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Woketard can't stand someone watching TV he doesn't approve of
Get used to it. You are not getting your football without taking your left wing political teaspoon of awful tasting medicine
Wait for the sequel: Coaches who won't make it 10 years in the SEC
That says more about Muschamp than it does about Drinkwitz I'm afraid...
I have not heard a single person say USC should have hired Drinkwitz, and I live in the Columbia area. We went that route once with Sparky Woods and it was a trainwreck.
Here's an idea: If you are in a high risk category or otherwise worried about getting the coronavirus, or the flu or a cold or herpes from a toilet seat, then stay home and watch on TV
You would never make it as a Gamecock fan. You have to be WILDLY OVER OPTIMISTIC in May. We are gonna kick everyone's butt this year and win the East on the way to the CFP. Hilinski is the next Joe Burrow. There will be a 100' high statute of Muschamp this time next year. Then, after the season starts, you go negative early and often. Got it?
#6. Provide cold beer in a reasonable time frame. None of this standing around the concourse for an entire quarter while the game goes down the shipper.
The Cocks desperately need some playmakers for sure. FREE beer in the stadium will not appease the masses if the O can't score.
You were thinking of all those 8-0 SEC seasons we have had?? Better step out of the pot shop and get some fresh air
"In state dominance" is not a phrase that comes to mind right now as far as football goes.
8th in the conference for a program that has under performed in comparison to it's recruiting ranking does not lead one to that conclusion, however, I assume you are asking the question rhetorically and with a healthy dose of sarcasm.
But we have beer in the stadium next year...
Desperation is relative. You are looking for an upgrade to the Presidential suite on the cruise ship. We are trying to keep from drowning.
I have deep concerns about how long it will take to get a beer in the stadium. I heard it takes a whole quarter to get one at UT. We have got to get the people in place to beat UT's wait time.
After this past season I'm not overlooking anyone, but to pencil in a W @UK is possibly delusional.
What??? You gotta be kidding me. Burrow is an interchangeable part and Brady is irreplaceable? Quite a few QB's better?? Give me some of what you are smoking.
I wouldn't expend much energy worrying about Burrow's future. Brady was calling the plays, but he wasn't the one out there looking like Tom Brady with wheels.
This transfer plus the LS from App St pretty much guarantees we are in the playoffs next year