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Got to get that interview with the walk on long snapper from App S first....
Wouldn't surprise me if the Cats had another good season. Stoops is clearly a much better judge of talent than the recruiting services, and can coach them up when he gets them. Good to see his assistant use the media like the tools they can be. Question for the UK faithful: Is there still a bar in Lexington called 803 South?
A theoretical possibility, but I'm betting on that streak ending at Willy B this year as the Cats lost a ton from last years catchers of lightning in a bottle.
This is the year we get back on top of the Cats. Probably...maybe..possibly. Looking forward to the game in any event.
I'll pull for Arkie in this one, but appears FSU is the sentimental choice for the masses.
Maybe he had a transformational moment as a kid watching the Cocks beat Georgia
Watching this replay not too long ago I noticed that 10 players on defense ended up on NFL rosters. Doesn't seem like a huge upset in light of that plus Alshon and Marcus on offense. I think Bama ended up losing 4 games that year. More like they were ranked too high and us a bit low. Still the best game I have ever attended.
I find myself strangely irritated after reading an article like this.
Unfortunately, you might be able to put an awful lot on this particular sophomore.....
Come to USC and be part of the team that breaks the ridiculous 5 game losing streak to KY
Anyone who thinks Mizzou away the week after Bama is a sure win hasn't been paying attention. No more of a sure win than we are a sure win for KY. Which we are NOT a sure win for KY. In fact, I predict order will be restored and the ridiculous streak against KY will end in 2019 at home.