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I noticed that as well. What the heck is that supposed to mean. Arkansas is a chippie??
Just start the night before and keep on rolling. C'mon, your Bama.
There is only one rational explanation: talking season clickbait
Shawn Elliott will be greeted warmly by the fans. But they are not beating us.
If you actually go to a college or university, the year you graduate is called your "class" and is memorialized by the year you finished. But if you just jump on the football bandwagon, use can use any year you want.
The win against Michigan in the Outback was maybe the costliest win in history. Kneejerk reaction was to give away the farm to hang onto Muschamp. Seems laughable now, but his stock was up then. Classic Peter principle imo. Great defensive mind and recruiter, but failed miserably 2x as leader of a program.
Strange offer list, but I suppose the smaller schools wanted him as a QB, not ATH
I believe AFan spent some time in SC. He is a close follower of USC, and well informed.
Question: If Rattler were a real attitude problem, why would Stogner come here instead of OSU?
Thanks and I agree 100%! Would be great to have a bunch of top 25 teams in the East. So much more exciting. Maybe we can do our part.
I think Doty's difficulties were directly related to the foot. They said his accuracy throwing never returned after the injury. I'm sure the lack of practice time hurt also.
Coffee must be getting expensive as I believe Conner Shaw got paid the minimun 900k salary for 2 or 3 seasons
Wait...I thought Mel Tucker was going to cut Stoops off at the knees for all those midwest players. Must have been another BIG fantasy.
But he is a quitter for not playing in the mayonaise exhibition game. Laughable.
What a Richard comment. He has played 5 years of college football and has a shot at the NFL. RB most likely position to get injured. Players need to look out for themselves too. Coaches, admin, et al have ZERO loyalty, if the money is right.
Still chewing on that one myself. Some great storylines for this one, also. HOF coach vs Newbie 1st year, NFL prospect QB vs St Francis transfer, SEC ACC border war, and he goes with great instate match up????
How could you believe anything he says if he leaves??? He just gave a passionate, and gratuitous, speech about about how this is where he wants to raise family etc like a week ago. All he had to say was "Im not going to VA Tech
730 kickoff on a perfect night gives us a chance against Clemson, but wish I had a dollar for every time they have looked beatable early but manage to get their stuff together in time to play us. Gotta take baby steps, so I will count putting a little fear into them as a win. Is it necessary to add it hasn't been close in a long while?
Not for another SEC program. Maybe a BIG 10 gig. Just summarized the entire article in ten words
I would love the Music City bowl one year.
Michigan is emphatically NOT hiring an OSU guy as head coach.