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What happened to Antediluvian?? He was a good poster. And who is Mitch Muschamp???
Muschamp was already wealthy. The assistants etc are the ones who may have to scramble
At this point, Dabo thinks about USC one week a year, and not even that this year. We are so far in Clemson's rear view mirror I honestly think they wish we were better just for the competition
I think that would only be karma if the person who tore up the hedges subsequently received the rude treatment. Otherwise it's nothing but isolated examples of knuckleheads and EVERYBODY has fans that are knuckleheads. Good to know you are still stinging so badly about last years loss, though.
Wrong as usual. And irritating as usual as well. You seem to know little about USC for someone who continually posts
Nobody is getting another Spurrier. He was truly one of a kind in many ways. The only coaches who have had any success here were all experienced, at least in my lifetime. Carlen, JoMo, Holtz and SOS. Sparky Woods was the classic small school hire. Brad Scott the hot O coordinator. Richard Bell was a stop gap asst after JoMo died.
Disagree about Fickel to UM. The thought of a die hard OSU player, alum and coach coming to Michigan to save the day would nauseate your average UM fan.
I thought a Muschamp defense could keep us competitive in year 5 but that was awful. Again.
I always enjoy a good SEC E varsity game. No idea who will win, but looking forward to the comments on Monday
You are getting ahead of yourself. Much shorter drive this week
Quite generous. We shall see what happens. Who can say after Aub-SC, SC-LSU and Aub-LSU. Crazy.
Not scoring was the bigger problem imo. Hard to see how not scoring faster would help.
Keep the 4 and 5 star DLs coming in while landing the top QB in Gunnar Stockton. And survive this season...
Certainly sounds like you are #2. Good job!
I'm with Bcreek on the offense. I'll believe it when I see it. Looks worse on paper to me.
Not the most dedicated individual to don the uniform, but never a dull moment
Great omen for the start of the season!! An unarmed chicken. Why not add a bronze sack of House-Autry chicken breader right next to it?
Continue to stock the D, and hang on to Gunnar Stockton and he will have turned the corner, I hope. Just another way of saying wait till next year, but I can see it coming together, maybe. At least to where we could be a factor in the East
Reversion to mean?? We were dusting UK regularly before Spurrier. It's Stoops who has push UK ahead. For the time being....
I have low expectations for this year, but hope Muschamp gets more time. If you had to draw it up, building up a defense and landing the best QB in the country would be the blueprint. This is a tough job. Anyone who thought it would be smooth sailing was deceiving themselves. Looking forward to the TN game, as always.
I'm not sold we will have an offense that can score more than 14-17 pts a game. 10 conference games will not help.
A few years back the Cocks played UGA close in Athens, 14-7 I believe. In all honesty it felt like Kirby just ground it out because he could. Another close loss to celebrate! The following season, everyone had an upset pick for USC in W-B. It was a beatdown on a miserably hot day. Not likely to get the miserably hot day this year, but I'm still expecting the beatdown.
Glad to hear we are going to field an offense this year!!
I suppose we will beat them someday. Hard to envision this offense doing much, though.
Looking forward to seeing the Cocks D on his highlight reel! Break out the jerseys with the footprints on the back. Only half joking.