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Every time Bama loses it’s the same old talk. We lost 1 game this year. It’s not that big of a deal. Even if we win out we still had an amazing year. Some fans are absolutely spoiled and it’s ridiculous. Saban isn’t gonna retire right now. I see atleast another 4-5 years. 1 loss isn’t the end of the world like some people seem to think.
I was pretty mad during the game but this kid gave it his all and that’s all a fan can ask of
Hate that it started out the way it did but heck of a game. Hard to dig yourself out of a hole like that but we came close. Good Game!
For once I actually agree with Cowturd. Although I don’t think it will be as big as he makes it out to be.
Shocked at Clemson ranking and would definitely swap LSU and Ohio Stare
He only missed out on a National Championship. No big deal!
If Tua can’t play I have all the faith in Mac Jones, my only concern is can he outscore LSU if it’s put on his shoulders to do so. Can’t wait to watch the game.
Didn’t think anything was controversial at all. Was clearly a hold and a 10/10 body slam
Was kinda surprised atleast at the end the decision to stick with Plumlee instead of Coral to get a TD. Rich Rod seemed kinda “fed up” with Plumlee. Hard to call a game when your limited on QB skill.
Plumlee can’t throw worth a crap but he can sure run it
Thought for sure Ole Miss was gonna drive and score at the end and make it interesting. But Ohwell. Good win for Auburn.
The blown no catch was the difference. Was a good game though. Georgia is in the driver seat for the East. LSU vs Bama determines the west winner next week. If Florida could convert a 3rd down they MAY have won. Good Game!
I was wrong and stand corrected. One TD was busted coverage the other was 1v1 coverage. You are honestly ok with Malzahn being your head coach at Auburn? Your ok with your QB throwing for roughly 50% completion rating? If so then enjoy being mediocre.
Auburn will still have Gus as a Head Coach and still be a below average team. Good enough prediction for you?
Doesn’t matter what happens. In 4 years Bo Nix will be the same as he is right now, a deer in headlights. Gus cannot develop a QB plain and simple. I get the kid is a freshman and all but if not for busted coverage against Oregon he doesn’t have a TD pass in the opening game. Only reason he starts and plays is because of the Nix family name. Gatewood should have been playing by now in my opinion.
As much as I would like to see Taulia play I believe it will be the Mac show the whole night for game reps
Here is the story I wanted. This guy sparked the special teams unit and the crowd reaction to his punt was awesome
Also I don’t think he would of had time for the handoff. If you watch the linebacker comes right through the A gap and woulda prolly taken the ball out of JG hands
Can’t someone who is good at reading lips find out what Pruitt says to JG when he is walking off the field? I wanna know so bad lol
Well so much for it being a night game
Also Maurer moved the ball really good for a freshman. He will be a good QB if tenneseee keeps consistency with coaches for a change
I will give credit where it is due. Vols offensive line played really good. A lot better than I expected and the running game is looking better. JG still can’t throw a football to save his life. He had a wide open TD in the end zone and just over threw him.
When we lined up on played big boy football when Mac came into the game it felt like the offensive line actually powered off the ball a lot better and held blocks a lot better. I liked seeing that. It was against Tennessee but still
I think we rely more on run game and take the pressure off Tua. One plus is we are in Tuscaloosa for the game
Glad we can get him back for the LSU game. Just makes it that much more interesting! On another note can we get an article detailing the walk on punter that came through and flipped the field position greatly! And made the tackle on a punt!
Not being a smart a$$ but we have some good doctors in Tuscaloosa that can get players ready if need be
Maurer getting injured was just unfortunate. Tennessee lineman was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and Maurer just so happen to get pushed down and hit his head on the lineman. Real fans see that. Hate it did happen but things happen it’s football