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Yeah, this kid is a consolation prize. We missed on all the ones we wanted so we took what we could get. No Heisman. No line. No defense. No chance.
I would call him out about my favorite team but we can't recruit or even win with a Heisman anymore for that matter.
Can't win, even with a Heisman, Can't recruit. We are toast. It's almost as if we are cursed.
The greater Baton Rouge area? It's not greater anymore, it's lesser. St. George saw to that. This is no time to get chintzy with money. Everyone else is stepping up to the plate and we can either choose to lose or not. Our coach will choose to lose. Our stadium is suspect as much as our fans and culture. Another season like the last two and we won't even be able to pay kids enough to come here. When that happens, we will complete our fall back down to our historical spot at middlin' in the SEC. All over the nation citizens are leaving places who were once nice for greener pastures. People are leaving Baton Rouge and people are leaving LSU. Now is not the time to be chintzy. Can't win, can't recruit, can't win even with a Heisman. Playoff? Let's get past Nicholls first please.
I wonder what % of stolen valor situations are from Demorats or other ewil people.
Our defense will definitely help shape this season. Our defense will make sure the playoff is LSU free.
We are toast. We have no Heisman. Wouldn't matter if we did. We are not making the playoffs...AGAIN. When your defense stinks, you don't go to Missouri for the answer. It's a comedy of errors. It's almost as if we are cursed.
We are toast. We can't make the playoffs even with a Heisman, and there is no Heisman...especially on defense.
Our defense is worse than last year. Nuss is an interception machine and our defense made him look ok. Our defense will defend well our record on playoff games missed.
With the stink of our ladies basketball still lingering, it's not looking good for our football team. Can't win with a Heisman, but that's OK because we don't have to worry about that this year. We need piles and piles of cash. Who would want to come here now? From our coach, to our defense, to our curse, to our school reputation we are in trouble.
Great men don't make excuses for violent assault, armed drug-running, Marxism, racism, voter fraud etc... Save your idolatry for our cousins.
The reason everyone recognizes me as the #1 LSU fan is because of my impeccable vision. I can see things most cannot. Additionally, I am honest enough to tell the truth even when I don't like it. We are done. We couldn't even win with the Heisman. Now we have no shot. We are just a placeholder on people's schedules so they can go to the playoff while we watch from home....AGAIN.
Our team is rac ist. Observation of that fact is not. Go back to kindergarten, do not pass Jr High.
I can confirm lsusmc is a lib who is likely a perpetrator of stolen Valor. Take the test for yourself: 1. Are his comments half-baked and low IQ? CHECK 2. Does he hate Trump and therefore America? CHECK 3. Is he an incessant virtue signaler? CHECK 4. If you disagree with him, does he want you censored, attacked or jailed? CHECK 5. Are his “principles” constantly changing depending on his desired predetermined outcome? CHECK
Will wait with baited breath for her to acknowledge her success is because she was born in America.
Our dirty laundry was exposed. Our lack of class, patriotism and character was on display.
A real marine plays golf in the rain. Fraud Alert
He looks at the state of our nation when everyone stood for the National Anthem and the state of our nation now and his IQ doesn't allow him to make the connection, but he's an intellectual veteran y'all.
The Stoken Valor Act of 2013 makes it a crime for a person to fraudulently claim having received a Valor award...with the intention of obtaining...other tangible benefit by convincing another that he or she received the award.
The Curse of Orgeron is long and strong and permeates all. It reveals itself in a myriad of ways.
Lsusmc is like a Democ rat voter. He is too stupid to know the truth and too immoral to admit the truth. This thread is hilarious
There is a list 1 kilometer long of all the things he was wrong about. There is a 2 km long list of everything I've said to him over and over and was right about. I've never asked him to admit or apologize, and he hasn't. There is a certain amount of moral aptitude that is beyond his comprehension. Don't expect decency. Just keep pointing out his behavior. People are watching and taking notes.