Steve Spurrier continues to keep Alabama, Saban in the bullseye

You know it’s almost SEC Media Days when Steve Spurrier starts – or continues – ribbing another college football team.

It’s usually Georgia or Tennessee, but this year it’s Alabama. Regardless, Spurrier will always take the opportunity to throw a few funny jabs other team’s way.

Last week, Spurrier took a dig at Alabama and Nick Saban in an interview with The State, and he ribbed Saban on working smarter, not harder, while also saying that Saban may have underachieved at Alabama.

Well, he’s back at it again in a separate interview with The State with more interesting answers to questions. One way or another, he usually finds a way to circle back around to Alabama and Nick Saban.

Q: If I had told you in 1997, ‘There’s more to life than the SEC championship,’ would you have agreed? Would that have been good enough?

A: Well, my last year at Florida, we did not win the SEC. We had a heck of a team in 2001, we won the state championship, beat FSU, won the Orange Bowl and finished No. 3 in the nation, and we were disappointed because our expectations obviously were to win the SEC, which we did seven of the 12. So it’s different. Your expectations and what you achieve are different at every school. Every school is different. For example, at Alabama, if I had had five No. 1 recruiting classes in the last six years like Alabama, I would say, ‘Fellas we are going to mess up if we lose a game, because we’ve got the best players in college football.’ But we’re not in that situation. Our history is not all that super before we got here, so everything is sort of relative to each school. Maybe what their past has been and which direction they are headed. But to finish in the top 10 three years in a row when our school has never done that, to win 11 games three years in a row, our school has never done that, that’s been fun, no question.

Perhaps Spurrier didn’t needle Saban as bad as last week’s remarks, but deep down I bet Spurrier can’t help but wonder what he could do with all that talent Saban signs every year. But Spurrier sounds just fine not having to have perfect seasons because he doesn’t sign the top class every year – however, it sounds as if he thinks that Alabama should run the table every year with their talent.

Steve Spurrier is a national treasure.

Photo Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports