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Continue to stock the D, and hang on to Gunnar Stockton and he will have turned the corner, I hope. Just another way of saying wait till next year, but I can see it coming together, maybe. At least to where we could be a factor in the East
Reversion to mean?? We were dusting UK regularly before Spurrier. It's Stoops who has push UK ahead. For the time being....
I have low expectations for this year, but hope Muschamp gets more time. If you had to draw it up, building up a defense and landing the best QB in the country would be the blueprint. This is a tough job. Anyone who thought it would be smooth sailing was deceiving themselves. Looking forward to the TN game, as always.
I'm not sold we will have an offense that can score more than 14-17 pts a game. 10 conference games will not help.
A few years back the Cocks played UGA close in Athens, 14-7 I believe. In all honesty it felt like Kirby just ground it out because he could. Another close loss to celebrate! The following season, everyone had an upset pick for USC in W-B. It was a beatdown on a miserably hot day. Not likely to get the miserably hot day this year, but I'm still expecting the beatdown.
Glad to hear we are going to field an offense this year!!
I suppose we will beat them someday. Hard to envision this offense doing much, though.
Looking forward to seeing the Cocks D on his highlight reel! Break out the jerseys with the footprints on the back. Only half joking.
The good news is that it would be hard to put a worse offense on the field
For all the hate, I see a competitive roster being developed. No question he can coach defense. The D line and QB are most important and he is getting in top flight talent. Very humorous to see the arrogance of some of the UK fanbase. Been in the SEC forever, never won anything, losing record to everybody but Vandy.
Just heard freshman RB Marshawn Loyd out with torn ACL. Well, everybody said he would be the next Lattimore, but I don't think this is what they meant. Best of luck in his recovery
I'm not sure what covid defections he is referring to. The fans?? Great matchup with the Vols to start the season. I'm really excited about it. Could get ugly for Will to start with a home loss, though.
Love the 10 game conference schedule, although 10 SEC games AND Clemson would be a ridiculous schedule. Brilliant for this season, though.
Don't worry. They will anoint themselves the best, as well as smarter and more virtuous.
Love to help him with that trend. Doesn't look like it's going to happen though based on the day's headlines
You are probably one of those people who think masks are a cure all
less than 250 out of a population well over 300 million. Cancel everything if you are afraid of that
Great idea, AFar, Dump perennial top 10 baseball powerhouse and recent NC Vanderbilt because they don't live up to your lofty standards in football. I'm sure you will get lots of support on that.
You won't get to play them again either, but I'm sure you will enjoy watching LSU, UGA or FL in the playoffs
Glad to get a theoretical chance to beat Auburn. It would undoubtably be an upset, but you never know, upsets happen all the time. No idea what to expect from Arkansas. Last year we were assured UNC would be an easy win in Mack Brown's first year.
I believe it will take something much stronger than kool-aid to get me through this season
Well go topple a statute, or something.
That would be payback for Fulmer, but whatever.
They will probably be a lot better by 2021 when they actually get to play
Woketard can't stand someone watching TV he doesn't approve of