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It just sounds like Spurrier feels bad that Tenn. has to face Alabama every year and Miles wishes he got to play Kentucky once in a while instead of Florida. Nobody made it seem like Alabama got an unfair advantage from any of this. Until recentley Tenn. has been an SEC east power.
He is very similar to Connor Shaw in the fact that he is a dual threat that can tuck it on third down while Connor Mitch is similar to Dylan Thompson as a traditional pocket passer. Looks like the Ole Ball Coach will have the option of which style to utilize heading into the future as well as next year.
I agree, I understand how people may not believe that Duke would be a good football fit. However it wasnt that long ago that UNC almost beat LSU in the Chick Fil A kickoff in Atlanta. If UNC was added to the SEC they would put a virtual lock on all NC in state talent. UNC and Virgina Tech are the best options. They would expand us into new markets and historically have programs that could be built to compete in the confrence after recruting with the SEC logo for a few years.
1980 George Rogers, HB, South Carolina
Yeah SC has been dominant in the east the past three seasons. With a 14-2 record against divisonal opponents.
Carolina also had another ranked win at Clemson. If anything it was the fact thet they played LSU and FL in back to back weeks that hurt them. They also were forced to play both games on the road in two of the most intimidating enviorments in all of sports. Also Carolina waxed the Dawgs, made them look like a JV team. Luckily for the Dawgs in their biggest game of the year both teams happend to play like they were JV. So how about Carolina's schedule? Playing three straight top 10 SEC oppenents, two of them on the road. Sounds alot harder than playing one tough away game, having a few weeks to make adjustments befor playing at a neutral site, and then coasting aginst SEC cupcakes before facing GT.
We went 11-2 last year playing the whole backend of our schedule without Marcus last year. Our only qualty game remaining is Clemson who we demolished without Marcus last year. TAM has at least one if not two losses left on the schedule. Kenny Miles has proven he can step up, and we are not losing Marcus's leadership as im sure he will continue to be a large presence in the locker room. TAM has choked in every big game they have played this year and in no way has shown the can stop a formidable offense. We blow out number 2 on the list, almost beat number 3 in the countries greatest home field advantage, and we are still behind the team that's greatest accomplishments so far are not being Missouri and having a freshman that dismantles weaker oppenents? C'mon man.
Im not trying to sound like a homer but i feel USC should get the edge at five. Both teams have the same record, lost to the same teams, however USC lost both games in hostile road enviorments during primetime television in a top ten matchup, and A&M lost to both team at noon at home. Also USC's ranked win is over a top ten team while A&M snuck one out agains a team from a non BCS confrence while giving up 57 points.
If FL loses to State, and UGA loses to Bama, woud UGA have the higher BCS ranking? The way its stacked now it looks like if those scenarios played out, USC would jump both with a win against a possibly top 10 Clemson team on the road. I agree that the SECCG loser should play in the Sugar Bowl, but UGA would have only one quality win while FL and USC would have two.
Hats off to Georgia i had completley counted them out after we thrashed them and their ugly win against Kentucky. Not a pretty game but you take your wins however you can get them in the SEC.
Where have you heard that he could play this year? The buzz around campus has been his only shot to play again is to be redshirted and come back as a fifth year senior. Im just interested to know because varying information on the severity of the injury has been flying around.
Hats off to LSU, they came out as the more physical team. Gamecocks found a way to somewhow stay in the game with our dismal offensive performance. Death Valley just proved to be to big of a home field advantage, no such thing as a omentum swing there. Possible SECCG rematch if we can get back on our feet in the swamp. Gotta love playing an SEC schedule.
The main reasons for South Carolina's past inconsitancy has been quarterback play. Shaw is the perfect remedy for this, he is a game manager that doesnt try to be superman. As long as he keeps the turnover margin inour favor we can play with anybody in the SEC. If he starts fumbling on scrambles and throwing INT's then we can be upset by anbody in the SEC. Just keep the chains moving, feed Lattimore, and let the defense work with favorable field position, and we beat LSU and Florida.
Shaw has been the most efficient passer in the SEC? He is 41 - 49 for 459 yards 6 TD and no INT in the past three games.
Love the gray jersey tops but the pants are a little over the top. Spurrier has came out and sais he prefers to wear traditional uniforms, but it is in their under armour contract to wear something special one game a year. The university means no disrespect to any active military or veterans from the use of digital camo. Nobody means to trivialize the terrors of war by comparing them to a football game.
Florida still hasnt shown they have a quarterback. And i doubt they will be able to effectivley run the ball on SC.
If South Carolina gets past LSU they will have an unbelievable amount of momentum going into the Florida game.
Here is another stat, South Carolina has a current 12 game win streak against any team from the SEC East. So they currently own the division. (Not counting out that Florida is currently rolling and will put up a great game to possibly break that streak.) Also South Carolina currently has the longest winning streak in the FBS. recent history = all that matters. USC > UGA.
Would it be fair to say if South Carolina runs the gauntlet in October they are AP #1? Or Florida? Will have more quality wins than Bama.
That just sounds arrogant. Bama has a much stonger defense, an elite quarterback, and a better return game than Georgia. To say yall are more multi deminsional and would win by two scores is foolish.
All that says is we dont know how Bama will react if they get behind. They are undoubtably the best team in the nation, and the SECCG favorite. But unbeatable is a stretch. Bama fetl unbeateable in 2010, came to Columbia, couldnt play when they got behind.
I agree, the winner of the east is going to come into Atlanta battle tested. The west looks alot weaker than we predicted pre-season. The Tide's big test in LSU has looked very vulnerable, and could very well be knocked off by Florida or S. Car. in the upcoming weeks. Georgia has looked dominant on offense, and has proven that they can win in a shootout. Alabama has yet to and probablly wont be put in that situation during the regular season. If S. Car. can run the gauntlet in October then they will come into Atlanta with confidence. I dont feel that Florida will be able to run the table with a first year quarterback, but they are a very complete team. Any of the east's big three could sneak into Atlanta and steal a win.
Game against South Carolina was in Nashville.
Georgia jumps to a BCS bowl after giving up 478 yards of total offense at home?