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What a super player and ambassador for the sport of football. Well done!!
Great weekend for the Cocks. Feel good b ball win over UGA and 2 from Clemmy in baseball.
Very thin roster unfortunately. Please soften up Clemson in a big way.
No, but I am getting the picture of what a triple masked moron you are...
Probably going to get even more stratified with the transfer portal, destruction of the bowl model, and payments to players.
Hard to call it ownership when you are rolling in the mud with UK, and Mizz just like us. I believe Vandy has dusted UT much more recently than they have beaten USC so stop projecting
Indeed! The win over Auburn was great fun! Looking forward to another opportunity this year!!!
Time for my annual prediction: Games will be played (almost got that one wrong last year). One team will win, one will lose. The weather will be warm, the beer ice cold. The scenery will be fantastic. We will win one we shouldn't and lose one the same way. A good time will be had by all.
Still a mystery to me how the Gamecock D was so bad at times.
Who reads the articles? The comments are where the content is
That's the best info anyone has posted on this site in a while!!
I doubt I'll live long enough to see who wins that bet
Hard to fault him for returning to his alma mater, probably for more money. I guess our D will suck this year. Hahahaha
I thought I heard the contracts for Bobo and Fields were to be signed Monday, but had not yet been signed. Regardless, no ill will towards them at all. We are talking an 800k raise??
The player revolt was 2-3 players who did not want to play per M Uva on the radio. He had to defend his choice of words but stood by 2-3 as some players
Not playing the bowl game, and some sort of controversey with Bobo