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Gococks, I think you picked the wrong guy to call not very bright. I had Antediluvian pegged as a Mensa type.
I don't see much changing for UGA as a result of this glorious upset. The only avenue shut down is the possibility of entering the SECCG undefeated, losing, and making it to the playoff as a second SEC team. That's really not even a strategy is it?? I would put it in the category of serendipity. Totally dependent upon the failure of another conference. Totally within your control to win the thing outright. Good luck.
Anyone whose world stops spinning because of a loss in a college football game needs to get a real life.
I wouldn't spend a whole lot of time worrying about Clemson. They will be ready to play when it counts. As a Gamecock fan, I know a lot about close losses. They don't mean squat.
Finally get a win?? You have been looking up at us for the majority of the time we have been in the SEC? You had a little run and one good season so don't act like your Georgia.
Favored by Vegas? Check. Home game? Check. Night game? Check. UK beat up at QB? Check. Secondary issues? Check. Snell, Allen et al gone? Check. Stoops still coach? Oh, OK. Cats 21-17.
That statement applies to both teams. This fanbase won't wait until the game is over to unleash the wrath if things are going poorly.
Not trusting the fans with alcohol that is. Agree this will be a cage fight.
And the loser gets to fight it out with Tenn and Vandy. What a ship show.
Where is everybody who said this was a "sure win"?? Since the Clemson game when we scored 35 but lost by 21, against Power 5 competition we have scored 0, 20, 23, and 14 points. That's 14.25 points a game. The Mizz D scored 12. The offense isn't even giving the defense a chance to be average. And please purge the English language of the phrase "competitive losses" e.g. Clemson and Bama.
Oh God, we are favored again. This is a very compelling contest. Sort of like a top flight, no holds barred, dwarf wrestling match. The University is sponsoring a fundraiser to see who can be first to correctly guess whose leg Kash D will try to break. And the biomedical research dept. is fitting both coaches with state of the art electronics in an effort to determine whose head explodes first. Great fun on a 93 degree day. Bring lots of beverage.
The games have been great. The fans have been great. Walk over to a group of Mizz fans and have a pleasant conversation thats ends with "Good luck and enjoy the game" Walk over to a gathering of Leghumpers and three drunks scream How bout those hairy dawgs.
Curious what the overall record of USC vs UK is?
I believe it was the Palmetto Pig who said that. As far as I know he is not officially connected to the team in any way.
They looked ready to me. Yikes. 10 pt favorite I just heard.
Daniel is an old school player who obviously believes in the old school mantra that if you aren't cheating, you aren't trying
If he keeps his head up, its a sack and UK gets the ball. That's coachable, so no one to blame but the coaches. That being said, a fantastic crowd and atmosphere for the game. Lots of miscues on both sides, but very disappointing not to get a win for that crowd. Probably typical of what the East outside of UGA will look like the rest of the way. Could have gone either way.
Ah, the old lull them to sleep with false praise conspiracy theory.....
Please keep him alive and relatively healthy for Mizz and UK or this could spiral out of control quickly.
He's trolling you, but wouldn't it be something if it came to pass!
He and Corch Muschamp can discuss that philosophy in the offseason.
I think this was an acknowledgement that we were getting whipped upfront rather than lack of aggressiveness. No point in going for it if you don't think you can make it. Hence the O line shuffle. Still pitiful that we can't make it.
Was that an AL fan??? My bold prediction is that we will not hear much from the newly regal UK after 9-28.
Sounds like he is a little confused about how long Muschamp has been here also.
I believe he consistently has a problem with our consistency.
Whatever happens this season, no doubt UK football is now both relevant and fun. I sat through some dismal SEC beatdowns while living in Lexington in the 80s. The only solace was retiring to 803 South for drinks and good times after the games. Some of you oldtimers might remember that place, which I believe was torn down for an interchange at some point. Good luck to the Cats this season, except I will be in Williams-Brice 9-28 praying for an end to the streak.