As temperatures begin to rise in New Orleans, people are trying to find ways to beat the heat.

Unfortunately for former Alabama RB Mark Ingram, who now plays for the New Orleans Saints, the air-conditioning unit at his house wasn’t working, meaning he was roasting in the heat.

Upon calling the repairman, Ingram discovered the man who showed up was a Saints fan and wanted to discuss the team. Ingram felt the man should have done his job first:

However, many people responded that Ingram was acting like a rich, spoiled athlete and criticized him for his post.

He took the opportunity to respond, saying he meant no disrespect to the AC guy:

The AC guy — whose name is Roger — ended up getting his conversation about the Saints, as well as an autographed photo of Ingram:

Meanwhile, Ingram’s air conditioning is now working at full strength, meaning he’ll be able to stay cool as New Orleans heats up.

That’s a win-win situation if we’ve ever seen one.