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**update*** UT winning percentage against Vandy is now 66.6% and Vandy Avg margin of Victory is now 10.5 since 2005.
It doesn't matter, he didn't touch know you're team is good, when this is the only bad thing they have to talk about
What are you talking about?....did you find flash cards and try to arrange them to make a sentence all by yourself like a big boy???There are 57 listed trailer parks in Knox County TN and only 9 listed in Tuscaloosa County AL
Georgia is 9-3 and UT is 8-3 against Vandy since 2005... GA before this weekend had a winning percentage of 81.8% against Vandy in the last 11 years (thru the last 12 games GA has a 75% winning percentage against Vandy) UT currently has a 72.7% winning percentage against Vandy in the last 11 years. if they win they will have the same winning percentage as GA against Vandy if UT beats Vandy you will both be 9-3...75% Vandy avg margin of victory over GA in that time frame is 2.3 pts (2006 24-22/ 2013 31-27/ 2016 17-16) Vandy avg margin of victory over UT in that time frame is 10.3 pts (2005 20-24/ 2012 41-18/ 2013 14-10) was there a point you were trying to make about losing to Vanderbilt?
I love that UT fans have to root for other teams to beat us, since UT has not been able to accomplish this in 10 years we are the "classless" ones??? "Now run along and continue to not only suck at football but your not even the 3rd best team in your state." "Btw, gaytors get your licks in now bc ole butter tooth Bucky Mcewain and your sorry ass team will lose at least 1 if not 2 more times." "Can we all agree that Ken-Suckey fan should be ineligible to comment on anything football related?" "Btw, for all you uneducated Mississippians, storied means a program with a lot of emperical history and success over a long period of time" "Typically it's a Mizzu jack hole spewing nonsense bc of their false sense of their belonging in the SEC, hey Mizzu idiot 2 years at being decent doesn't make you a relevant or even good program, so I'll spare you the history lesson." "UK fan, you've been smoking too much hippy lettuce up their in the hills of Hazaed county! UT is gonna be back after the worst run in our storied program like it or not!" "If EVERYONE on the Vols roster were suspended, The Big Orange would still win the same amount of SEC East Championships as your lame ass underachieving team has over the last 20 years!"
I am not sure what he is crying about....UT only had one penalty called on them in the entire game....and that was for the kick out of bounds...Bama had 5 penalties called on them. I'm sure UT played a penalty free game..... Hey Shoops, when do you play The University of Nobody?.....ready to see the run defense on them...I'm sure the refs will be on their side too
Is the third down conversion all you have for your argument? 66 total plays....27 of those were for first down, 27 plays were on second down, 11 on third down, and 1 on fourth down ( folow me, 27+27+11+1 = 66)...16.6 percent of the plays were on third down....your concern over third down conversions only adds up to 5.976 percent of the play calls (36 percent of the 16.6 percent third downs were not converted for first downs.....0.36*0.166= 0.05976)
You are correct 4 of the 27 first downs come on third down....but since you like percentages. 85.2 percent of the first downs came before a third down situation...Hmmm, so that means 11 plays out of 66 plays were third downs....which means they didnt have to worry about third downs 83.4 percent of the game. It wasnt just the Derrick Henry was another balanced attack....Rushing yards 238 on 37 attempts/ passing yards 264 on 29 attempts. Henry - 13 carries 148 yds, avg 11.3 long of 56 yds// Drake 10 carries 77 yds, avg 7.7 long of 47 yds. Coker was 15-21, or 71.4% for 213 yds/ 1 TD and no int Passes were thrown to nine different WR's/ avg 29.3 yds per catch NO TURNOVERS Defenese gave up 40 ru yards/ avg of 1.9 yds per carry/ 3 sacks and 1 Interception