While most of the Heisman talk this season surrounded LSU RB Leonard Fournette, Derrick Henry made sure to remind everyone which school produced the last running back to win the prestigious award.

In fact, Henry had seven more carries (38) than Fournette had rushing yards (31).

Of course, that last Tide running back I was referring to is Mark Ingram in 2009. When you look at the respective seasons of the two great Bama backs, Henry stacks up pretty favorably in many facets.

First, let’s try to project how Henry will finish this season based on his current averages. Since Ingram played 14 games, we’ll also project as though Henry will play 14. That would be as if Alabama played in two additional games after this regular season is over.

Here’s the breakdown:

Rushing yards 1,658 1,951
Scrimmage yards 1,992 2,059
Yards per carry 6.1 5.8
Rush TD 17 26
Total TD 20 26

Despite Ingram’s versatility as a receiver, which Henry hasn’t shown off this season with only 69 receiving yards, Henry is still projected to finish with slightly more scrimmage yards. Ingram is a slightly more efficient runner, averaging 6.1 yards per carry. However, Henry’s touchdown totals are off the charts. He’s projected to finish with a whopping 26 TDs (same for his total TDs since he doesn’t have a receiving TD).

But one place that separates the two great backs is how they fared against good competition.

Henry has played against five ranked AP teams and four unranked teams this season. He’s definitely stepped up against ranked competition, averaging 173.6 yards per game while averaging 6.6 yards per carry with 10 TDs. Against the four unranked teams, he’s averaged 96.5 yards per game and 4.5 yards per carry, but he’s still scored 7 TDs.

Meanwhile, Ingram didn’t fare quite as well in those games. Keep in mind, Henry has played one fewer AP ranked team (5) than Ingram (6) at this point.

Scrimmage YPG 165.8 187.4
Yards per carry 6.2 6.6
Total TDs 6 10

A few things we can’t project for Henry are 100-yard games. Ingram had nine while Henry currently has six. However, Henry already has two 200-yard games to Ingram’s one.

Meanwhile, Henry holds two of the best four performances by an Alabama RB under Nick Saban (since 2007) in terms of rushing yards in a single game, but Ingram owns the very best effort. Here’s a look at the four best rushing performances by Tide backs under Saban.

2009 Mark Ingram 246 1 South Carolina
2015 Derrick Henry 236 2 at Texas A&M
2008 Glen Coffee 218 1 Kentucky
2015 Derrick Henry 210 3 LSU

Of course, the one thing that made Ingram’s season tough to top was the fact that he got a national title to go with his Heisman, standing as one of only 14 players to ever win both in the same season.

However, if these numbers are any indication, Henry is at least fit to end college football’s five-year drought without a Heisman-winning running back. He certainly has some fresh footsteps to follow.