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I believe I would put auburn and Miami in front of Ohio State and Notre Dame
Im excited to see Miami and see if they can continue there success. They only played Louisville and FSU though. Would be nice to see them challenge Clemson for ACC
I remember people saying LF was gonna be one of the best backs in the NFL and Derrick Henry was gonna be a bust, my how things have changed
Clemson and Ohio State have cake walks to the playoffs...
This is kinda of a surprise but if he wanted to make his own legacy he chose the right school.
If for some reason we wanted to stay in the southeast we could always add Florida or another East team as a “out of conference” game to replace USC. Just a thought.
People have forgotten how to live without being told how to live by the news. I’m not one for conspiracy theory’s but something ain’t right in the news the last few years
This is just getting ridiculous. You can’t live in constant fear of something. Take proper precautions like washing your hands and go on with your life
I guess it’s just me but is midget really a derogatory word? I mean to me “little people” sounds worse
I think some of the sideline interviews need to stop. Maybe after a long TD catch or something but after almost every play is kinda annoying cause you can’t understand what they are saying half the time anyway
I’m enjoying it as well. I agree with everything you said. The interviews after a big play is just pointless and maybe they will fade that out. This is set up better than AAF when it comes to finances for sure. Let’s see how It plays out though cause the first XFL was entertaining for like the first 3 games. Then went down hill.
With his attitude he will be in jail before long
I have always criticized Jalen for not being a great passer but just remember that people called Lamar Jackson a running back playing QB position. Hopefully Jalen makes it and get him a spot!
Nobody answer or reply to this clown on this site.
Basically he was upset about playing time. Which is what everyone has said from the get go. Thought he deserved a spot instead of earning it
I will say this. I never expected Ed to win at LSU but he proved me wrong. Congrats LSU!
Can never understand why someone would bet that kind of money on a game. I guess if it’s chump change to you then have at it.
I know this is top 25 but #26 should be Jalen, atleast as a honorable mention. I have so much respect for him It may make me a little bias
Still needs to work on his accuracy a little, some balls were just plain bad throws where as other the receiver shoulda just caught it. But I actually am liking what I see from him.
Please God let anyone but EA make the game. The game they have made have been $hit lately.
Wow. Mac jones making this list is a shocker
Go ahead and pay Coach C more money cause that’s what’s gonna happen anyway
Also, Xavier Mckinny is 50/50 at this point. Leatherwood is another that’s possible for a return for senior season. Jeudy, Harris, and Willis Jr. are all prolly gonna declare.
Rumors are swirling Tua, Ruggs, Smith, Moses, and McMillon aren’t completely sold on declaring and could return for their senior season. Just what I’ve heard and read.
Let’s be honest. Only reason they picked Diggs to go to the Vikings is cause his brother is there.