Nearly every SEC head coach has offered his opinion on the NCAA’s 10-second proposal that would allow defenses 10 seconds to substitute before the offense could snap the ball, theoretically slowing down hurry-up offenses.

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Nick Saban has largely been the fall guy for the proposal, while Bret Bielema’s recent reasoning of support for the rule has come under fire.

I would consider Will Muschamp and Saban to have two of the most elite defensive minds in college football. We know how Saban feels; but we don’t know how Muschamp feels, until now.

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The Orlando Sentinel did a Q&A with Muschamp about his standing as the head coach and his team, and the Sentinel asked him about the 10-second proposal.

Q: A proposed rule change that would force offenses to wait for 10 seconds to run off the play clock before snapping the ball has generated a lot of controversy. How would you vote on the potential rule change?

A: “My honest opinion is I think it’s comical for everyone to come out either for it or against it and say this is what’s best for college football. Because it’s really not what’s best for the game, but it’s what’s best for your interest. I did a study two years ago on when is the ball being snapped. On average each game, four to six plays on average were snapped before 30 seconds. So we’re talking about four to six plays in a game. We’re not talking about half the game. My point being, is what does it really change? I could care less about the rule. The only thing I will say is the administration of the game for the officials is very difficult.”

There’s so much truth in what Muschamp is saying. He reiterates coaches aren’t arguing for what’s best for the game; they’re arguing what’s best for coaches’ interests in the game.

It’s very telling that both Saban and Muschamp hired new coordinators and are transforming their offense into an up-tempo attack.

If the proposal were to pass on March 6, just how much would it affect the game? Muschamp says only four to six plays. Auburn ran four plays in the BCS National Championship Game against FSU where they snapped it under the 10-second time frame.

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