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First off, I like this idea of ranking coaches for both major sports teams. As a Bama fan it hurts to say this but leaving off Auburn and including A&M is a joke. I like Oats and think he has a bright future at Bama. I’d like to see this ranking again in a couple years
Ryan Leaf says hi. Reminder this is about ranking college QBs. No one is saying Lock isn’t good so chill
The reality is this: with the talent surrounding Jalen (or any Bama QB) and a consistently top ranked defense, if you don't screw it up then you're probably making the playoffs. This year teams have figured out how to defend Jalen knowing he's limited in the passing skills. Against Clemson he wasn't required to use his arm to win with our defense playing at such a high level. Auburn was a different story and he couldn't produce. I will be interested to see if Georgia is able to do the same...and how Jalen responds.
“Something significant in the recruiting process has apparently changed for 4-star defensive tackle Bobby Brown.” Hmmmm... maybe like the head coach getting fired? Great reporting their Cody
SEC ond to none you might want to find a hobby for a while as every reporter is having a field day with Freeze. They're going to milk this story for all it's worth and who can blame them. The guy was such a fraud and only blind OM fans couldn't see it.