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I can't wait. It's about time. We deserve it. I want Orgeron on national TV before the game giving a speech. The kind of motivational speech that will leave EVERYONE with shoulders shrugged and incredulous faces. One that will leave everyone in the nation asking, "What did he just say?". LSU on the national stage showcasing and explaining who we are even if no one understands. That's the opportunity we deserve.
I knew we would catch a stone cold loser. Step right up LSUSMC!! Warned this guy before the 2017 NFL combine The Curse would have an effect. Boy did it. He's been so mad all these years he waited at his keyboard for my post. Maybe he could say a few words on what it feels like.
How was I supposed to know Burrow would be that resilient to the curse? He went off. Good call.
The curse of Orgeron will wipe our program away soon. It destroyed our NFL prospects 2 years ago. One thing for certain, the first LSU fan to complain about these facts, is a stone cold loser. Check him out below:
The Curse of Orgeron may get us before Alabama.
Rather than focusing on who our next coach is, it would behoove us to consider celebrating that we didn't go any further in ruining the NCAA Tournament. If all of this is vacated, it won't be as big a story if we aren't Champs.
Connor O'Gara is wrong more often than not. The fact that he is still trying to explain every time he is wrong, shows he is deluded and/or deranged. If he wanted a lesson in being right repeatedly, I give that class right here in this very forum on a semi-monthly basis. Here are the facts. 1. We cheated. 2. We will vacate or the NCAA is finally giving up all pretense. 3. Giving accolades instead of condemnations is the sign of a coverup. 4. O'Gara may be an accomplice. He definitely cannot be trusted. 5. A Country who does not follow the rule of law is a country without justice. 4.
The combine, The Curse, Auburn and Georgia. At some point, I will be as tired of being right as much as you are tired i'm right. It might be a while though.
Honestly, with The Curse already starting to hold sway on our program again this year, He might should go to Kansas. They definitely have the better coach for sure.
If you think The Curse is not real, you are not thinking.
The Curse will most likely follow Orgeron wherever he goes. It plagued us last year despite impressive outings against Auburn and Georgia, and it may torpedo him this year. After making this claim, it's put up or shut up time. His seat may be hot this time next year.
Thanks! Pulling for us is like pulling for the runner who caused the false start. It doesn't matter if we win, it's going to be called back.
It's a shame what we are doing to our reputation, these other schools we are playing and the NCAA tournament. I hope they will forgive us.
He will be absolutely despondent when he finds out we vacate this win.
This time last year we were getting exposed in the combine. I hope it doesn't happen again this year. The Curse got us last season and it's residual effects are evident.
Actually I take that back. KirbySmart came back to the comments section and congratulated me on my correct prediction. He was the only one.
I was the only one who predicted with extreme confidence that we would beat Auburn, and I was the only one to predict we would DESTROY Georgia. I took alot of flak but no one would return to the comments section to face me after I was proven right. So I know that everyone will listen with respect now as I tell you, we are making a big mistake with Smart.
What is going on? Is something wrong?
This season could be vacated. I haven't been this sad since Florida punked us over the hurricane.
I just wanted to take this opportunity in this basketball thread to laugh at Georgia and it's fans here. We beat the slobber off UGA's face just like i said we would. Many Georgia fans taunted and requested i come back after the game. (i did) You guys are pathetic.
We knocked the slobber off of UGA's jowls just like i said we would. They are lucky it wasn't a night game. This s and p clown needs to sit down.
LOLOL I TOLD ALL YA'LL!!! You may lay your cups of tears at my feet.
LOL i tried to tell them before game and they wouldn't listen!