Terrion Arnold made a huge play in Saturday’s Iron Bowl.

The defensive back intercepted Auburn’s Payton Thorne, preventing a touchdown, and he took it all the way to the house to score. But it turns out the play ended before he made it to the endzone as he stepped out of bounds, so he was awarded the interception, but not the touchdown.

Arnold made it all the way to the locker room before finding out that his touchdown didn’t count.

“I kept running. I ran all the way to the locker room,” Arnold said on The Next Round. “I run to the locker room, everybody’s coming in, we’re celebrating, we’re jumping around. And then when all the chaos dies down, Coach Saban says, ‘They didn’t count your pick.’ Then he rephrased it, he said, ‘Wait, they counted your pick. They didn’t count your pick-6.’ Wow.”

While the huge play didn’t count, Arnold is looking forward to making a play in a bigger moment for Alabama.

“But I did say, it’s just one of those things where, God didn’t want me to score, I’ll just score in a bigger moment,” Arnold said. “I might get one this game.”

Arnold is looking to make a big play on Saturday as Alabama takes on Georgia in the SEC Championship game.