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Glad he finally picked a spot. Riley should have him in contention for a playoff spot next year. Will root for him in every game to have a great game.
I can understand Saban’s frustration with all these coaches leaving. Staff turnover is going to show its ugly face at some point. He was basically butt hurt because of not getting the OC job then getting chewed out and it sealed the deal for him. Ohwell the Tide keeps rolling with or without him.
Finebaum said the samething about hiring Daboll. All we did that year was win a championship. Nobody knows nothing about anything when it comes to Alabama football. Let the GOAT do his job and all will be well
Alabama proved they belonged that year by winning it all. Unlike Ohio State and Notre Dame who didn’t put up a challenge to Clemson. Alabama was one of the 4 best teams 2 seasons ago and a conference championship isn’t a requirement, it’s just something they use to help evaluations. Idk why that pops up all the time about Conference champions.
Could follow Enos and sharpen his skills while starting for the Canes
I literally said the samething earlier to someone . Everyone out to hire Alabama assistants to bring down the dynasty lol was joking of course but would not surprise me
After watching the game, that isn’t surprising. But that’s what you get when you put a unworthy team in playoffs like ND.
Just another day after another season in Tuscaloosa for Alabama Football
Could see him thrive in any of those 3. Be neat to see him in chip Kelly’s system though
Awesome news but I hope he puts forth more effort than he did in the 4th quarter of the championship game, no matter the score
I think Auburn would love to have a QB that has only lost 2 games as a starter no matter where he comes from.
I would root for Hurts in every game no matter what it is other than the Iron Bowl. Hope he misses every pass in that game and just doesn’t move the ball lol but other than that i hope he does great
Surprised I didn’t see Auburn on this list...wish him well no matter where he goes
Just bring back the college football games and be done with it. Just don’t use the player likeness and cut a deal with the Conferences. Oh and don’t let EA make it. The recent Madden games have been trash with their glitches and handicapped bull crap
Clemson was the better team that night for sure. Defense wins championships and we didn’t have anything for Lawrence. Their O-line blocked good for him and made a clean pocket for him to throw. By the 4th quarter started our guys on defense looked like they just quit playing. Buggs let Etienne run right by him with minimal effort. You never see that from a Bama team and I hope Saban chews that ass for the next 7 months and Coach Cochran runs everybody’s ass till they can’t sit down. On offense, I think Tua may of been reading his throws before before the snap and not seeing the after snap coverage Venables was disguising. Hints the pick 6 and the other INT. Ohwell been awhile since we got beat like that so maybe it’ll do some good and bring everybody back down to reality
For the first time since leaving I actually agree with Lane. They were moving the ball just fine on the ground. Tua may of been trying to hard to take the shots. So many times the underneath guy or check down was open and he didn’t hit him. We were good all year throwing the ball deep and putting the pressure on early and that may of been the downfall here. I still say the offense played good enough to win the game but Hindsight is 20/20. Hats off to Clemson for sure
It was a bad game but how often do you see these kinds of games from Bama where it was a bad game? It happens from time to time (Hint: UGA games for one) but they have always found a way to win. Alabama played absolutely terrible this game and unfortunately it was against the best team in the nation. Burned coverage in secondary, lack of pressure on the QB, and 2 picks cost them. Saban is still the GOAT. Nobody will remember all the a$$ whippings he handed out this year but everyone will remember Alabama getting beat by 28. Nobody said this team was the best ever till the media started it. Everyone knew the defense was young and inexperienced but the offense always bailed them out. Offense played good enough to win the game.
He couldn’t win at Texas Tech and he expects to win in Arizona? Don’t see it happening. Give him 3 years and he will be gone
Nah y’all still ran it and failed, same as us. So we just joined the club
So original....Facebook memes must be your go to source for trolling
Dabo is a class act, when Saban decides to retire the first call will be to Swinney and I believe Alabama will pay the man big money. And he will come home. His family lives just outside Birmingham too so that may be another reason to come to Alabama
This is the worst part about Alabama losing at the end of the season lol let’s dissect everything that went wrong since it only happens so often. It was a terrible game for the Tide no doubt. Was a terrible call by Coach Saban and definitely desperate especially when you saw them lined up safe for the fake. Ohwell next season lets start fresh and hopefully if history is right it’s the year we are suppose to win after a loss in the post season. Roll Tide!
I’m fine being the hated guys in football. Don’t know how much more humble I can be though. Should tell the trolls from these fake UGA accounts to go on that’s the only thing that irritates me. Idc if real fans talk trash
I can see Clemson winning another one fairly soon with that QB they have. Would like to see Saban get atleast one more just to pass Bear
He was a first year defensive coordinator and is young. If he leaves or whatever happens he will be a DC somewhere but I don’t think he will be back as a DC for Alabama next year. But coaching turnover is starting to show and it started last night
Don’t have to. He said exactly what was wrong with his team in the first half
If Saban hung it up right now I would be ok with it. What he has done for Alabama and to the college football world will not be matched for awhile. He is the GOAT and everyone still knows that but I think they will be back next year ready to go. The dynasty isnt over just because we lost the championship game. It was still a 14-1 season which is really good. How many other coaches can say they been to the championship game 8 times And only lost twice?