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I just hope it's still worth watching in the second half. I think if we can avoid being trucked early, this team will gain confidence and has been better in the 4th Q. It would be nice to keep the fans on the edge of those tiny seats until the end.
Hopefully the Vols will be spending a lot of time admiring themselves in the mirror
I don't think Cocks can score enough to win. In typical Carolina fashion, will probably fall behind a couple scores and then play a stalemate to the end. 17-31 UT. A glimmer of hope Doty is getting better with some actual practice and playing time. But the box will remain stacked until he can prove it.
I wouldn't be too concerned if you think the Vols can score 20 points
Expecting to see a very different team from last week vs Chatt. This is a tall task for a Gamecock team that hasn't been able to score many points.
With that kind of logic, why should Jax St be pumped about beating FSU?
I thought he was referring to the 6 that got suspended....
Surprised it took 8 posts to get to that point. Is he supposed to have us competing with UGA already??
Maybe he meant Spurrier HAD the team going.
I thought you meant which cooler to pack, and what to put in it.
The answer to Misslou's question is: At least as long as the beer and bourbon last, and then a little bit longer
That would be a ridiculous statement at this point. Right now, the three teams we need to be able to compete with are UT, MIZZ, and UK.
Truly don't care what they are wearing. Trust the HC to be on top of the fashion whims of today's youth
Not sure where that came from. It's been as nice here as any place in the universe this spring. I mean GLORIUS! July and August suck, but it's pretty darn nice the rest of the year, which, I assume, is part of the reason why half the country is moving here.
What if game: What if this game was not cancelled last year?? Cocks were a heavy favorite.
I had a history prof who came to USC from Northwestern. He said at NW, the students took a long walk along Lake Michigan to relax the night before finals. At USC, he said, they were cracking the textbook for the first time.
Clowney Comin', Cleveland edition. Hope he can stay healthy.