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Week One. Michigan State vs Jacksonville State. Pittsburgh vs Delaware. Indiana vs Indiana State.Air Force vs Nicholls State. Arizona State vs Weber State.Maryland vs James Madison. Oregon State vs Portland State. is it just the SEC? or whoever you want so that you make a name for yourself.
Gotta give Tammy this. You know where the idiot stands.
Ohio State should NOT jump 4 spots. for that kind of jump they should have man-handled Minnesota and they did not. the top 3 are right. 4th place is a head-scratcher. In my opinion. Mississippi State did not lose that bad and should hold 4th or TCU. but NOT Ohio State.
I used to be on Pauls show 2 decades ago and had MY arguments with Phyllis. I can tell you. Its NOT staged. the calls are real.
Georgia is much better than being given credit. They can beat 2 of the 4 but the other 2... Georgia can beat Mississippi State and Auburn. Not so sure on Alabama and Mississippi. Mississippi defense this year is matching the great Alabama defense of the 1990s. and No I am not a Tide fan. I am an SEC fan.
if you beat Mississippi State you will.
WE (the general public) can debate and argue and make good points for this or that. but until we see the committee's top 25... all we can do it speculate. These polls aren't worth the electrons we are using for this. Until we see their poll and get an idea of how they are grading this, we can just banter. If you look at the dreaded computers (which I dont being an engineer) the top 4 teams are all SEC. It has 1. Mississippi, 2 Alabama 3 Mississippi State 4 Auburn. Florida State is 6. Oregon is 5. Michigan State 7. Georgia 8. I really want to see how they (the committee) are 'comparing'. whats the criteria and how are they weighing it.