The SEC sent 9 teams to the NCAA Baseball Tournament. Arkansas, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Florida, Alabama, LSU and South Carolina are all still alive for a title.

But, not everyone is thrilled that the SEC got so many teams into the tournament field. Count noted SEC troll Danny Kanell among that group.

As you can see below, Kanell pointed out a discrepancy in Pitt’s record vs. top-50 teams and Alabama’s record against top-50 teams while arguing that the SEC is the recipient of major bias:

To counter Kanell’s point, if Pitt was 17-12 against top-50 teams, that means the Panthers went 6-8 against non-top-50 teams, which isn’t a great look. Alabama, meanwhile, went 23-7 against non-top-50 teams.

Pitt seemingly played down to lesser competition, so perhaps that’s what the NCAA Tournament committee didn’t want to see.