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I am very concerned about this game. Cocks have Bama at home the week prior. It will be tough going on the road the next week. I saw something on this called the Bama effect. The stats were grim. Mizz is due some good luck as well. Those breaks tend to even out over time. This would be a good win if we can pull it off. I would not bet my life savings on it.
That is actually pretty funny it's so delusional. USC is now Vandy? Good luck to the Cats in most regards, but we will have to re-evaluate after 9-28. You have the bragging rights for now.....
Might have a fair chance at an upset vs FL, but CU and AL would not be upsets, they would be miracles. Mizz will be extremely difficult. I think the stats on teams the week after AL are grim. UK has our number lately, but will be a game that can be won. Can be won, not a sure thing by any means. UGA would be another miracle. A&M on the road would be a huge upset. UT game will likely be close and ugly. Should beat Vandy. App St? No idea what to expect. UNC? Going down. Have to go 4-4 in the SEC to have a shot at 7 wins. Will not be easy. But all in good fun. No pressure. We won't be in the playoff.
I think we were favored in 3 of the last five. It's 5 straight, not 6, and USC is traditionally picked 4th behind UGA, FL and until recently, UT. That being said, UK is the ultimate johnny come lately. Never won the East, worse record against everybody. HORRIBLE streaks against SECe opponents. Until last year, Stoops biggest win would be against USC. In the 21st century, USC has 2 wins VS OSU, 2 vs Mich, 1 vs Wisc, half dozen or so vs CU and UGA, a handful against FL, I think 7 more wins against UK head to head in overall series since 1992 when Cocks joined SEC. You all talk like your Clemson, not UK. This is a good rivalry. If you think you have a lifetime entitlement to beat us you are going to be disappointed. I guess you own FL now also.
Early line against USC is KY+7 so the folks in Las Vegas aren't so sure that "without a doubt" you are perpetuating this ridiculous streak. Order will be restored and UK will once again be a fun, bunch of plucky underdogs picked to finish 6th in the east
I take it reading comprehension is not your strong suit
Two years ago, after jumping out to a 2-0 start, I was pretty confident the Cocks would beat UK in Cola, but we got pushed around in a game as boring as it was disheartening. This year I am pretty confident the Cocks will beat UK in Cola......
Great to see the Cats doing so well. I sat through quite a few humiliating SEC blowouts back in the day, but the bourbon was always great. Stoops is doing a great job, and as Clemson has demonstrated, getting and keeping good coaches is huge. Regardless of recruiting rankings, they are obviously finding and coaching up some good players.
When you see the Belk bowl photo, you know the news is bad
Headline in local paper says it came down to SC and A&M. They are recruiting at a pretty high level, so if they wanted him I'm glad the Cocks got him.
A rising tide floats all boats. It won't be easy for them to stay on top, either.
Pretty sure they lost to Auburn in Sept 2010 as well. No doubt Dabo has done an amazing job, but only an orange partisan wouldn't admit they have an easier path in the regular season in the ACC. They almost always have a patsy or open date before every major game, and never play 2 difficult games in a row.
I'll take the Cocks over 6 wins, but considering the last two times they took the field they looked like they would rather be at a Wild Wings somewhere watching TV, its hardly a lock. I can't fathom UM UT and UK as "probable wins". These are toss ups IMO that could go either way. I think we will be "favored to lose" to UF and A&M. Clemson, Bama and UGA would be shock the world type upsets. Not much margin for error to even get to 7 wins.
I'll start with the basics: "I should have waited 2 more minutes to congratulate Coach Corbin"
Considering the Cocks got their butts whipped by ACC teams 2 out of the last 3 times they took the field, and looked like they would rather be at Wild Wings against Akron and UVA, I'm putting this in the must win category for Coach, or things could get ugly early.
Congrats to Vandy. Should have a thought bubble contest for Ray Tanner getting caught in that photo.
All too familiar with a thin and inexperienced secondary...It's no fun at times
If it's a non lethal shot to the thigh to get the Bulldogs over the hump it will be a shotgun blast to the face for the Cats and Cocks
Got to get that interview with the walk on long snapper from App S first....
Wouldn't surprise me if the Cats had another good season. Stoops is clearly a much better judge of talent than the recruiting services, and can coach them up when he gets them. Good to see his assistant use the media like the tools they can be. Question for the UK faithful: Is there still a bar in Lexington called 803 South?
A theoretical possibility, but I'm betting on that streak ending at Willy B this year as the Cats lost a ton from last years catchers of lightning in a bottle.
This is the year we get back on top of the Cats. Probably...maybe..possibly. Looking forward to the game in any event.