When Nick Saban signed his contract extension, much of the college football world openly wondered if the contract would be completed. Saban, 69, is now signed through the 2028 season.

One of Saban’s former Alabama quarterbacks recently shared his thoughts on Saban’s coaching career. ESPN analyst Greg McElroy told Paul Finebaum that his former coach has shown he knows how to adapt if he is going to coach until 2028.

“He could be coaching — at least if he completes this contract — all the way into his deep 70s,” McElroy said on The Paul Finebaum Show. “And I think even some of us and those that have spent any time with him, he certainly doesn’t feel his age. He feels younger than that, that’s for sure, man. Sometimes I feel a little older than him, to be honest with you.

“But, also with how he’s handled the players, he’s adapted to what the players need nowadays. I don’t think he’s as hard on the players as he once was. I think his willingness to smile and his willingness and his just sheer enjoyment of being around the guys has changed significantly. So, I think, as he’s gotten older, I think he’s appreciated how hard it is, too, and I certainly, in my years of covering him now on this side of the microphone, have noticed a little bit of a change, as well, as far as the personality is concerned.”

The rest of the college football world likely dreads the idea of Saban coaching deep into his 70s.

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