In the Friday morning aftermath of Reuben Foster’s unexpected fall Thursday night, the former Alabama linebacker fell all the way down to No. 31 in the 2017 NFL Draft after being projected by many as a Top 10 prospect, many theories have emerged as to what exactly happened.

His former head coach Nick Saban blamed the fall partially on his decision to seek medical opinions outside of the Alabama program. Meanwhile, another theory has emerged regarding the uber-talented linebacker. According to Tom Pelissero of USA TODAY Sports, while the healing of Foster’s shoulders may be of some concern, as Saban suggests, some NFL personnel question how well the former Tide linebacker will adjust to the real world outside of the Alabama program.

While Alabama players have an amazing support staff in Tuscaloosa that help them succeed in college, how well that prepares them for an NFL lifestyle is apparently up for debate in some NFL circles.

There also are more general questions about how well Foster – like some Crimson Tide stars in the past – will adjust to life outside Alabama, where troubled players have immense resources and hand-holding to get through their lives.

According to Pelissero’s piece, one anonymous scout went so far to suggest Foster will need to receive special support, similar to how Dallas handled Dez Bryant as a young NFL player.

“You better have a Dez Bryant-like infrastructure around him,” said the scout.

Foster has had a tough life growing up, his estranged father once shot him and his mother, then became a fugitive from the law for many years. It’s unclear if Foster’s history is being held against him here, or if these concerns have more to do with his behavior at the NFL Combine and his failed drug test during the pre-draft process.

With so many teams passing on last season’s Butkus Award winner during the first round, there’s obviously plenty of hesitancy from the NFL when it comes to Foster.