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It wasn’t Fromm the fans have been questioning. This is Kirby using his players as shields to deflect the criticism aimed at him. He also doubled down on the game plan even though Fromm opened it up a little more than normal. At the end of the day, we beat a team by 7 points that is not ranked in the top 10 in a single major statistical category. What happens when we play a team like auburn Bama or LSU that can beat you in the air and on the ground.
Minnesota is located in a metro area with 3.6+ million, has a student body over 51,000 and and average attendance of 22,650 (2018) with a nearly 51,000 seat stadium. Alabama is located in Tuscaloosa Which has a population of 235k and is an hour from Birmingham’s 1.1 million. Has a student enrollment of 39k, a stadium that holds 101,821 and averages 101,562 (2018). Penn State does bring an average of 105,000 at home games but LSU also boasts 101,000 on average. LSU will travel better because it’s closer and LSU fans will travel. Playing by the numbers, Minnesota has a much larger pool to draw fans yet has a lower average attendance than Vandy, the SEC’s least attended team, is not a big enough draw. Now had the game been scheduled at Penn State this season it’s a different argument. While it’s a great sales pitch and commendable to reach for the stars, they should focus on filling their stadium before going after The national spotlight.