After Alabama lost 41-38 to Texas A&M, Jimbo Fisher is officially the first former assistant to beat Nick Saban.

Joel Klatt joined ‘The Herd with Colin Cowherd’ to talk about what he thinks went wrong for the Crimson Tide on Wednesday afternoon.

Klatt said red-zone offense was a bigger factor in the loss than the Alabama defense:

“The narrative about that game was way too much about the defense not being up to par,” said Klatt. “While I think that’s an easy takeaway, this is a defense that’s ranked 40th in the country. It’s the first time they’ve given up over 20 points a game since Nick’s first year. When you don’t play dominant defense like they have in the past, your margin of error on offense shrinks.”

Klatt went on to bring up how Alabama’s offense played inside the five-yard line:

“I think that there were two situations that lost Alabama the football game,” said Klatt. “They had a first and goal inside the five in the second quarter. Come away with no points. They had a first and goal inside the five in the fourth quarter. Come away with three points.Why’d they come away with three? I think it was poor play-calling and play design.”

No. 5 Alabama will look to regain its footing against Mississippi State at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN on Saturday.