SEC’s top 25 players of 2013: No. 9

NCAA Football: Georgia at Auburn

SDS is continually counting down the top 25 players in the SEC for 2013, and we’re not stopping until we get to No. 1. I know you’ll agree with every single one…

No. 9 Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia (SR)

2013 stats: 225 for 347 (64.8%), 3,075 yards, 26 TDs, 9 INTs

Why he’s No. 9: Aaron Murray’s fabulous career is now over. Georgia’s fearless leader now heads to the NFL as the SEC’s all-time leading passer, surpassing Florida’s Danny Wuerffel during his senior season, which was ultimately cut short due to an ACL injury he suffered against Kentucky.

Murray threw for 3,075 yards, 26 TDs and nine INTs, and he finished fourth in total yardage and third in touchdowns and did so missing two full games.

Georgia was ravaged by injuries this season, and even Murray couldn’t escape the bug. Before mid-season, Muraay had lost receivers Malcolm Mitchell, Justin Scott-Wesley and running back Keith Marshall due to knee injuries. He lost a secondary receiver in Michael Bennett for a few games, too, along with receiver Chris Conley, running back Todd Gurley and tight end Jay Rome. Through it all, Murray threw for more than 3,000 yards and 26 TDs in 11 games.

Murray’s ‘can’t win the big game’ moniker took a back seat after he beat top 10 teams in LSU and South Carolina, where he combined for nine TDs.

Murray is being overlooked in the draft, mostly due to his size, and no, he never won a championship despite coming very close in 2012. But he leaves behind a strong legacy and career in Athens, and I happen to think one team will get a steal by taking Murray in the NFL Draft.

Top 25 player rankings:

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  • The quarterback draw that he ran in the fourth quarter against Tennessee still haunts me to this day.

  • The odds are against him, but Murray is one of the last people I’d count out of any competition. He is as tough as they come and has the work ethic to boot. I just wish his time here hadn’t been wasted by having that baboon Grantham on the sideline.

  • he is gonna be a strter for a long time. i read somewhere he was weighed and he came in at 6″1..he actually made a tweet about it because it surprised him..drew brees and russel wilson are both shorter and if your a true bulldawg fan and know this simple fact that HE PLAYED BEHIND THE BIGGEST OFFENSIVE LINE IN COLLEGE OR THE NFL..THE BENGALS WHERE 2ND IN WEIGHT AND HEIGHT. there should be NO KNOCK ON HIS SIZE. he has been durable and a really good player. he can make throws that mark sanchez dreams about being able to do and he got 5 years in the pros as a starter. Murray is by far the best QB UGA has ever had, even though he didnt get a champ BECAUSE UNDERCLASSMEN LEAVE EARLY AND SCREW THE TEAM BECAUSE THE MEDIA BRAINWASHED THEM DAM NEAR MAKING THE DECISION FOR THEM…I HOPE PRUIT IS THE REASON THAT FSU HAD THAT GREAT DEFENSE…I JUST KEEP ASKING MYSELF WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE?/ WHY WOULD HE LEAVE? FSU WOULD HAVE GAVE HIM A RAISE UNLESS HE ISNT THE REASON WHY THEYVE BEEN SO GOOD..MAKES ONE WONDER!