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Falcons offense was I think 6th in the league last year. They just couldn’t get it done in the red zone. I said the samething originally and someone corrected me
Wish he could find a team to give him a chance. He looked decent in relief of Andy Dalton a couple years ago. Miami could of tried him instead of Fitzpatrick.
He may be a little more known but I hope to see Brian Robinson more this year too. He runs hard and isn’t scared to take a lick.
Dang they are risking it. What if he gets hurt and God forbid he can’t play football anymore?
In previous articles I did say staff turnover has hurt us many times. I may not of been clear on my comment. I meant that ND being put in the playoffs was part of the reason for a loss but Kirby smart getting in CNS head because of recruiting was a reach.
There it is. The stupidest thing finebaum has said yet. He is reaching at this point. Reaching for a story and to be relevant in the offseason. Clemson beat us due to the fact they had like 6 weeks to view film on us and only a week dedicated to Notre Dame. When you put underserving teams in you don’t have to worry about losing.
It was dirty no doubt of Kirby to (allegedly) do this. It’s part of recruiting and Kirby wanted immediate success, Which he got. But either way it was dirty but i get it. I’m not upset about it.
Dang, we can’t even make it to the beginning of the season before LB depth is becoming an issue
I want him to succeed. Well actually we need him to succeed. He is the veteran guy now along with Brian Robinson. He will get the touches no doubt. Just hope he keeps the train rolling. He has definitely grown more than his freshman year, from running wide all the time to running through the hole now. Hopefully this year will show his skills.
Well that’s one way to destroy your career and your car in a day.
Anyone think they are “grooming/watching him” to be Luke’s replacement after this year or next?
I watched him on Last Chance U and I understand he had good intentions through tough love, some of those kids need it. However he is as big of an a$$ if I ever seen one. He comes across as a d!ck not as a leader. Hate to say it but I’m glad he is gone. I liked buddy better
Anyone who seen him play knows he isn’t a NFL Linebacker right now. There is not denying his talent but he over pursues a lot, his pass coverage isn’t the best and he is not the fastest guy. He has potential still to become a starter but I don’t see it. I’m gonna say around 3-4 round selection.
From what I understand he has been giving scholarships to kickers since coming to Bama. Always thought that “waste a scholarship” thing was a rumor.
Maybe he can turn this kicking thing around. Lord knows we need all the help we can get in that department
Hopefully they stay next year too instead of jumping ship
I’m really surprised Charles kelly wasnt named DC simply due to P5 experience alone. Definitely excited to see what sark does with a full season of calling plays instead of just one game.
These kids will not get recruited if they don’t know what it’s like to get hit in practice. They will get popped one good time in a game and that’s the end of their season. Screw the northern state p***y’s.
Seems like a good idea. I’m interested to see how this league unfolds. Ready to see how the Birmingham team does!
Well atleast it’s not Alabama this time. We don’t have anymore to give lol
Even if I hear coach O explain it, I don’t understand it
She is getting money from somebody to help Deondre not look like a bad dude so he will land somewhere else.
When does a transferring players eligibility begin? When classes begin or what?
Well I wonder if it’s to late for Kelly Bryant to change his mind and head to Auburn or Arkansas
It was nice to have Harris as a 4 year player but I think Najee will becomes that guy everyone thought he was this year. He has got progressively better and down the stretch he seemed to have come in full stride. He has the size and strength to take on the free edge rushers no doubt. Also I hope to see Sark get paid a decent amount of money if he is indeed the Offensive Coordinator. Time to have these guys around for more than one season
Not hating on the man because he is a good athlete but I don’t see Mack Wilson going in the first. Maybe early 2nd just something about him I can’t quite put my finger on. I also hope to see Jacobs be the first RB taken, he could prolly be a good back as long as he goes somewhere that has a good enough line for him
Been missing the comments on some articles. Do we have a fake BamaTime around now?
Guess the browns fired them before they hired them. That’s what it looks like based off the first sentence. Typical Browns way of doing things