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As the father of an 18 year old just entering college, I could easily see he changed his mind about majors. Happens
LSU has hung 40 or more on every ranked team they've played except Auburn. And even then, they had over 500 yards of offense; just some fluky plays (and some good D by Barn) that kept that close. Anything can happen, but I've watched Georgia and they haven't played a single team that has anything resembling a passing attack. Yes, they have great run D, but when you're facing the QB's Georgia's faced, you can sell out on the run. Going with LSU over Georgia 38-17.
Georgia isn't getting respect because they haven't scored more than 24 points against a ranked opponent and LSU has scored 40 or more against every ranked opponent they've faced except Auburn (on a rainy, muddy field). I do think the dawgs have a chance but they'll have to win the turnover battle and score more than 24 if they want to win. Should be fun game, regardless. I think LSU is playing with house money because we'll get in regardless of the outcome of the game. UGA has to win or spend another offseason wondering if Kirby's the guy to get you over the mountaintop. One way or another, it'll be settled on the field Saturday evening. Geaux Tigers!
I want to see Brady duplicate this year's success with next years QB. As good as the scheme is, Joe Burrow is running the offense on the field. It really helps to have a heisman candidate as your QB. Love what Brady's bought to my Tigers, and the dude certainly deserves a raise and new title (at LSU), but he's got prove himself as a recruiter and talent developer before he should get a head coaching gig at any college. As good as he is, there's still a lot to learn before he takes that next step.
Stoops would be an excellent choise. Dude can coach.
Maybe that dude is sad because he realized how ugly that jacket is? I'd be pretty dejected if I saw myself wearing that abomination.
Chavis might be a good defensive coordinator but he is not a good recruiter. And that's what Arkansas desperately needs if they want to compete in the SEC...talent. When he had the talent around him (that Les Miles helped recruit) he could put together the LSU 2011 defensive. Same when he had Fulmer recruiting for him during Tennessee's run. But without an massive influx of talent, Chavis isn't turning this thing around in Arkansas. Which is fine with me because I am an LSU fan. :-)
I just don't see why all the fuss about Gus? His offense is very basic and relies on premier athletes to make it work. His "scheme" is perfect for high schools but in college, up against great DCs from around the conference, he struggles. Auburn usually gets great athletes due to their region, but they haven't been keeping up with Bama, LSU, or Georgia on that front and when they're outclassed athletically, things fall apart. So, as an LSU fan, I hope they extend the Gus Bus for another decade. :-)