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Those numbers are meaningless. Uga played a cupcake schedule and should have had huge numbers. Bobo always chokes in big games. He gets overly conservative and runs up the middle until we punt. Sound familiar? We ran 31 times for 2.5 YPC against Alabama. Part was getting dominated up front, but we kept running the same inside runs again and again. 78 yards total and 17 came on 1 run early. After that we ran 30 times for 61 yards and benched the qb’s arm the whole game.
You don’t have to be a lawyer to know that when you add NIL agreements, free transfers of students at any point in the school year, and private equity groups (collectives) at each school run by boosters of said school, chaos will ensue and the end of the “student athlete” era has arrived. They are professional athletes playing with no contracts and free to leave mid season (portal windows are a formality only, as used by players opting out of bowls to transfer. It’s just NFL Lite now
Dawgs will be going for win #30 against Bama. We still play tech.
Before Saturday, I would have said they could keep it competitive. Didn’t think they could win, but at least push Bama. Now, NMST will still be in their heads the first half and it will be a 4 score game in the second. If I were a betting man, and the line was less than 25, I would take Bama.
“Only the rarest of football players can play 2 ways consistently…” (in HS) That is quite common actually, especially at smaller schools, and was more common, often expected, 10, 20, 30 years ago That does not take away from the fact that Schader is tearing it up this year. He is, let’s just not exaggerate on his athleticism by claiming it’s rare for a HS player to play both ways.
I don’t think he is a good fit at any SEC school. His personality is too large to handle the grind in the SEC. I could see him at FSU or Miami in the future though. He knows the game. How good of a coach is he? I don’t know that. He will bring in some recruits and $$$ wherever he goes.
That is just GA fans. Things went wrong when we were so close for so long we still expect the worst. Hence many fans (not me) moaning about Bennett returning last year all the way until after the TCU game.
It’s not the yards per game or the points. It’s the predictable play calling, particularly in the red zone. UGA leads the nation in red zone FG’s. Nearly 30% of RZ attempts end in a FG
There are plenty of comments about overrated teams. I think mizzou may be the most underrated. Drink is building a strong program.
Are you talking about the Year Alabama made it to the playoff despite not playing in their conference championship or the year Ohio State did?
158, 2TD, and no picks is impressive for never taking a rep with the team. Well done.
Nonsense. The only team that drops from #1 without losing is UGA. Every year. After 25 straight wins, UGA should be the unquestionable #1 until they lose, which very well may happen over the next 3 weeks. OSU just struggled with Wisconsin and claims PSU (who eked out a win vs lowly Indiana) as their best win followed by perennially overrated ND. Laughable. The committee is too easily swayed by a flash in the pan. See Tenn last year.
After 25 consecutive wins, UGA is number 1 until beaten.
I clicked this just to see if burton was on here. Sure enough. But, Burton is being burton and doing everything AL expects him to, same as he did at UGA. He is a solid WR2 and good for 2-4 receptions a game which is what he is posting. He is a big play receiver with good speed but too short/slow to be a primary WR1 and not quick enough to be a slot, both of which usually have more receptions. He is a strong receiver with good hands and can get open and gets paired with CB2 on most defenses, to his advantage. But big numbers are not something he will post consistently.
I am glad to have grown up when 3 of the 4 major sports saw their best ever to play in a relatively short period Jordan Gretzky Brady Baseball has had some great players during the last 30 years but not one of the top players, although the strikeout king (Ryan) finished in this era, he certainly isn’t the best to play. True HR king was Aaron but that is reaching back beyond the current era.
As a dawgs fan, I can’t stand Florida but their pitcher getting ejected against UGA should earn that umpire a suspension. Umpires are supposed to be a part of the game, not be an impact on the outcomes. At this point it was a 2-run game and could have altered the results. So tired of bad umps.
Mizzou 2022 is the perfect example. It’s the SEC, Anything can happen. It doesn’t mean UGA shouldn’t be 12-0 in Dec. they should, but they may not be and any one of 9 teams on the schedule could be the reason why.
High achievers work with mediocre people everyday. They tend to elevate, not exploit, mediocre people. Success is a compounding effort. Success at the lower levels means more success at the higher levels. Sure, high achievers obtain more, but so does everyone else.
It doesn’t really matter. He will be the only coach to put them at #2. Both UGA and Bama have a tall order to fill in replacing their QB1 next season. Sure UGA has an easy schedule but winning it all at this point isn’t likely. We have seen beck in garbage time only. Can he sustain a championship season in the SEC? I hope so, but I am not holding my breath.
They may want to address this with Stetson or it just makes it a popularity contest and invalidates the entire hall. He put up the numbers, and more importantly, the wins to be named all American. The media just sat back and waited on him to fail and prove them right. Stetson out played every heisman winner and contender he played the Past two seasons in head to head matchups and got no credit for any of it until it was all over and too late.
Over the last 5-6 years the NCAA has had two dominant teams, they just happen to be from the SEC. The 12-team playoff will show the true depth of the SEC unless it’s manipulated from keeping too many SEC teams in it. Regardless of rankings, the 5th-8th ranked sec teams would be top 2-3 in any other conference. Mediocre Mizzou led UGA for 55 minutes. Give that team an offense and they are a top 15 team.
Best way for him to learn from his mistakes, that he keeps repeating, are to be fired. Let him pick up with another team and hopefully truly learn from it and improve as a person. Hate to see a Dawg act like a pup, but he needs to grow up.
Kirby’s defense giving up 71 points and 900 yards passing in The last two games isn’t Stetsons fault. Maybe don’t throw your QB under the bus when he is the reason you won the last two games.
Part of Stetsons issues were situational. He was throwing on third and long a lot after two failed run attempts. The int was the right decision but the turf monster grabbed him as he stepped up to throw. He made some bad decisions/throws too but when you throw 34 times, every decision/throw won’t be perfect. Our d can’t cover the pass In The middle, been like that all season. With a depleted OLB room, Duggan will be running plenty and we better have an answer for it.
If Nussmeier isn’t QB1 at LSU, he will be somewhere and they will win games unless the SEC championship was a fluke where he threw 300 yards in a half against one of the best defenses in the nation.
Makes sense to me. It was a close win over Bama but UT is now without the guy that got them there.
Heisman? No Grossly under appreciated? Absolutely. SBIV makes the OLine seem better than they are. They are good but his sack numbers are low because he does leave the pocket often and makes plays on his feet and through the air while scrambling.
Another that may have to be replaced for very different reasons than those listed above is Todd Monken if he leaves UGA for a HC job somewhere. I hope it’s not the case but success is usually followed with reward.