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What makes you think Walmart and Tyson Foods can’t afford to buy players?
We need 10,000 fans to show up and call the hogs from outside the stadium, drown out the wine and cheezers
I’m pulling for him to land at Texas or Oklahoma, since he has SEC experience and all…smh
Muss has delivered, all I wanted was our team to compete every time they play and they have done that and so much more. I feel like a championship is coming in the near future
I could see this writing on the wall when they first started talking about it, and this is just the beginning
I’m starting to lose interest in college sports like I did pro sports. I knew it was coming from the beginning of NIL. It’s turning into the same swamp
Heck, let’s just give every team a participation trophy and not have a playoff
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m starting to think the Gators and the Dawgs just don’t like each other
I think Chad Morris would be available
I’m sure he is just waiting to get HIS guys on board
I’m not at all fond of Urban Meyer, but whether he is fired or not should be between him and his boss. Not some sports commentator’s opinion
They all sound pretty dumb to me. They all think they are the only ones that know anything about football, kind of like watching the news these days.
So, Do we get rid of the SEC Network and replace it with the Longhorn network? I’m sure that will be a requirement for Texas to move