Well, look at what Jaylen Waddle has started.

The former Alabama star wide receiver started his signature touchdown dance with the Miami Dolphins, and it has literally caught on globally.

After Achraf Hakimi scored the winning penalty kick for Morocco in Tuesday’s stunning Round of 16 upset of Spain, Hakimi immediately went into a little celebration dance that looked very familiar to NFL fans and especially those of the Dolphins.

Perhaps Hakimi dabbles in a little American football when he’s not busy shocking the planet along with his Moroccan teammates?

Whatever the case, Hakimi showed off Waddle’s touchdown celebration dance to the world after his kick sent Morocco into the World Cup quarterfinals after a scoreless match with Spain went to penalty kicks. Morocco dominated the penalty kicks by the way, winning 3-0, and then he said an unofficial hello to the wide receiver who used to make Crimson Tide fans go crazy.

Waddle has 6 touchdowns this season, if you’re wondering, and 12 during his 2-year pro career in Miami.

He was the 6th overall pick in the 2021 draft out of Bama, where he was a 1st-team All-SEC selection in 2019 and a 2nd-team All-SEC pick in 2020. Waddle helped the Crimson Tide capture the 2020 national title.