Harry Mehre

Harry Mehre coached for 17 seasons in the SEC with the Georgia Bulldogs and Ole Miss Rebels from 1928-1945. Mehre began his coaching career as an assistant at Georgia in 1924 and took over as head coach at the start of the 1928 campaign. He coached the Bulldogs for five seasons in the Southern Conference until 1932, and led the Bulldogs through their first five seasons in the SEC from 1933-1937. He was 59-34-6 at Georgia and 29-25-5 in conference play. Mehre left Georgia to take over as head coach at Ole Miss in 1938. In seven seasons with the Rebels (there was no team in 1943 due to World War II) Mehre was 39-26-1, although he failed to record a winning season in his final three years on the job. His teams finished 8-2 in 1931 and 1933 and 9-2 in 1938 and 1940, but he never coached in a bowl game at Georgia or Ole Miss. Mehre passed away in 1978 at the age of 77.

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