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Can't wait to see if Georgia is the legit contender against Oklahoma.
Looking like the ACC is taking the mantle of best conference top to bottom. If Clemson repeats their ain't no doubt.
I hope Saban addresses this, this is not sportsmanship or class. Alabama football is better than this.
Hated to see Bama with the "unsportsmanlikes" I am sure Saban will fix the poise issue and have the players showing more class. Great win, congrats Bama
When the SEC loses they always resort to history, GT beat you all this year and two years ago as well. More ignorance from the mouth breathers of Uga,
They shook hands before the coin toss when they first got to mid field, Why would you ignore that in your article?
4 turnovers by Bama, Huskies win 24- 17
Lame to you like that abused bulldog y'all lug around. I wish the ASPCA would protest the captivity of that bulldog and get it out of football, not for PC reasons, just because it is lame.
Georgia Tech is a physical football team. Kentucky got beat by a better team.
Another over-rated underachieving Georgia team.
Didn't take long for the wheels to come off the Georgia hype machine
LOL, another SEC cupcake takes a thrashing
Lets see if the most underperforming team of the last decade has turned the corner since letting Richt go.
When was the pups last National Championship? 1980?
Georgia fans are letting their expectations get out of control. That will set you up for disappointment with initial losses Kirby is going to suffer. This is going to take time.
I remember in 2013 when Georgia Southern beat Florida 26-20 in the swamp. The Georgia Southern offense only had one pass attempt the whole game.
Auburn is like the Summer in Alabama...no class
I wonder if Georgia can beat the worst team in the ACC this year?
A Tennessee fan using "overrated" ........priceless.
With this scenario I'd have Bama, Ol Miss and Tennessee winning SEC 3-8 in Bowl Games
Georgia Southern could have probably won the SEC East. LOL
Sure hope you guys don't lose to the worst ACC team this year, Georgia Tech. That would be funny.
I agree. Bama is the only power in the SEC. I'd hope for a Alabama/Clemson NCG but except for that matchup I think the ACC would dominate the SEC across the board this year.
Maybe the Panther's will draft him and he an Cam can choreograph a touchdown dance routine together