Kirk Herbstreit has seen notable improvements from the Alabama offense since it started the season. Much of it has to do with the confidence from Jalen Milroe.

Forget the arm strength, which was a given already, Herbstreit on ESPN’s “College GameDay” Saturday morning said it’s been Milroe’s ability to recognize coverage and make good decisions, especially since he was benched at South Florida.

“He has shown a lot as far as improvement,” Herbstreit said. “And I think that’s why Alabama now starts to become an interesting team that you want to watch offensively.”

Herbstreit later explained the difference for Milroe from the Texas game, to Texas A&M. Milroe worked through progressions after being fixed on targets early, and offensive coordinator Tommy Rees deserves credit.

“Let’s look at him in the Texas game, and this is where he was still growing. He’s locking in. He’s predetermining where to go with the ball instead of working through his progressions,” Herbstreit said. “I think Tommy Rees after this game started to realize, ‘OK, here’s an area where I think he’s struggling. Here’s an area where I think he can improve.”

Herbstreit credited Rees for the adjustments with Milroe, and combined with the defense also improving at Alabama, the Crimson Tide become an interesting team for the ESPN analyst.