An unbelievable Iron Bowl highlighted rivalry week.

Both quarterbacks played outstanding, although there were some turnovers. Blake Sims led the Crimson Tide to touchdowns on five consecutive possessions and Alabama went up big on their rivals, the Auburn Tigers.

Take a peek at this throw and just see how pinpoint it was. I mean, this is quarterbacking 101 right here by Blake Sims.

Now, Amari Cooper is arguably the best wideout in college football and is no doubt a top draft pick, but Sims couldn’t have handed it to him any better on this deep pass. I just had to say that real quick before going into further detail.

BSims was perfect on this play, as he looked off the safety just long enough to hold him in the middle of the field, then hit the streaking Cooper right in stride as he sprinted into the end zone for a long touchdown.

Sims had to move a little to his right, but kept his eyes downfield and held that safety in the middle of the field with his head position and eyes. At the perfect time, he threw the ball deep down the right sideline and over the cornerback’s head.That play changed the momentum of the game and gave Sims confidence.

It seems that the Alabama offense, and Sims, are both clicking right now. They will need to button some things up on defense, but their offense is looking very potent the last few games.

This SEC championship game is going to be awesome. I wonder if anyone will give Missouri a chance?