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As the Curse of Orgeron slowly creeps into our consciousness and takes over everything in our football program, we will need these 3 rings and even more rings to console us during the dark times ahead. We might use them like pacifiers and from that perspective is 3 really enough? Could a team like say.... Georgia have used 5 rings? 1 for each decade without success? Maybe we should consider looking for excuses to make more than just 3. Technically our championship happened in the year 2020. Could we use that as an excuse to make a Covid-themed ring? If the NCAA doesn't play football this year it would provide good cover for this excuse. We could call it the Rona Ring for 2020 - one of the only games played in 2020.
Upon further review, the toddler touched the ground and is ruled a drop.
How many of those will be pawned in the future? What's the over/under? How will the Curse of Orgeron affect the number to be pawned?
The Curse of Orgeron rears it's ugly head yet again. How many times have I warned you?
Asked for comment, Orgeron added, "Wesa can not expecten to do as good as wesa did lasten year. Lasten year was liken georgia when daysa had chubb and michel. Dat was a then of once in a lifetime And daysa still didn't win a natty. It will take us more long den 40 years to getsa an offense liken dat again, and mebbe never again. adden to dat mesa curse an it could besa 80 years or mebbe never again. Me hopen our fans not dumb-dumb and expecten it to ever happenen again. Daysa should getsa over it and stopen lunsa."
They do that because they are liberal pos d-heads.
" the cup?" What do you think this is? This isn't, yacht racing, billiards, hockey, tennis, cricket, golf, air racing, weight lifting, bridge or even polo. No wonder you are confused.
We can't seem to hang on to some of our best guys. The Curse of Orgeron is taking it's toll. When high-rated players start leaving, you know something is wrong. I sure hope we can turn this around. Maybe firing our coach would be a good idea. How much more can we take?
I looked at a few articles and found this quote from an interview. This helps explain what is going on down here in the bayou. "First wife, and now all our recruits leaven mesa. Curse potent, no underestimaten it. As me have already said, many more recruits will leave LSU because of mesa. Pleasen no getsa mad at mesa and pleasen getsa used dalee. Gos Tigahs!" Orgeron said.
No. The Curse of Orgeron rears it's ugly head once again.
"Da fencen needs to stepen tup. Da curse of orgeron will hit us hard disa year. Wesa cannot win anymore because of it.Hiren more da fencen coaches all me can do to stopen it. Da coaches will have to do da rest. No besa surprised if wesa lose mui of games disa year. Gos Tigahs!" Orgeron said.
An update: Coach was quoted in a recent interview below. "Wesa da tigers. Burrow gone and now wesa in troublen. Da curse of Orgeron of which me am responsible will soon overwhelm everyone neb hair in da bayou. Every tiger should relish disa lasten year before da virus because it could take us more long den Gawja to win another national championship. Me missen wife and all da recruits wesa have lost. Da curse amma bimbam and relentless. Gos Tigahs!"
The Curse of Orgeron rears it's ugly head once again. This probably won't be the last time this month. First his wife left him and now the recruits are. It's not a good time to be a Tiger.
It's all downhill from here. The Curse of Orgeron is creeping in. His wife is gone and so are our prospects.
Colton is a bigger fan than LSUSMC and almost a bigger fan than me.
The Curse of Orgeron rears it's ugly head again. We peaked and it's going to be a vertigo inducing fall. You can gauge it by how mad the commentors below are.
If that's true, then you aren't angry. I bet you were one of the ones on the rooftops waving a gun during Katrina.
Everyone says you are the angriest fan we have, and maybe the angriest commentor on this board. I can't see why.
The Curse of Orgeron is rearing it's ugly head. Election engineering accusations have already surfaced. It's not a good time to be a tiger.
We need to sign more than 7. You never know when the Curse of Orgeron will rear it's ugly head.
That was embarrassing. That's the Curse of Coach O for ya. He's obviously still upset over it. He should be.
The Curse of Orgeron rears it's ugly head in the most inconspicuous places. If you don't know of it's existence, you might not even notice it.
#7 can be a curse. Just ask Mathieu. Burrow banished the Curse of Orgeron for 1 year. He is special. This year it will be back with a vengeance and #7 may just become a blame target.
I can't wait. It's about time. We deserve it. I want Orgeron on national TV before the game giving a speech. The kind of motivational speech that will leave EVERYONE with shoulders shrugged and incredulous faces. One that will leave everyone in the nation asking, "What did he just say?". LSU on the national stage showcasing and explaining who we are even if no one understands. That's the opportunity we deserve.
I knew we would catch a stone cold loser. Step right up LSUSMC!! Warned this guy before the 2017 NFL combine The Curse would have an effect. Boy did it. He's been so mad all these years he waited at his keyboard for my post. Maybe he could say a few words on what it feels like.
How was I supposed to know Burrow would be that resilient to the curse? He went off. Good call.
The curse of Orgeron will wipe our program away soon. It destroyed our NFL prospects 2 years ago. One thing for certain, the first LSU fan to complain about these facts, is a stone cold loser. Check him out below: