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So, how did it work out for you Swamp Donkey? Not sure which mental image I'm gonna enjoy looking back on the most, the one of the Florida players looking like they just got manhandled or the look of helplessness on your face everytime we hammered it home on you? The Gators should feel lucky, if we hadn't shot ourselves in the foot we probably would have hung 59 on you. GBO!
Pretty much anywhere in BMS you were besides the sidelines/straightaways made it very difficult to follow the action. Having the giant screen on Colossus helped, but you really were there just to enjoy the environment. My opinion is it was like watching an ant farm from the other side of your house. Awesome scene though
Yeah, our players put restaurants out of business, unlike UGA players, who keep orthopedic and rehab centers in business. Might want to save your prayers for your tailback's knees bud! #PrayforChubb
Cowherd is an idiot. He just knows his precious Trojans are going to get humiliated by Bama in week 1, so he's taking his shots now when it doesn't matter. How he ever got a job in broadcasting I'll never know, sounds like he's drowning everytime he speaks.
LSU white alternate helmet with your purple jerseys would by far be the best
My personal LSU favorite jersey is the purple. Paired with the white helmet would definitely get my vote
No doubt, Anchors Down or whatever they called it, was a pretty sweet uni combo and design
Yeah, I know tradition plays a huge part when it comes to logos and typically uniform colors, but I can't understand State not updating their logo. Plenty of opportunity to bring something fresh into the mix, it's just too drab.
Yep, the Smokey Grays are pretty badass.
Not a bad article, thorough and informative, but I'm confused with what he calls the 2 main problems. Pretty sure the crew who is going to turn BMS into a football stadium in 3 weeks isn't going to have much of a problem installing a play clock. The 2nd issue, according to the writer, is that there is no x-ray equipment at BMS. Pretty sure they have invented this wonderful contraption called "portable x-ray". It's this ingenious piece of medical wonder that, GASPS, can take x-rays anywhere, key word being "portable". And this crap is why the off-season sucks.
You actually do watch college sports don't you? Because I'm a little confused on your mediocre last 10 years remark. You might want to do a little research considering Tennessee in the last 10 years has 7 NCAA Tournament bids, won the SEC title in 2008, and has been to the Sweet Sixteen 4 times. So there goes that theory. You should definitely celebrate that landmark victory which catapulted UK into the SEC elite ... Oh wait, damn, it didn't. You might want to find a Western Kentucky fan and talk smack to them. When your 1-30 in the last 31 years, you need to just sit back and take the beating coming your way. Seems like Tennessee's mediocrity, as you put it, is still enough to thrash Big Blue every year.
Richmond has just said bye bye to Ole Miss. Rocky Top looking pretty good now! Brick by Brick, look out SEC, the sleeping giant has officially woke up!
"No way Tennessee flips Richmond" huh? Just happened. GBO
Not a bad list, the East and West should be wide open next year. But there are a couple of changes in my opinion. Bama at #1 makes since until someone consistently beats them. Malzahn and Muschamp are both great coaches, but Auburn loses way too many weapons to be #2. I'm seeing them more in the #5 position. The rest of my Top 5 is going to reflect on how the East is poised to turn things around and dominate the league again like in the 90's and early 2000s. I've got Georgia and Tennessee tied for #2. Both teams are bringing back talent and have 2 of the top 3 recruiting classes in the SEC/Nation. My finally change is Missouri to #4. Tigers are losing some good players but have shown the last 2 years that resilents is sometimes better than overall talent. Should be an interesting 2015 in the SEC as a whole.
And the camo jerseys were badass. Best Carolina ever looked in my opinion. And so what if the black helmet was last worn in the Brawl vs Clemson? Any chance to see an ACC team hammered, either on the field or when it's getting your ass whipped, is well worth the price of admission.
I've seen a few posts from people that are comparing Gurley's situation to AJ Green's when he was suspended for 4 games. Green sold a jersey for $1000. Gurley is believed to have autographed over 500 pieces of items for $25 a pop which is over $12000. If the allegations are true, he's probably done at Georgia.
