Robert Griffin III has Georgia No. 1 in his ranking, and Ohio State ahead of Alabama as the Crimson Tide get set for a game at Arkansas this week.

During an interview with The Spun, Griffin explained his reasoning.

“Just because Alabama has struggled at times this year,” he said. “They just don’t look as dominant as Ohio State. Yes, they struggled against Notre Dame, but since the Notre Dame game, they’ve really picked it up, especially offensively. And then I got Michigan. I called a Michigan game and saw how dominant they are up front. And then I have Clemson over USC because of DJ Uiagalelei. I’m very impressed with what he’s done over the course of the year.”

Griffin is also not convinced about the top 4 College Football Playoff contenders. He’s fairly sure something may change by Playoff time.

“No, I wouldn’t feel comfortable at all, honestly,” he said. “And if you notice, I don’t make those type of predictions because a lot of times analysts or fans make those predictions and then they try to stick to them and all their information and the way they present it is kind of funneled to their own prediction. So I don’t like to do that. It is a fluid list. Rankings to me at the beginning of the year don’t really matter. It’s just a projection, and then those teams have to go out there and prove it.”