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I've been impressed they play hard for 60 minutes. Upgrades in a couple key positions and could be consistently top 10. Never know about a Championship, but with Alabama and Clemson three deep at every position it won't be easy.
A&M shouldn't be in the top 25 until they win a meaningful game.
So Burrow's magical transformation in to an elite college quarterback, after riding the pine at OSU for two years and being slightly above average for LSU last year is not due to the new offensive system but because of....?
too bad he only discovered the ice in his veins this year. it would have benefited him last year or the two years he spent at OSU. it's a lot easier for him to be confident with the sideline telling him where the pressure is coming from. lsu will likely win it all and joe will get a lot of credit for it, but also guessing the nfl team that drafts him way too high is going to ultimately regret it.
Easier to make fewer mistakes when the system allows him to set the defense and then look to the sidelines for help from the coaches reading the defense. Where were Burrow's incredible stats last year at LSU without the hurry up offense or for the two years he barely got on the field at OSU? He's the benefactor of a system.
Cam deserves #1 regardless! Burrow shouldn't be in the top five. Largely a result of the system. One that allows him to make the defense set and then look to the sideline for coaches to tell him what to do. That should not be allowed. Once the defense is forced to show it's cards, it should be mono e mono.
thanks. then i'd have to admit as an a&m grad, lsu got jobbed on that call. shoulda been an 8th overtime. i'd also see how the fumble coulda easily gone the other way, but those too close to calls are always staying with the initial call on the field. there were multiple iffy calls against ags in the first half that also had an impact. too bad one team had to lose that one.
can someone correct me about the iffy two point conversion interference? my recollection was that it was in an earlier overtime and the ags didn't end up converting that one, thus having no impact on the game. i don't recall the interference call occurring int the final overtime.