Four Georgia players arrested on theft by deception charges


On the eve of the first spring practice, Georgia had four players arrested on multiple charges of theft by deception, according to

Georgia’s chief of police Jimmy Williamson confirmed the victim was the UGA athletics department.

Safety Tray Matthews, defensive linemen James DeLoach and Jonathan Taylor and receiver Uriah LeMay were all arrested.

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LeMay is facing four misdemeanor counts of theft by deception, while Matthews is facing three counts. DeLoach and Taylor are facing two counts each. All four were booked into jail from 8:40 p.m. to 9:22 p.m., and they all bonded out late Monday night at $1,500 per charge.

Mark Richt’s statement regarding the arrests, “I’m aware of the situation and it will be handled in an appropriate way.”

According to Seth Emerson at the MaconTelegraph, Matthews, Taylor and DeLoach were charged with double-dipping their stipend checks. LeMay was charged with taking his roommates’ deposited stipend check and cashing it.

Photo Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports



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  • UGA continues to prove Steve Spurrier right year after year.

    • Steve Spurrier: “I sort of always liked playing [Georgia] that second game because you could always count on them having two or three key players suspended.”

      • Yep. Usually proven right, but this time Georgia has evened it up with the Clemson suspensions, so now neither of them have an excuse for losing when they play each other.

    • Let’s not give the ol ball coach too much credit as he takes a shot like that at us at least twice a year it seems. Bound to get it right every once in while. And I’m sure he’ll also attest that it is our disciplinary policy that is the biggest contributor to that statement.

      • Come on JP, I’ve got nothing but respect for the Dawgs, this story line is becoming the norm out of Athens every offseason.

        • No doubt about it David….just been well documented that small things get publicized in Athens more often and EVERYTHING is handled publically. Not that this is one of those incidents, but first time pot offenses and other minor issues get suspensions where at other schools the fact is they just don’t.

  • Idiots. These were “good” kids from “good” families, too. No “I had to eat” excuses available, just pure F’ing stupidity and greed.

    • You think Richt kicks em off or just suspends them?

      • I hope at least part of it is false. But if it is all valid, I am afraid you will be getting another good defensive player next year……

      • Based on the severity of the crimes, the few times they were committed, and these being the kids’ first offenses each, I believe suspensions are coming. We aren’t talking about robbing a bank or petit theft from a teammate.

        • That’s what I was thinking, dawg. It was stupid, but I don’t view it as serious as some of the other trouble players get into. But, who knows.

        • They al practiced yesterday…so this looks to be the case. They are definitely facing suspension of some sort unless we are unaware of some important details

  • NO WAY Mark Richt can keep these players, right? I mean, they were stealing from their own university. Can you let a kid stay on the team who stole from your own school?

    • His record says no, they will be gone. Damn shame with Mathews too. Unless there is more to this then I would be surprised if they are not dismissed by tomorrow.

  • Of course Richt will keep em ! Or will at least try! Olé slick Richt

  • Uriah LeMay is QB Christian LeMay’s brother who had issues in high school and at UGA and transferred to Jacksonville State at the end of this past football season.

  • Drew – Christian missed his Senior year of HS football due to some supposed hijinks on a bus. I’m not aware of any disciplinary issues while at UGA. He simply wasn’t going to see the field so he transferred.
    And yes, Spurrier is proved right as usual….Clemson and USCe to open 2014 season with a boat load of suspended or dismissed players….yikes.

  • Georgia can’t seem to keep their kids out of trouble. Not knocking them though as LSU has had a ton of issues in the past as well. Kids do stupid things at all schools. So far, LSU’s players have been clean “as far as we know”. But I’m always on edge this time of year and especially during the summer.

    • I’d say at pretty much every school you’re going to have those players that act out. They are young, dumb, and think they are invincible. Hope they learn their lesson and don’t hurt their future.

    • It could be worse. You could be in ole miss’s shoes and have the nkemdiche brothers to deal with.

  • I’m not for paying players, but it seems inevitable. Perhaps though, instead of just paying the players the NCAA should allow bonuses to be paid to the athlete who follows the rules and stay out of trouble. Also create some kind of community service program that qualifies them to receive extra cash. If ya stay out of trouble and put in 60 hours of community service, you get $1000 a quarter or something. With paying players looking like a certainty…they should at least try to address behavioral issues at the same time. There seems to be a sense of entitlement growing rapidly so the faster they address it the more leverage they can gain and hopefully do everyone some good.

  • Georgia fans are forgiving fans, I’ll say that, and Richt seems to have a method. I’m too far removed to say rather he goes far enough soon enough but as often as this happens i’m sure it’s an open book to the good folks in Georgia. Hope these boys become good men soon enough to save their athletic careers somewhere, that’s in God’s ear right now.

  • UGA + Free Shoes University (North)
    I guess asking a player at Georgia to be a “law abiding citizen” is just too much to ask?

  • Fans criticizing UGA &/or Richt for this are ignorant. I guarantee you that with 3 or 4 minutes of Google research, I could list issues like this for every SEC school over the last couple of years. We’ve had ours over the last month, so I certainly won’t criticize another school. This is not a UGA thing, this is a “young adults do stupid crap” thing.


  • Yeah what’s wrong with us? We shouldn’t want our players to be good citizens. We should make excuses for them. Like “everybody” is doing it or “boys will be boys”. It’s nobody’s fault at all. We should just accept it as a sign of the times. What was I thinking? The status quo is fine afterall? We can just spend thousands of our dollars supporting a university and have no expectation about their behavior at all. After all the head coach makes 10 times what the average educator in the state makes. He shouldn’t be held to a certain expectation at all. I’m sorry GO DAWGS !!

    • You do realize how many 4-5 star guys CMR has sent packing over the years right? If anything he is to quick to suspend. Perhaps he should be more disciplined internally instead.

  • Believe me I realize it.