SEC analyst and renowned radio personality Paul Finebaum is jumping off the Alabama bandwagon after the Crimson Tide’s upset loss at Texas A&M last Saturday.

Appearing on ESPN’s “Get Up,” Finebaum was asked if No. 5 Alabama would be one of the 4 College Football Playoff teams at the end of the season

“I don’t think I’ve gone against Alabama in 10 years, but I’m betting my house against them this time,” Finebaum said Wednesday. “I don’t see it because they have to play Georgia. They can negotiate the rest of the season. They probably will. They don’t have what I would call a dangerous game left.

“Of course, I didn’t think Texas A&M was a dangerous game. But to beat Georgia this year, they have to do things they haven’t done this year. I don’t see it happening.”

All of Finebaum’s comments on the Crimson Tide can be seen in the video below.