Heading into Saturday’s game between No. 1 Alabama and an unranked Tennessee team, it looks like it should be a blowout on paper.

However, as we all know, games aren’t played on paper, and four top-10 teams lost over the weekend — something Alabama will look to avoid this Saturday.

Ahead of the game, Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban is trying to keep his team focused. When asked about how important rivalry games are, he went on a rant about not making too much of an opponent’s struggles:

“You’re always looking for all these assumptions that you make, because they have issues, they have problems in some kind of way — why can’t that be a great motivating factor for them?” he asked. “And then they come play their best game of the year. Y’all ever think of that?

“You can look at the glass as half empty or half full — not to get to the Coke bottle,” he jokes as he touches the bottle of Coke on the podium before mentioning rat poison again.

He again thanks the media and says he appreciates what they do for the sport, but ends the press conference by adding that he doesn’t always agree with what reporters write and say.

Saban’s message is loud and clear — he won’t accept anything other than greatness from the Crimson Tide this weekend. However, anything can happen in college football in any given week, so the Crimson Tide will have to come out strong against the Vols on Saturday afternoon.