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I always hate to hear about season-ending injuries, regardless of the team. It seems the only good thing that's happened to UF this off-season is that Dopey Dan has learned to keep his mouth shut. It has quickly become THE defining example of Karma. With that said, best of luck UF. Go Dawgs!
In addition to JTF's below, Robert Edwards and Rodney Hampton. My list includes 1. Herschel 2. Gurley 3. Michel 3. Edwards 4. Chubb - IMO Chubb had an odd superstar career at UGA. We would have been lost in 2014 when everyone was hurt except Chubb and he had to carry the ball 30+ times per game for several games as the only healthy back. He was in peak form in 2015 before the injury. He had a great comeback, then put on too much muscle his senior season and lost a step. He and the Browns trainers have found his ideal running weight... if he had been at that form during his tenure at UGA, I would have put him 3rd after Gurley. This is all based purely on my personal eye test, not stats.
According to Steele's parents, he requested a roommate transfer in January and it really rubbed them all the wrong way that it was not granted. A few months later, Steele was proven correct for wanting a new roommate. If it ever came out that Steele was merely homesick and used his roommate's sexual assault to throw their program under the bus, that would be quite a coup.
I take 2020 commits right now with a grain of salt. 2021s? Not even on my radar. With that said, it's WAY more fun to hear about rivals losing distant future commits than gaining them!
Dan should take a few tips from Pruitt at TN who is QUIETLY rebuilding their program. Being a loudmouthed jerk taking potshots at the not-so-sleeping giant is not working out for him.
Have no idea what is going on in this young man's life. I do know if I had a job I had worked for as hard as that and that payed that well, I'd do everything to keep it while I could. Wish him the best of luck.
Do you really think the lizards will come within 40 points of UGA this year??????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA
Nope, UGA fans don't care about Florida. Hell, even fans from other fanbases are saying this whole thing reeks of Florida desperation to remain relevant. It's like watching the once popular girl in school hit rock bottom. A few weeks ago, everyone was laughing behind your back. Now, no one cares and is just laughing in your face.
I've never seen a fanbase spend so much time looking in the past. Do Florida fans still wear their old HS Varsity jackets around too? #baffled
OMG, Dopey Dan get off your knees. Coach Smart doesn't need any more blowjobs today.
Did Jim Chaney actually develop Drew Brees or was that talent already there? Sometimes it's the player who makes the coach, not the other way around.
We won't need any of those articles serving as bulletin board material. Until Mullen finds a way to match (or even come close to) UGA on the recruiting trail, UF is irrelevant to UGA.
Bluntforcetrauma, you're missing it. UGA fans are excited because we believe we're in a golden era and have a great opportunity to win championships under Coach Smart. And also because our rivals UF, Aub, and TN are unlikely to sniff at a championship with Coach Smart at the helm. Your golden era has passed, and that's why UF fans are so salty.
Lol, no one hates Mullen. I, for one, love him. He's inept. He's the so-called QB whisperer who can't recruit or develop QBs at Florida. He's nothing more than a laughing stock for UGA. And, yeah, UGA fans are too interested living in the present and looking forward to the future than living in the past. I'd get used to living in the past if I were you.
They only use composite 5-star rankings. Fromm was listed as a 5-star by Rivals as well, but we don't claim him as one of our 20+ 5-star players.
At least Smart knows how to get to the big games. What has Mullen ever won as a head coach? A top 5 ranking before facing a semi-legit opponent and falling back into the land of irrelevancy? His record is terrible against ranked opponents. UF is now the red-headed step child of the SEC East... deal with it.
Good luck with UF pulling in better recruiting hauls than UGA in the foreseeable future. Mullen has almost no pull in the state of Georgia. Georgia puts out more talent than Florida (only CA and TX outrank GA's talent), and those kids want to stay home. Moreover, UGA has multiple coaches with significant ties to Florida, which is why we land more top-rated Florida kids than UF. So, explain to me again, how is Mullen going to out-recruit Smart?
He shouldn't need to sit a year if Justin Fields is approved for immediate playing time.
IMHO UGA is a very young team (70% freshman and sophomores) who are visibly improving each week. UGA knows its weaknesses already (consistent run defense, DL depth, not enough pressure on QB, and occasional breakdowns in our OL). None of the teams we'll face in the coming weeks have the talent to beat UGA, for all of their weaknesses. In my opinion...
Oh man, UGA fans are going to sleep well after showing LSU what Kirby's program is all about tomorrow.
Take that "G" of your profile Trudawg. You never have been and never will be a UGA supporter.
Like sour Bama fans do to the kids who decommit? Bama fans are actually pretty congenial... right up until something doesn't go their way. Then they turn downright nasty.
Excellent! I wonder which Bama recruits he'll help to flip. Hope he takes officials to UF, MI (same weekend as Hinton), AU, and TN too! They're hosting a Dawg among their sheep.
UGA is expecting a decision today. So I guess it was an update at lunchtime that they hadn't received word quite yet. I'm sure we aren't the only ones googling for updates on this decision.
Ethan, is this an article you wish you had not written? Whoops
Dumbest comment I've read on here. Since when has LSU been known as an offensive team? Besides, half of being a good coach is RECRUITING!