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Kinda long shot but what if he goes to Duke with Cutcliffe seeing as how he is the QB whisperer for the Manning’s
It’s ok Flacco you won’t have to worry about mentoring Lock for long. He will be your replacement midway through the season.
That’s where i give credit to the whole defensive line. It helps when you got 4 seniors on the d line. That’s one thing that was in Clemson’s favor. I would expect a drop off this year on the defensive side of the ball for them.
Like I said hats off to them for winning but it’s one game. Natty or not it was still one game.
Alabama moved the ball between the 20s just fine. I’m not saying they were gonna win. I’m saying stats say it shoulda been a closer game than it was.
I may be bias but Saban is still the GOAT and is still leading the pack. Dabo is good don’t get me wrong, I like Dabo as a coach.(hate he coaches Clemson but whatever) Lets look at the games. Alabama wins in 2015 45-40 which coulda been a 2 TD victory if we didn’t play prevent the last drive but it is what it is. 2016 Clemson wins on a last second TD pass(Prolly the best game outta all of them if I’m being honest) 2017 Alabama won in a terrible offensive game for both teams. 2018 game I think just wasn’t Alabamas night. Nothing went right for them in the red zone(credit to the whole defensive line that returned) If you look at the stats you would think it was a FG game. Turnover and great field position gave Clemson the game. Clemson scored but Alabama stat wise was in the game. I give credit where it’s due so hats off to Dabo for winning the last one. But to think he passed Saban because of one game of dominance just isn’t true.
Auburn can’t have expectations and finish the season good. They have to come out of left field from the beginning of the season to have a good season. (I.e 2010,2013) The team and coaches collapses if there is pressure put on them.
I probably should of said not as much free reign and power as Saban does.
It’s crazy to think all these coaches would have an increased buyout or would get a hefty amount of money in a new contract to keep them from going to Alabama. I have no doubt Fulmer will pay Pruitt nicely if he does well. I’m not sold on cristobal yet. If the GOAT retired today, my pick (as much as I may regret it) would be Lane Kiffin with some restrictions in place on him.
I never noticed how many “what coulda been” QBs Florida has them coaches really screwed themselves over
As much as I hate to say it. He will be drafted within the first 15picks maybe even top 7. Just guessing though
In my professional opinion I’m predicting 32 players will be drafted in the first round! Anyone wanna take bets against me?
Falcons offense was I think 6th in the league last year. They just couldn’t get it done in the red zone. I said the samething originally and someone corrected me
Wish he could find a team to give him a chance. He looked decent in relief of Andy Dalton a couple years ago. Miami could of tried him instead of Fitzpatrick.
He may be a little more known but I hope to see Brian Robinson more this year too. He runs hard and isn’t scared to take a lick.
Dang they are risking it. What if he gets hurt and God forbid he can’t play football anymore?
In previous articles I did say staff turnover has hurt us many times. I may not of been clear on my comment. I meant that ND being put in the playoffs was part of the reason for a loss but Kirby smart getting in CNS head because of recruiting was a reach.
There it is. The stupidest thing finebaum has said yet. He is reaching at this point. Reaching for a story and to be relevant in the offseason. Clemson beat us due to the fact they had like 6 weeks to view film on us and only a week dedicated to Notre Dame. When you put underserving teams in you don’t have to worry about losing.
It was dirty no doubt of Kirby to (allegedly) do this. It’s part of recruiting and Kirby wanted immediate success, Which he got. But either way it was dirty but i get it. I’m not upset about it.
Dang, we can’t even make it to the beginning of the season before LB depth is becoming an issue
I want him to succeed. Well actually we need him to succeed. He is the veteran guy now along with Brian Robinson. He will get the touches no doubt. Just hope he keeps the train rolling. He has definitely grown more than his freshman year, from running wide all the time to running through the hole now. Hopefully this year will show his skills.
Well that’s one way to destroy your career and your car in a day.
Anyone think they are “grooming/watching him” to be Luke’s replacement after this year or next?
I watched him on Last Chance U and I understand he had good intentions through tough love, some of those kids need it. However he is as big of an a$$ if I ever seen one. He comes across as a d!ck not as a leader. Hate to say it but I’m glad he is gone. I liked buddy better
Anyone who seen him play knows he isn’t a NFL Linebacker right now. There is not denying his talent but he over pursues a lot, his pass coverage isn’t the best and he is not the fastest guy. He has potential still to become a starter but I don’t see it. I’m gonna say around 3-4 round selection.
From what I understand he has been giving scholarships to kickers since coming to Bama. Always thought that “waste a scholarship” thing was a rumor.
Maybe he can turn this kicking thing around. Lord knows we need all the help we can get in that department
Hopefully they stay next year too instead of jumping ship