Urban Meyer says 2008 Gators were ‘best team to ever play the game’

NCAA Football: Orange Bowl-Ohio State vs Clemson

The best team to ever play the game of college football?

Urban Meyer will tell you it was his 2008 BCS Champion Florida Gators.

While speaking at the Sound Mind Sound Body camp in Detroit, the current Ohio State coach had the following to say about his former 2008 championship team, via YouTube:

“Once again, I know some of you won state championships. I’ve been a part of a couple great teams, I think the best team to ever play the game in ’08 (at Florida). And that was (because) animal instincts took over on the field. They protected each other. What he said is, ‘Have you ever tried to reason with a wild animal?’ Think about that. Think about what I just said. You try to reason with a wild animal… you can’t reason with a wild animal. They protect each other. Have you ever tried to negotiate, evaluate, take a play off? If you’re a wild animal, that doesn’t happen.”

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Meyer’s Gators were loaded. Coordinators Dan Mullen and Charlie Strong led the offense and the defense, and the Gators won every game by an average of 33.1 points per game. Florida had four wins over top 25 teams #5 Oklahoma, #6 Alabama, #13 Georgia and #21 Florida State that season. The offense, led by Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin, scored 43.6 points per game, and the defense, led by Brandon Spikes and Joe Haden, yielded just 12.9 points per game.

The Gators lost to Ole Miss, Tebow delivered The Speech, and the Gators went on to win the BCS Championship over Oklahoma.

But are the Gators the best team to ever play the game?

2001 Miami would like to have a word with you, Coach.

You can also watch the video on YouTube.

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  • They don’t call him “Urban the Liar” for nothing? Or , was that “Urban the Cryer”?

  • I know that they didn’t win the and I am not a fan of LSU but the 2011 Tigers beat more ranked teams had a way more difficult schedule and in a way were sort of robbed of the championship.

    • how were they robbed cause they had to play the best team again that year and got mauled?

    • they got their ass kicked

    • Robbed? You act like the BCS changed the rules for Bama to get another shot, but I’ll let you in on a little not-so-secret: the BCS game is #1 vs #2. If you’re #1 and you want a championship, you have to beat #2. Who #2 is is irrelevant, and in this case it just happened to be a team they’d already played (and who, if you want to go into teams “sorta getting robbed”, one could easily make the argument that Alabama was robbed in the first game by the call on that Eric Reid interception right at the goal line, as you can’t “intercept” a ball that should’ve already been dead)

      It wasn’t even the first time a title rematch happened and just because it was Alabama people don’t want to call it legitimate, but it was no less legitimate a Championship win for Alabama than Florida’s rematch win against FSU back in 97 was.

  • I think Urban needs to be checked for dementia or something: news flash, your team lost a game- by definition, that means they were not the ‘best ever’: they weren’t even the best on each and every Saturday that fall!


  • Florida certainly leads in murders per tight end.

  • i remember a certain team from Mississippi blocking an extra point and stopping Tebow on 4th and 1….. oh, it def was NOT State.

    • then that team from Mississippi got trounced by an “inferior” team in the Eggbowl.

    • I disagree with Urban….however that Ole Miss team was no joke….if you look back at the roster….there were a lot of NFL players on that squad. You definitely have to go unbeaten to be in the running for the best team ever though.

  • Has anybody noticed that since Urban’s arrival at oSu they have not been a threat for the NC game. He runs up scores on weak opponents and folds against real competition. He has not had a #1 recruiting class since Fl. and his offensive genius seems to have faded the last couple of years. He got Tebow for 4 years and that was it. No Tebow, no Urban.