LSU’s Zach Mettenberger, Anthony Johnson and eight others have flagged drug tests at combine

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Former LSU QB Zach Mettenberger and defensive tackle Anthony Johnson are among 10 players who were “identified to NFL teams as either testing positive for drugs or having a diluted sample in February,” reported by Fox Sports.

Mettenberger’s flagged drug test came from a diluted urine sample, and his agents said it was nothing more than too much water in his urine. Mett’s agents attributed the flagged test to him drinking extra water at the advice of his doctor, as he had began to suffer cramping during his rehab for his surgically repaired ACL.

Top FSU defensive tackle first-round prospect Timmy Jernigan was also implicated in the report, along with LSU DT Anthony Johnson, Miami’s Seantrel Henderson and FSU LBs Telvin Smith and Christian Jones.

The NFL’s drug testing policies usually treat a diluted sample as a positive sample.

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  • Thanks for making sure to point out that diluted samples are treated as positive. One could just be drinking a lot of water on a daily basis and fail this test. Just goes to show how flawed it really is.

    • You don’t over-drink water by accident. It’s actually not easy at all to dilute your urine. Most people achieve this by attempting to “flush-out” their system before a drug test. If someone has any type of drug concentration in their urine that too will be diluted and probably won’t be picked up by the test (that last part after “and” is just an assumption) which is probably why they are automatically a positive test.

  • These dumb butts can’t give up their weed long enough to make the pros. Justifying it with excuses is even more stupid.

  • Will this really have a negative impact on Mettenberger? He has proven himself to be a solid QB in the toughest conference and it’s not like he failed the drug test. He seems to have a legitimate excuse with his doctor. The media just loves to crucify these kids.

  • You are about to get drafted and make tons of money to sit on your ass and play a damn GAME and you cant give up weed or any other drug for that….if you told me never drink or smoke weed and you will make millions for the next 9 years to play football I would tell you THAT’S IT? …….and i doubt that they drank too much water when there agents and trainers know the NFL rule diluted= positive test result….i feel like they would of told them that…..good job not getting drafted you idiots……and Anthony Johnson left school early…big mistake