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Let’s be honest the CB this year were garbage. They were constantly out of position and getting beat. Jobe isn’t the guy we think he is. Pass rush got home so quick most the time they CB weren’t having as much action. Hoping off season we can fix this stuff.
Billingsley is the greatest “loss” when it comes to game experience. He had all the signs of being great but lacked the will and the attitude
I said before the game Smart was gonna back and watch the Texas A&M game and the Auburn game to see how they were able to get pressure on Young. During the game I got Clemson 2017 vibes of us making it to the redzone and only getting FGs out of it. Hats off to UGA!
Not taking anything away from SB but Bryce didn’t play terrible. The back up WRs couldn’t catch a cold if they wanted to. Couple dimes from Young also that just were plain dropped
Idk why but this one doesn’t hurt as bad to lose as the one against Clemson did
Can’t help but like the kid. He had a heck of a journey. Good games Dawgs
Everyone already knew it was Alabama and UGA all the way back in September. People are just now wanting to complain cause they saw 2 teams get waxed in semi finals by the two best teams.
God I hope this is true. Underdog role again here we come!
Now this is surprising….good experience for Shane Beamers program
He has like 25 more catches on the year than Williams and it’s only something like 36 yards difference.
I know you all aren’t use to developing players from year to year but we tend to bring out the best in players at Bama. Anyone that has watched him play knows he is the best receiver in the nation.
You really wanna go there after what was found going on at LSU a few years ago?
As much as I can’t stand him after his stroke it’s nice to see him still having fun. Gonna be a sad day when he isn’t on set anymore
Visiting my old comments, you are right it wasn’t close at all
This team reminds me of 2015 in a way, kinda lost early on against ole miss and turned it around to dominate later on. Didn’t blow anyone out but just won the games they needed to.
Told buddies it was gonna be 24-20 Bama but we prolly past that point. I think Bama game plan is to gas that front 7 and that defensive line. We have been able to do that. Hope we continue to throw it. Also I’m sure Bryce has wrapped up Heisman, win or lose.
Maybe some more context will help you understand what I mean, I know some of yall have a hard time using context clues. Bryce Young carries this Alabama team, it would be a terrible team without him, we would lose multiple games. He is the best player in the country this year. Look see I even dumbed it down for you
I’m gonna hold out hope we were looking ahead this week to UGA and we are gonna come prepared. That said the defense for UGA is nasty. Just hope we can fix our offensive line before then
Y’all played amazing, I predicted before the game it would be 31-13 but I wasn’t even close. That was crazy. Good luck in the bowl game
I’ll be just fine if we never have another game like that again. But I’m afraid we will have another one next week…
If he looks even halfway competent against UGA defense then he will win it. He is very deserving of it. He is the best player on this Alabama team
His arm single handedly (no pun intended) has saved Alabama season. The run game is basically non existent due to the terrible offensive line. We have won off him being a great passer. Is it a weak Heisman year? Yeah I’ll admit that however he is very deserving to win it this year
Didn’t know we were awarding Heisman trophies based off of one game now a days. Such a homer
I wish we could literally ban this dudes IP. He is so dang annoying for absolutely no reason. Always making new accounts
All of you saying they are protecting Bama are delusional. Nobody behind Bama has looked like they deserve that spot. Cincy almost lost to Navy if not for a last second stop in 4th. Y’all act like these teams behind them are just magical and are world beaters
The only spot on offense that is off is the Offensive line that can’t stop a leaky faucet. Iv been very critical of defense but they have really stepped up lately. It’s just stupid penalties and shooting ourself in the foot. This team is young, like the 4th youngest in the nation. They will be fine.
I believe I would of have wanted to stay with Gary Patterson…
A lot of the mistakes we are making are game changing. Like when Bryce had that Scramble outside the pocket for a TD later in the game it was wiped out by a holding call, the sack for the missed FG, etc. Things like this has plagued Alabama all season. That and the DBs can’t stop anyone. We don’t have that true #1 cornerback
You sound very salty. Sorry Pitman will never live up to Saban. Maybe he could join Saban staff and get his coffee and Debbie cakes