Fox Sports radio host Colin Cowherd said on Monday that he thinks college football is lopsided, particularly in the SEC, which has no parity, he said.

Cowherd also said he believes Alabama and Clemson are the clear No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the country — and emphasized it’s not even close after that.

“Clemson and Alabama have completely separated from the country,” Cowherd said. “You can put Alabama and Clemson into the playoff today. Go look at their schedules. The AP Poll came out today and two teams got all the first-place votes, and that is appropriate.

“Alabama and Clemson do not even look like everybody else,” Cowherd added. “Alabama hasn’t had a turnover in two months, meaning they’re not even physically distressed when they play teams. Forget just the rest of college football … Alabama doesn’t have a rival in their own conference … Alabama will be a 15 to 18 point favorite in every game except at Auburn, where they’ll be a 10-point favorite, maybe more.

Cowherd said Alabama and Clemson are so “big, strong and fast” that they are on a different level than everyone else.

“There are two different college football polls right now. There’s No. 1 and 2, and then there’s everybody else,” Cowherd noted. “I like Oklahoma, Penn State, Georgia, Washington, Michigan, TCU, Wisconsin, Ohio State … I like them. But they’re not playing with those two.

The radio host also had a message specifically for southern fans:

“For the southern fan that rips the NBA, you think the SEC has parity? That’s a joke,” Cowherd said. “There is no college football conference that has less parity than the SEC. It is over.

“Write in Alabama. It’s done.”