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I may be wrong, but I think one of those was supposed to be Michigan before they punked out.
As a Hog fan, I disagree with this also. Guice should absolutely be #1. I'd give Williams the edge of Fitz, solely because they went head-to-head, and Williams had the better day. Kirk should be higher as well due to his ability to break a game open in different phases (returns).
I'd say Arkansas' #1 concern would be to find a way for the defense to not be a sieve against the run. #2 should be showing up post-halftime during games. #3 is keeping Allen upright. #4 finding playmakers/pass catchers on offense.
Melvin Johnson?! Really? If you don't think Montaric Brown, the #1 recruit in the state, & a 4-star at a position of definite need isn't the most important recruit in this class, you are bordering on willful ignorance. DL is a definite must, but given that the AR 2016 class had one 5-star DT/DE, two 4-star DTs, and a 3-star DE in it, Safety is an immediate need.
I would say: 1. Safety 2. Left Tackle 3. Safety 4. ILB 5. OLB Safety play was atrocious this season. Terrible angles, getting beat often, couldn't play the run. Need to lock up the back end.
Both Ragnow and Allen are staying. Ragnow announced today.
I think Cornelius will return. He'll be the star of the show if he does. My bigger concern is Ragnow. We need him back at center to anchor this young line next year.
Patton signed his LOI to Ark on Wednesday, as did JUCO WR Brandon Martin. Clemons is commited to TexA&M, and appears to be ready to sign there.
* Arkansas was designated as the "Home" team last week, but the game was a neutral site game in TX.
TL;DR = 1. Not a pancake. 2. Hitting someone who is already engaged with another blocker isn't all that impressive. 3. Scarborough in an enormous human being. Good day.
Option #7: Go to a bar. Meet new people. Be social.
Anthony Lucas is both listed and on the Honorable Mention list.
How is Florida #4? They play 1 decent team.
People seem to forget that Ty Storey and Rafe Peavy are also at Arkansas, vying for the job. Both 4 star guys who should compete. No real experience, but 4 talented guys should make it interesting. My money is on Storey or Town.
1. Brandon Allen has 5 INT this season. 2. Arkansas currently has the 25th ranked recruiting class on 247sports right now, which is 10th in the SEC. Who writes these?
Jonathan WILLIAMS, not Allen in that second group.
Froholdt, Merrick, Graham, and Pulley are from FL. That's 4 from each state. TX is still the most important. We have to be able to get guys from TX. South FL is just a nice bonus in the past couple cycles, and hopefully for a long time.
Rogers, Williams, Dalton, Sykes are from TX.
All this talk about Ty, has everyone forgotten about Rafe Peavey? I feel like he will be the one pushing BA this spring more than Austin.