Video: Southern Cal coach says Tennessee RB signee Jalen Hurd ‘is so soft’


You can also watch the video on YouTube.

The video is from USC’s Instagram on National Signing Day.

Do you think Jalen Hurd will have something to say about this on the field? He’s a big-time talent. Tennessee fans have speculated the voice heard is former Tennessee quarterback Tee Martin, who is the current receivers coach at USC, but Martin has denied the claims.

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  • That definitely sounds like Tee Martin. And his denial doesn’t mean anything as far as I’m concerned.

  • That is definitely Tee martin. I know him and that is him 100%. He is a lowlife scumbag liar. It is him, he said it, for sure. Guarantee you the voice on that tape is Tee Martin. What a small little man he really is.

  • I’ve known Tee for 18years now. A lot of people are saying it is him, even some of my other friends who know him feel like it’s his voice. It is something I have no doubt Tee is capable of saying, but there are 1-2 words that don’t sound 100% like him…

    However, I am about 99% sure it’s him, due to the trouble he had when saying ‘Recruiting’. He’s pronunciation of words with ‘r’ in them has always been unique. It’s not the sound of ‘Re’ in recruiting, it’s the ‘cruit’ part of the word that gives him away.

    It’s really noticeable when he says ‘girl’.

    He didn’t recruit Jalen, but I think the comment supports that fact.. What he says can at the end of the audio clip barely be hurd, but, if you know Tee’s voice, you can decipher the words.

    He is most likely saying, “I don’t know why he/we (another coach or USC in general) recruited him so hard.” or “recruited him for so long.”

    Or – “I don’t know why he was even/ever recruited so hard.”

    That indicated he didn’t recruit him directly, as we know to be true.