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you are an idiot. He wasn't referring to the word "ire"
Yes, because finishing 3rd in the SEC, don't even count national is surely deserving of a national title. If you want to be taken seriously and not have people question the titles because it apparently makes you all butt hurt and everything, it's an easy fix. Just claim the ones that aren't ridiculous. Believe it or not people like myself can still have an enormous amount of respect for the long history of football excellence at Alabama and still question the many titles that are BS. You can do both at the same time.
I love it when fans of a team that sing 'we just beat the hell out of you' after every victory talk about class. To be clear, there are many classy things about the Alabama football program. It's players for the most part are at the top of that list. In many ways Nick Saban is a class act although he loses it from time to time. But Alabama fans are the trashiest, most classless group of neanderthals walking the planet. In ever possible way. And every time any of you use the word class, the rest of the worlds laughs at you in a contemptible way.
The SEC is on an upswing? lol. Have you watched the past two seasons at all?
You say this as if all bowl games are the same in terms of competition lol. It's an idiotic argument at best, pure stupidity at worst.
It's good to see the virgins getting so much of the spotlight these days. Would someone please refer this guy to a doctor to treat his rosacea?
Florida has played more jackboot thugs than any program in the SEC lol.
Like when Richt let his players go get in Alabama players faces and act like morons when they took the field? I've never been so satisfied as I was watching Alabama kick their asses for 4 quarters as I was that day. And I'm not even a Bama fan. The Georgia players could have left the field with dignity that day even though they lost. But unfortunately they didn't leave the field with a win or their dignity. Embarrassing.
The real classy thing to do, would be for SEC teams to stop playing teams with kids that are half their players size. It's a damn miracle that we don't see more serious injuries like this. Everyone involved on both sides should be ashamed.
1. Kudos for saying Ole Miss outplayed Bama which is something most fans won't admit. 2. Your sign would indicate you are more of an Auburn hater than a Bama fan.
The proofreading of this article is just beyond acceptable. So many extra words. So much pain. Please make it stop.
My dad made sure I walked the tightest line possible. And I never heard my dad use a curse word his entire life. Resorting to cursing is a sure sign of lack of intelligence. It's also crass and classless.
Umm, the media crowned Auburn SEC champs and playoff hopefuls, not Auburn fans. I don't know any of my Auburn friends that thought Auburn was going to be amazing. We were hopeful but certainly not delusional. TN looks good today.
Actually that team is ranked 5th in their division and one of the favorites to win it all. But yes, Auburn should have won that game much more easily. No doubt.
Nobody knows you. So no, we don't 'remember' anything you said.
That's the right attitude! As my late great grandmother always said, "Can't never could."
That's an interesting way of saying you don't understand the lightening rule.
Die hard Auburn fan here. Auburn hasn't won in Death Valley since 1999. That was 16 years ago. I'm not saying Auburn can't or won't win because obviously I'm hoping for a win. But it will be hell and close and scary if they do.
so much menstruation in these comments lol. That 26 page book comment slayed me. Of course like everyone else, I didn't read it. tl;dr
No sure what rock you crawled out from under, but yes, Alabama and Auburn still celebrate Iron Bowl wins from further back than that. It's called an epic rivalry. Since you don't seem to understand it you must support some piss ant school with nothing like that.
Why is there a play button in this photo? What am I missing? It's things like this that have made me sick of this website. I will keep reporting your misleading posts to facebook and they will ban your asz one day. Maybe then you'll wonder why you did stupid ish like this.
He sounds like a lazy slacker so I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to be head coach. Too much work. And I bet all of the kids hes pursuing love to read about what a hassle they are to his life. Good move man.
That team was ranked either way so it's irrelevant.
The facts are wrong in this article in so many ways it is embarrassing. The author really needs to do some major fact checking, scrap this story and start over from scratch. wow.
The SEC east is an embarrassment during the regular season AND the post season. So sit down.
Wisconsin putting up STATS total yards of offense on Auburn? Good to know. Editor must be hungover
They aren't going to show the entire clip because there is nothing controversial about that. Which means people won't share and comment as much. Which means they will make less money. It's another gutter website claiming to be an actual sports journalism site.
If by kill you actually mean chill, then you are exactly right. Otherwise you are completely clueless