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I'll take Alabama over 28, Georgia under 16, Tennessee over 17, Florida over 20, Auburn over 5
I think they would be. Probably be looking at 1. Winner of Clemson ND, 2. Florida 3. Ohio State 4. Alabama. Unless maybe Clemson barely beats ND, and Alabama isn't close. Then probably 1. Clemson, 2. Florida 3. Ohio State 4. Notre Dame
The west can take Mizzou, we get Auburn. Does Alabama really need to play Tennessee every year for the protected rivalry? The games only been competitive twice since 2007
"He's big and fast and he catches the ball really good." An essay by Todd McShay written in entirely more words than necessary
I'm personally a fan of an 8 game playoff with the power 5 conference champions making it, regardless of record or maybe top 15. The top Group of 6 school, must be top 15, and then 2 at large. Rankings determine hosts of 1st round. So for example this year as of right now it'd be 1. Alabama vs 15. USC 2. Notre Dame (ACC) vs 8. Cincinnati 3. Clemson vs 7. Iowa State 4. Ohio State vs 5. Texas A&M. Maybe there would be more blowouts but people would still show up
If this ends the Gary Danielson, Brad Nessler SEC broadcast then I'm all for it. If it makes them stop with the terrible Florida-Georgia line song before the Florida-Georgia game every year, it would be a god send
They're owned by Disney so I would guess they got money to work with
I wish the Jaguars first round pick from the Rams wasn't constantly dropping, because adding Fields and Pitts would be as good a scenario as possible assuming the Jets don't win. At any rate though I hope our pick from the Rams turns out better than last years second pick. You wanna know what Santa and K'Lavon Chaisson have in common? They both finish the season with only 1 sack!
I don't see it, in that case I think A&M or Cincy would be in. It's as simple a scenario for us as possible. Win and you're in, lose and you're not. We're one of 5 teams that control their destiny and I'm happy for the opportunity
If this is about TV contracts and they're hyping it up as a big announcement, it's gonna be pretty disappointing. Or they may take a page out of the big 10s playbook and just crown Alabama as champions because as the big 10 has pointed out, playing the games doesn't matter
If you go from the 3rd floor down to the 2nd floor you still went down. They may not have gone to the basement but they're definitely down
And 1 for 15 on the predictions inside the predictions. Trask did have a Heismanesque performance atleast more so than Fields, Jones or Lawrence (I know Lawrence didn't play.)
I hate FSU as much as any Gator fan does, but for Clemson to have a player with symptoms, and still have him in practice all week is pretty irresponsible given the situation this year. I get his tests came back negative all the way until this morning, but with no time to do contact tracing, I dont really blame FSU
Florida put Ole Miss away around the 9 minute mark in the 3rd quarter. Bama put them away with around 1 minute left in the game