AU '89

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Shrader was impressive. Was not familiar with Stevens, but I kind of wanted him back in as Schrader kept racking up yards. In all seriousness, Hope Stevens heals up.
Ok King... yawn. It's like my 12 YO retelling the joke, it's not cute anymore.
That's too bad - he played well in his first start.
Yep, look forward to see what both team's QBs are really made of. It'll be tough in Aggie stadium.
"He still seems to be waiting for a hole to open instead of attack, going north and south,..." Two weeks ago, the announcers at the Oregon game praised Whitlow for "having the patience to wait on the delayed-by-design blocking holes to open up" and for NOT hitting the them too quickly. IIUC, those runs are supposed to take a second or two to open up, and it takes his maturity to wait and trust they will be there. But maybe I misheard that.
Completely agree with Dixiepig - very classy. Sportsmanship, welcoming, brother(and sister)hood.... What it's all about in the end.
That's what happens when you get the second tier announcers (no offense to them) for the game: they don't have time to know intimately what's going on in the background of each school. But, I would think that Benetti would have seen that story. And ESPN should have briefed him, or given him some notes on important stories for each school. Anyway, someone screwed up. He did offer a heartfelt apology I thought. It was during the a Nix run play from the right side of the screen near the end zone after a punt, where he actually gained some yards. I said to myself "What in the world is he prattling on about? I'm trying to watch a game here. Will you please shut ... Oh... yes, well said." If you pray, send your prayers for Rod's children and his good friends that both worked with him and now are trying to create a stable home life for Rod's 15 YO son and college age daughter. And Keith - maybe let the tragedy of this whole situation move on. Though I've commented above, which I probably should have simply refrained from doing, maybe we all don't need to keep making this worse by making it a clickbait headline and dragging this through the mud.
Agree - Bama fans need to be rescued from their boredom of "winning all the time". Plus the enemy of my enemy is my ... well, "frenemy"'at least
Pruitt seems like a quality coach. May need to clear out the Sr and Jr class before the ATTITUDES change. They may be the cancer.
BamaTime, you are correct. My bad.
I'm talking this week only.
Good to see his time at AU wasn't wasted. Congrats Jarrett.
I thought Nix did a good job of NOT running when in trouble, instead he threw the ball away again and again. And again. There were a large number of missed passes that were questionable to Seth Williams and others that he probably should not have thrown, but he does seem to have the "don't get sacked" gene of a more mature player.
Since Saturday happened: 1. Burrow 2. Tua I guess 3. Fromm 4. Mond 5. Nix just from the background story and great comeback alone. 6 - 14. No one cares. Ok, ok I'll give #6 to Wilson and 7 to Franks and after that, really, the season is over.
We can hold off on the Gus-bus-gettin-outta-town talk until after we somehow lose or look crappy vs Tulane thank you very much.
So are players just transferring to places where they know they can play immediately?
They are quoted saying "We don't use precedent. It's a case-by-case decision." In other words, they spin the wheel, imbibe the drug chosen when it stops spinning, and make their ruling.
9. AU game will mean … everything There, fixed it!
Clearly no fans here to protest this dismal prediction. But, bowl game would be a great improvement. (PS please don't let Auburn be the upset victory)
Man, hate seeing anyone hurt. These young athletes give up so much for (most often) so little. But we do love our SEC football. I hope these men can make full comebacks as soon as their bodies are fully healed.
I'd really like to see Alabama listed lower here (for many reasons :-). Mainly though is the "I'm so tired of winning. Yawn..." attitude that I hear from many 'Bama fans. I get it - a two loss year would be tragic, but geez - you can't fill the stadium through the end of the game? Sure, we (AU students) used to leave the 45-0 Southwest Mississippi State School for the Blind blowouts by the end, but hell it was still extremely fun to watch (Bo Jackson era), and in all honesty, we only left to get the drinking started early, but even that was rare. So, I just don't see them in the top 10. Oh, and the "white, hot hate" for 'Bama is the only reason we are seen as a top 10 team? There are so many loooong time rivals that we love to play, cheer, celebrate or commiserate against. Then there is Tiger Walk, Toomer's corner, the eagle flying in, standing up the whole game (students). Plus, we treat the fans of opposing teams extremely well - we don't harass, fight, or make anyone feel unwelcome. We may want to beat the s*&t out of you, but we will pat you on the back and give you some barbeque while we do it.