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I love it, it’s always good to see local kids representing their home team! I’m not a fan of y’all but I respect the loyalty, it’s what makes this crazy sport of ours great
It is what it is, it’s never fun to lose a commitment but that’s to be expected with seventeen year olds. I hate to lose him but if there’s one position I’m not worried about it’s WR, we’ll be just fine
I wonder how much rum got put away in Havana back in 1907?
A week zero game gives you an extra bye week during the season, depending on the schedule that can be a huge advantage. You have to weigh that against the jet lag you’re subjecting your team to though, better have a cupcake the following weekend!
Not the splashy transfer we were hoping for but if the young man comes in, works hard and helps with the rotation it’s fine by me. Welcome home!
Agreed, a late night Sunday with the travel back home and our guys are going to be dragging! The schedule is definitely forgiving
Well said luvdaride, it’s easy to spot the ones that have a good support system around them and the same goes for the ones that don’t. He still has time, let’s hope he lands somewhere that will be beneficial to him
I’m expecting the 12th man to be the difference maker, Aggies win a close one. The fans are excited with the new staff and Kyle Field is going to be insane, Rudy’s also got to deal with Texas summer heat.
Saturday and Sunday look good! Just a few more months yall
Agreed, I’d rather we just develop the guys we have already, there’s way too much drama associated with that kid
He’s definitely got some talented receivers to throw to, with a good ground game y’all should do pretty well this season
Congratulations to the young man! .459 is an insane average, keep it up
It’s called being hired, it’s what coaches and their staff do. Most Tide fans would agree, I guess you’re a special kind of fan
DT is a position of need so paying a bit more for a proven tackle makes sense but I agree with CBK, if a player is just chasing money without weighing the other factors then good luck to them. It’s not like LSU wasn’t offering NIL at all, they got outbid by Miami and Oklahoma, two schools with deep pockets. I’d be willing to bet neither team is hoisting a trophy this upcoming January, let them throw their money around. This isn’t anywhere close to a Dabo Swinney situation where he’s completely ignoring the transfer portal market, to hear SDS writers though you’d think it was!
Agreed, he’s got a great career ahead of him
Good luck and Godspeed young man, it was great watching you play!
Selfishly I’d like to see BT go to the saints but they pick 14th and I doubt they’ll have him that high.
Very true, we made a lot of opposing QBs look like Heisman candidates last year. That Henderson kid has a good bit of upside but he’s playing behind an oline that’s been leaky at best. A&M has had horrible injury issues with their QBs for quite a few seasons now, Elko needs to fix that.
I’ve always hated intentional walks, I get the strategy but it’s a candy @ssed way to get past a batter. The fact that it screwed up a potential record makes it worse, all baseball fans should flip Vandy the bird for that!
Most coaches have been on board with helmet comms, it’ll do away with the sign stealing accusations both real and imagined. As far as the two minute break goes it’s just another way for advertisers to crowbar another two to three commercials into the game, not surprising considering the tv rights deals going on now.
That was my point, as bad as the defense played last year they are going to have to earn any consideration, we’ll see in a few months
To the Marine, well played sir! We shall now and forever dub lefty Nostradumbass!
Our oline was a strength last season and we return everyone except the center, the replacement DJ is playing pretty well. Nuss has good rapport with the WRs and TEs, with a solid oline and a complementary run game we’re going to score points. Daniels jump from the 22 to the 23 season was a result of hard work and excellent development, all the staff that facilitated that are still there minus Coach Denbrock. Nuss has worked with the same staff for three years now, he’s going to do well, take that to the bank