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watching him in the sec inside club dub, made me cringe with ickiness....how moronic that they got so hyped about beating colorado state, barely! so glad that mess is gone! now maybe we can actually return our program to a respectable status...not a laughing stock. good luck to Nomadic Nick on his way to San Jose! la lala la lala la
Yes, it was the same response week after week, "we prepared but tough loss,we will get back to work for next week." I mean after so much losing, come into a press conference and have a meltdown, go bobby knight on the press, SHOW EMOTION. No wonder the players have come out saying ,"we just couldnt get behind coach morris." at least with pittman, they will run through a brick wall for that guy.
yes, Katy ISD Superintendent in Texas. You can bully parents/students, do absolutely nothing at board meetings, resign, and get 2 yrs salary as severance....at some point the buyouts have to stop. we all know these schools try to operate without academic funds...meaning, the athletic departments or their fundraising arms foot the bill on these gargantuan buyouts. you get a cpl buyouts you are paying off and what happens, ticket pricing goes up, concessions go up, and it hits our wallet. and lets remember, morris was not yurachek's hire. he was hired a week before morris was. jeff long's associate ad was a part of selecting that idiot. and she had one foot out the door heading to ohio u. (not state)...i wish some of these other schools had the balls to do this too. Jimmy Sexton has every major college by the balls. He places coaches at what schools he thinks they should get and has the schools face off to increase his commission...its all slimy!
Im calling it now if chad morris is still there, yall gonna have a hard time beating MW opponents! Hammer down he said, instead all we did was get hammered! good riddence!
well mizzou, you dont pay attention much do you? we should have never fired houston nutt....yeah might not have ever got to that sugar bowl petrino got us too....but we would not have hired petrino then have to fire him, give a senile geriatric keys to the program for a 10 month contract, make a splash hire for bielema who refused to recruit texas, fire his fat ass, then hire chad dumbass from smu, lose to colorado st, san jose state, and a western ky team that started our former qb... i mean nutt had us competitive and got to a couple sec title games, a cpl capitalone citrus bowls and a cpl cotton bowls. think wisely before jumpin to fire and hope for a miraculous savior of a coach.
um, from this pov, its the ap asst that escalated by pointing and contonuing to berate coach stack....stack should have asked him why isnt a head coach himself instead of a lifetime nomad assistant. but i think we all know now...
btw we have stopped paying beilema as he is coaching for patriots...