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Surely they would have some sort of leverage in the contract with the ACC. It is ND after all.
I can’t see UCF being added to a Midwest conference. May could go after Nebraska again seeing as they were done with B1G a few months ago. And also Notre Dame could be added idk why nobody is mentioning them
This kid is gonna be special. When coach talks about you on TV you know you doing something right. And those catches he made during the spring game were awesome from a freshman
Don’t see how anyone can hate on the man who just wants to continue to succeed and continue on something he loves. I know it’s tough when your team plays Alabama but you have to sit back and just marvel at the history being made in front of everyone with Alabama and college football.
Amazing what Alabama can do when they have a whole team of starters. Linebackers were healthy all season long, no major injuries other than waddle.
How does Mac finish 3rd in Heisman behind a QB but Mac wins best QB award?
I am so excited for this matchup. I think this game is gonna be back and forth and can’t wait to see Mac tear that tOSU secondary apart. On a side note I hope Ryan Day ranks Clemson 12th in his poll next week lol
I like Tua and all but no reason why Julio or Henry shouldn’t be number 1. Jones was Alabama first big time commit in a long time and was a phenomenal player. Henry had the offense built around him and literally carried the team
Idk why he is worried about it. This may be the only time they are somewhat relevant anyway. Enjoy what ya got.
Ok I can breath now....Trask and Toney are the real deal. That was an awesome game!
This is such a wacky year, IF they didn’t make it in who would be in their spot? A&M hasn’t been flashy in their wins to even make an argument to me, they have just won. The main dilemma is do you pick a 2 loss champ who played 10 games OR a team that has played only 6 games and won a championship OR do you go with the team that played 10 games with 1 lop sided loss to the #1 team? I’m interested to see what the committee does but I think Ohio state gets in unfortunately.
Would of loved to see triple option at Vandy. Lot of good brains running a offense that requires a lot of thinking would be good
I think a lot of Arkansas fans were happy with the progression. Hogs seem to actually put up a fight and very well could have finished with a better record (I.e Auburn game) I think Pittman continues to improve in year 2. Let him get some recruits in instead of scraps from Chad Morris.
Mac Jones is gonna pick the gators apart next let a bunch of freshman beat y’all....
Every time I see him he is clapping and congratulating the WR. Just really enjoy what it’s like to be on a winning team
CBS should get with the AAC and see what they can work out. I’m sure they would love to have their own network. And I’m sure the $55 million they were paying the SEC will be more than enough! Plus AAC has had some decent football as of late
Guarantee B1G will let Ohio state play in CCG and screw Indiana out of it.
It really is a tough job. No support whatsoever ever
I honestly hope he doesn’t retire but it won’t surprise me if he does. He is getting on up there and may wanna enjoy some time with his grandchild. What more does he have to prove
Another highly rated QB leaving UGA. Why do they even go there?
Yes I’m an Alabama fan, yes I may be bias. I fully believe Alabama will beat Auburn. Mac may could possibly have the Heisman moment he needs to take the lead again but Auburn is hurt with RBs and Bo can’t throw worth a crap. But idk we will see I guess
Gotta break out alternate uniforms for a team they know they will beat lol where were they during the Bama game?
I blame the B1G for the teams just being so sucky. You told these guys they weren’t gonna play the season and then changed your mind practically overnight. A lot of them didn’t even get to get things in order before the season started. Of course your gonna have some crappy teams...except Michigan, they suck every year
I mean how high of standards does Utah State have?
Didn’t matter who the starter was. No way Tennessee wins this game.
As much as I hate to say it. Until there is a log jam of teams for that 4th spot SOS will not be taken into account. Clemson gets in because they are undefeated and no team outside the top 4 is remotely close to start the conversation of should they be in with that crappy schedule they play