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what teams will go after UA O-line coach Wolford after we saw sack after after after sack after sack in 2023
the ACC and FSU were a joke Their best win was against an LSU team that finished 3rd in the SEC Wast and thier opponent in thier so called ACC champ game was Lvill who had just lost to Kentucky For Sure Mich wanted to play them
FSU not playiing another patsy acc team like Lville or UVA or Duke and it showed ps how did that great acc champ game opponent Lville fare in ther bowl game with an unranked 8 and 5 usc team? acc was a 2023 joke
hey FSU you not not playing one of your ACC weak sisters like Louisvile who even lost to Kentucky who finished 5th in the sec east ..... you do not even deserve to be in the Orange bowl this is a joke
could not cut it in the sec so he bailed and now just whines like a 3 year old
guess UM Coach Mike L had already warned the refs of the infamous Zion P CLAP play so AU could not use it again in this game
Big 10 is a big joke OSU and Penn State could NOT even beat SEC teams that were not even in the SEC Champ Game and these teams were Mich only challenges what a joke Penn State proclaims their great defense stats sure when it is against Big 10 cupcakes
will the fanous zion puckett ClAP now be a part of the overall Aub defense plan will they be allowed to use it against Maryland also
so will Mich cheat like Zion Pucket of Auburn and be allowed to illegally clap during the alabama snap count
we KNOW Mich cheats how mavy times will the Mich defense be allowed to pull an illegal Zion Pucket clap to interfere with the alabama snap count?
in a few hours the AJC writers will as expected put it all on the refs and NOT on the UGA coaches or players THIS what they always fall back to
think UGA will be allowed to clap during the bama snap count like Zion Puckett at Aub.....and not be flagged by SEC refs?
AU’s Zion Puckett has a new nickname “the Clapper”…… so what if I have to cheat to try to win……. anything goes Think SEC refs will be on the ready to call that foul in champ game?
Alabama should send a video clip to the SEC office of AU player Zion Puckett clearly and illegally clapping his hands and thus causing the Bama center to snap the ball before Milroe was ready and thus causing a huge fumble in the final game winning series
Hugh crying about the refs who did all they could give Aub the game over and over - I love it ........ it must hurt really bad
and on the 10th anniv of the Kick 6 nothing could be sweeter Roll Tide
luv seeing all the tears.....this will hurt really really bad guess aub finally ran out of the Jordan Hare voodoo and on the 10th anniversary of the infamous return .......and there is no way they can blane the sec officials who tried every way possible to give aub the game
6 and 5 Aub does not want to talk about 2023 and really bad losses on the road to TAM, and LSU or Jordan Hare home losses to UGA and to Ole Miss and especially to New Mexico St State, no they would rather focus on reliance on some kind of voodoo and a game played 10 years ago to win today (not on team talent or ability or confidence)
Bama is bettenr than Ole Miss especially on defense. Yet Kiffin went in there and won by one TD even after being flagged 11 times for 70 yards and the vaunted AU defense gave up like 425 total yards to Ole Miss. The same story when AU tried to contain Damiels at LSU. Last week NMS did not have a Dallas Turner or a Braswell or a Lawson anywhere on thier roster. How many times will AU OL get away with holding as the they try to stop these three?
Hey PF #1 why did the JH voodoo not work against NMS on Sat or against Ole Miss or against UGA and #2 tell me again how many players on that New Mex State defense that basically just shut out Aub are more talented and thus will be drafted ahead of Dallas Turner, Braswell, Lawson, Downs McKinstry etc. etc
Even NM State coach boasted that THEY totally won the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and Saturday Aub did not even have to go up against a very good Kevin Steele defense with Dallas Turner, Braswell and Lawson and a secondary with Downes Moore, McKinstry, Arnold etc. …….Aub OL #77 was outplayed badly by NMS DL and now he has to go up against an even better DL and LB’s He should have been flagged even more times than what he was called against him Hello, and ALL this is going to be fixed in a week?
Playing a weak Vandy team, an MSU team with no Will Rogers at QB and an Ark team in total disarray after firing the OC does NOT prepare you play real complete football teams Emotion and crowd frenzy lasts maybe 5 minutes and then confidence in what you are doing and talent/ability take over ……. Where would you put the Auburn confidence level on Sunday?
Best TV shot of the day was of the New Mexico fan cupping his hand by his ear as it was as silent as a funeral home at Pat Dye Field in the 4th qtr
“I think it is huge” said Coach Freeze of Auburn's big 3 game winning streak against the likes of Vandy MSU and Ark …….. and now they just paid NM State $1.7 million to come to the so called jungle and have their heads handed to them on a turkey platter
and Alabama def of Nov 11 2023 is better than the UGA def of Sept 30 that played Aub at auburn and won
And that so called ESPN expert Joe Tessitore said Friday to Finebaum that the UK game would come down to the last possession of the game as to who would win – just another guy who totally blew off Alabama
Friday Nov 10th on Finebaum show “expert analyst” Joe Tessitore told us that the Bama UK game would come down to one final possession in the 4th quarter….what is that guy smoking? As usual SEC ref Ken Williamson called his typica anti Alabama game – would not even review and obvious fumble at the goal line – this guy is a joke and mostly likely the SEC will schedule him to call the Aub game
Archives May 2021 ............ tell me again what Jimbo said about beating Alabama to Houston TD Club ......and then doubled down at SEC media days Think this will not be repeated over and over to Bama players this week?
recall JImbo's comment to Houston TD Club in May about beating their _ _ _ think the Bama players will be reminded of that complete dis-repect this week?