It’s no secret that Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa is popular with his teammates. And that was never more evident than from a picture one of them shared from visiting him in the hospital as he recovers from a hip injury suffered Saturday at Mississippi State.

Phidarian Mathis shared a photo of he and Raekwon Davis with Tagovailoa in his hospital room. It was clear in the photo that Tagovailoa’s uplifting smile reminded Alabama fans why they love him and he’s a great ambassador for college football. Even in trying circumstances, he has a positive outlook and often says “God’s plan.”

Tagovailoa’s football future is in doubt, even about when he might be able to return for workouts, for the NFL Combine, for example, or Alabama spring practice depending on which direction he goes for next season.

If he goes the NFL route, ESPN draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. has said that he’s the third quarterback on the board behind LSU’s Joe Burrow and Oregon’s Justin Herbert.

“So, this kind of complicates matters when you’re competing with two other quarterbacks who are highly rated,” he said on SportsCenter.

Tagovailoa could have played his last snap for the Crimson Tide, or he could elect to come back and wait on the NFL.