Arkansas is in a frustrating situation as it tries to rebuild the program under Chad Morris. But would it be in a better spot under Bret Bielema, or did the former Razorbacks coach have the program on a better trajectory at the outset?

Kyle Deckelbaum of KATV broke down the similarities and differences between the two coaches in a variety of categories through their first 18 games. The comparison isn’t favorable to Morris, who is coming off a 24-20 loss at Kentucky in which converted wide receiver Lynn Bowden had a huge game at quarterback.

What this also illustrates is the long run of poor performances for a proud program. For any program to have two coaches begin their SEC tenures with 11 straight losses each is unbelievable. It is ridiculous that a coach with a 6-12 mark has the better record, but that’s where the program sits.

The key to the turnaround was supposedly Morris’ ability to recruit Texas since Bielema rubbed high school coaches the wrong way there. But so far, that’s yet to materialize in recruiting.

The Razorbacks return to action this week against Auburn.