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I’d sit his a$$ the rest of the game till he decides till he decides to chill. NFL has become nothing but drama and players have become to powerful with their antics. He is the coach for a reason and your the player. Just listen to the man and don’t be disrespectful.....then again it is Jalen Ramsey we are talking about.
Be carful your gonna hurt the conspiracy theorists feelings, It was bad officiating on against both teams yesterday no doubt. Bama still rolls no matter though.
I really wish you wouldn’t post anything. Every time I get on these comments you always run your mouth about some bull$hit. Talk a big game but tuck your tail and go into hiding when you lose. Roll Tide! Dellav8r
I said it before the missed fg that Mark Stoops is playing WAY to conservative, I could understand if you were like on the 15 or something but man he played conservative all the way down the field.
Some how I have Never seen an interview with him before....This mans voice just caught me way off guard.
Man, I know he has been criticized hard but I hate this for him. Hopefully he can come back strong. Good luck Franks
This is just pitiful. When will Luke be kicked to the curb and y’all hire someone actually worth a crap? I’m sure in a few years Freeze could pull a Petrino and return to Oxford
This kid is the definition of what every Alabama fan felt in January lol
If LSU plays offense like that we ought to have one heck of a game between them and Bama. Great win for the SEC. Screw Herman and his cocky attitude.
FSU has just went downhill very very very quickly over the last 5 years
Gus is definitely rusty when it comes to calling plays. I think there were some questionable calls that didn’t put Auburn in a great position. On the other side i am surprised at how good Oregon is. Herbert definitely looks like a 1st rounder as advertised. I expect the Oregon team to contend this year. Was surprised at how well Oregon’s backup receivers played too
When does the rest of the parts come out lol Ready to watch them! I love watching behind the scenes of past teams
Idk man Duke may have beat that group of guys in blue tonight seeing how they didn’t know they were even playing football.
I’ll give you are very optimistic for what everyone else saw tonight
Imma just say it for you. Only reason Florida won tonight was the sacks the defensive line got. The terrible INT with like 4 mins left was prolly the stupidest playcall I seen in a long time(prolly the fake FG in the Natty)
Basically he is happy with Franks almost giving the game away and just won’t take off the Franks colored glasses. Everyone calling for Emory Jones just shows Franks ain’t yo guy Dan! Also Franks attitude and not owning up to his mistakes is terrible
I could literally choke a real gator over the stupid penalties towards the end of the game....stupid mistakes almost cost the game for Florida
Also....if they didn’t post it isn’t that discriminating against all races not just black people?
Wasn’t Kevin Sumlin the head coach at Houston at one time? Last I checked he is black.......
I wouldn’t say he can’t read a defense if you were disguising the defense. Tua made the read and determined where he was going before the snap. He just didn’t read post snap. That’s youth and being a first year starter.
Dang you had me all gitty and excited till I read the very last line about Bama. I hope you guys give Clemson a loss more than anything but Bama losing won’t happen!
Be pretty cool to see Florida play west coast teams. If wanting a neutral site you could play at AT&T stadium or maybe even Arrowhead. Everyone blames Florida for not playing anyone out of state but why leave when you could play FSU and Miami consistently and have it easy on fans and keeps traveling costs down.
Well coach if you would have beat Iowa State you would of had your shot. But the chips fell and you lost to a relative nobody that year. LSU was stacked on defense with DBs that could play man to man that year and did it all year and won no problem EXCEPT Alabama. The right game happened whether you liked it or not.
The next 2-3 years will determine what happens with Swinney. If assistants start becoming head coaches and his program begins to crumble it will show how well of a coach he really is. In my opinion I would rather see Dabo come in after the next guy loses and gets gone. Bama can’t stay at the top forever and I’m ok with that.