Hawg fan on the ropes

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You can't seriously be comparing Barry Lunny Jr.to Dabo. That's like saying "Oh, any lottery ticket you buy has GOT to be the winning Powerball ticket." Clemson hit the million-to-one college football lottery winner with Dabo. Sorry to break your heart, but it's not gonna happen again, especially for Arkansas with BLJ.
Are we seriously such a bad program now that literally NO ONE in the country wants the job and we have to give it to the guy that just got stuck with it?!? If that's case, just shut down football altogether at U of A! I've been a Razorback fan for over 40 years and this is the most humiliating thing I've ever seen happen to not just the football program but to the entire state of Arkansas...and that's saying something considering we produced Bill "Bubba" Clinton!