And I find it extremely hard to believe Dobbs has regressed so far back that he doesn't deserve a shot
Field goal shouldn't have mattered anyway. Game should have been blown open in the 1st half. Poor play calling, poor tackling, a offensive line who sucks, a QB who has no situational awareness, holds on to the ball too long, and makes stupid throws lost the game. Worley is a joke and because Derek Dooley couldn't recruit we are stuck with someone who would be lucky to start at a DII school. The only positive I see coming this season is Worley is gone after its over.
Hard to believe Worley is a more trusted option than Driskel? Have you all even watched college football the last 2 years? Worley is not gonna light up anyone's NFL draft board, but he is a much better QB than Driskel, hands down. Unfortunately for the Gator Nation, the problem is a second rate overrated QB and a coach who quite frankly has no business being at the helm of a once juggernaut. Florida has been declining since Meyer left and will never make any progress as long as Muschamp is coach. The biggest irony and best case scenario for the Gators would be Mack Brown getting the job. Florida is ever so slowly starting down the path Tennessee is just now starting to recover from plus the likes of Michigan and Texas have started down. Wanting to win right now and burning through coaches. Florida has a chance to come back from the edge but it's only going to happen with Muschamp gone. Regardless of what the AD is saying and what the press is spouting about "must win" games for UF, the truth is unless the Gators win the SEC, two of the nation's premier teams will be searching for a coach.
I'm a little confused on how exactly you guys vote for this. Tennessee goes between the hedges and pretty much gave away the game 35-32 even with the monster known as Gurley. So let's backtrack a little bit. Preseason: UGA #5 UT #12 Definitely understandable Week #1: UGA #1 UT #8 UGA destroys Clemson. Vols beat a Chuckie Keeton led Utah State team most of your staff said would pull off the upset. Both teams are deserving for both teams. Week #2: UGA #1 UT #12 Again, UGA hadn't done anything to drop their ranking. Vols beat another team your staff said could pull it off. So Tennessee drops 4 spots to 12 with a win? Week #3: UGA #7 UT #13 UGA drops a heart breaker to USC and drops to #7. Vols play Oklahoma in one of the most hostile and almost unbeatable environments in college football. Game was a couple of plays away from being much closer. Drop to #13 still a little surprising. Week #4: UGA #6 UT #12 UGA trounces Troy which was no surprise. Vols have a bye week. Week #5: UGA #6 UT #12 Here is where I have a problem. Vols punch UGA square in the mouth and had it not been for Worley missing 3 series, backup botches a hand off in the red zone, and a freshman who is going to light the world on fire fumbles in the endzone, Tennessee would have won with mostly true freshman. Gurley had a great game and is arguably the best player in the country, but Georgia did not win that game, UT handed it right to them. So explain to me how Tennessee isn't deserving of a much higher ranking? You have Florida, who finished 4-8 a year ago who looks absolutely stagnant no matter how much Muschamp tries to hide it, and a South Carolina team who not only did we beat last year but obviously has a lot less talent ranked above a Tennessee team that will absolutely light people up this year? Love the site guys, but I'm really disappointed about the obvious lack of respect for a Tennessee team that has obviously made a much more significant jump compared to a few teams you have ranked above it.
Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. I knew both Alabama and Tennessee had to be in there. Also, the Vols and Ohio State are the only 2 teams in history to not lose 8 games in a season. Pretty damn impressive.
Hate to see that happen to a dedicated kid who paid his dues to fulfill his dream. Hope the future is bright for this young man.
Neyland is indeed one of the many jewels in the SEC. Every stadium in the SEC has it's own magic, but few can compare to Neyland Stadium's unique qualities such as the Tennessee River allowing fans in the Vol Navy to "water-gate" before games. Just one of the many beautiful stadiums that truly make the SEC king of college football.
As much as I would love to be ranked going into Norman, if the Vols indeed pull off that type of stunner, I would prefer to do it from outside the Top 25. Hopefully there is no hangover against Arkansas State after the impressive thumping of the Utah State Chuckies, ... I mean Aggies.