 TDs, 24 pts

Photo Credit: Kevin Liles-US PRESSWIRE