Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Trojans Corch (2020)


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Doesn't matter who our QB this season, we're spanking MuLLLen's booty in November. The only surprise will be how unsurprised we are.
Hmm... I guess maybe Nick Saban should've looked at giving Coach Cochran an on the field job years ago, because I can tell you as a Georgia fan who has suffered through some terrible punt and kick return teams the last 20 years, I've never seen the ST's unit look better than I did on Saturday. And that includes against normal run of the mill G5 or FCS cupcake games. I have NEVER seen Georgia STs look that good as a unit. Looks like Scott Cochran was a great coaching hire by Kirby Smart.
Why does everyone keep saying that? HE WAS A TRUE FRESHMAN IN A BAD OFFENSE!!! Go and look at his cut-ups in Graham Harrell's offense in the first game from 2019 before his ACL tear. All he did was throw quickly to open receivers with accuracy, seeing the field well, making good decisions in the run-pass, and made no mistakes. Amazing what a talented player can do in an offense (that is similar to a lot of the principles Monken uses) that isn't antiquated.
See, I told y'all Jeremy Pruitt was dumber than rocks. The transitive property can't be used when you have a head to head result. Georgia beats the ever-loving crap out of the hillbillies. Therefore Georgia > Tennessee. Nice try you dumb, English-mangling redneck!
You could have had Mike Leach. I mean, think about it. Really think about it.
His knees are shot. Injury-caused arthritis. I don't expect him to last the season, and expect him to retire. It's sad. It's all back to his ACL tear against Auburn in his last game for the Dawgs.
Mike Leach says hello, Michael Wayne Bratton! Thank God y'all backed The Great Pumpkin so he could go out and hire dumb redneck Jeremy Pruitt and completely avoided a genius coach who wins wherever he's been. I mean just imagine, y'all could've actually won the division last season when Georgia's offense was garbage! It would've been y'all in the Sugar Bowl last season. As a Georgia fan, I want to thank all of Vawl Nation and Fat Phil for executing a perfect palace coup and helping out Georgia and the rest of the East like that.
Mike Leach says hello after beating the No. 6 team in CFB. When's the last time Tennessee beat a team in the top-6? Just imagine, if you hillbillies hadn't allowed Fat Phil to commit his second palace coup in 30 years, Mike Leach would be your head coach! In fact, given how bad Georgia's offense was last year, a Mike Leach Air Raid Tennessee team could've even won the division! Imagine that! Everyone in DawgNation wants to thank Tennessee fans and Fat Phil from the bottom of our hearts for getting rid of Currie so they could go hire dumb redneck Jeremy Pruitt as the face of your program. We all seriously dodged a bullet. Thanks, Great Pumpkin!
Not at all. I'm praying Grantham gets another raise and extension. Keep Grantham in Jortsville!
LOL. So much glee from beating legitimately one of the worst defenses in the entire nation. No one need pay attention to the 620 yards gave up on defense, though. Methinks nothing will quite so easy for Floriduh other than Vandy moving forward. Oh, and let's not forget Trask, the guy QBR says is not as good as Georgia's 3rd QB and the guy PFF says is only as good as Georgia's 3rd string QB. Bet y'all are loving that bit of news this morning, 'turds!
What QB issues? Stetson Bennett is PFF's 5th ranked QB in all of CFB. Tied with some guy named Karl Task, I think his name is? And ESPN has Stetson Bennett as the 2nd best QB in the SEC by QBR. That guy Karl is ranked behind him. I think Georgia will be okay.
Right now he's PFF's 5th best QB in all of CFB, tied with some guy named Kyle Trask. Also right now, he's ESPN 2nd best QB by QBR in all of the SEC. Some guy named Kyle Trask is 3rd. With that defense and those special teams (thanks Bama, for never giving Scott Cochran more to do!), as long as we have a QB who can see the field and throw on time to open receivers with accuracy, I think we'll be alright.
Hey man, don't come at me... take it up with ESPN and PFF who says ya boy Kyle Trask is either: 1. Not as good as Stetson Bennett or 2. Only as good as Stetson Bennett It's not my advanced analytics, I just revel in them.
ESPN says Stetson Bennett is better than Kyle Trask. PFF says Kyle Trask is only as good as Stetson Bennett. Take it up with them, not me, 'turd. LOL.
Thank you, Fat Phil. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for hiring dumb as rocks Jeremy Pruitt that makes you feel comfortable instead of a true coaching genius like Mike Leach. Thinking back on it, if Tennessee had hired Leach in 2018, there's a good chance he wins the SEC East in 2019 in what was admittedly a down year for Georgia offensively. But instead, y'all hired Pruitt. Who won't win jack at Tennessee. Amazing!
Thank you Fat Phil for hiring dumb as rocks Jeremy Pruitt instead of Mike Leach. Y'all might have already won the East had y'all hired Leach. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Why is anyone doubting PFF's fifth ranked QB in the entire nation, Stetson Bennett? (he's tied with some guy named Kyle Trask) Why is anyone doubting ESPN's second ranked QB in the entire SEC by QBR, Stetson Bennett? (he's sitting one spot above some guy named Kyle Trask) You did notice Matt, the Dawgs ran the ball well in the second half, right, once Stetson settled everyone down and Arkansas had to respect the pass and couldn't put 9 men into the box? Why is no one talking about how badly Florida's defense looked giving up 620 yards to a brand new Ole Miss offense? Do Floriduh fans really think two players will make a difference, or that Grantham who once again earned his 3rd down monicker, will? Look, will Bennett continue to play that well? Who knows. I do expect Daniels to start as soon as he's cleared. But those problems on defense Floriduh has: no pass rush, bad LB play, disjointed secondary, bad tackling... those aren't quite so easily fixed.
Why is anyone doubting PFF's 5th ranked QB in the entire nation, Stetson Bennett (tied with some guy named Kyle Trask)? Why is anyone doubting ESPN's 2nd ranked QB in the entire SEC, Stetson Bennett (3rd place is some guy named Kyle Trask)? Why is no one talking about just how poorly Floriduh's defense played on Saturday? No pass rush. Bad linebacker play. Disjointed secondary. Poor tackling. Poor angles. Two returning starters won't fix all these issues. Y'all think Third and Grantham will? All is not as it seems.
If that's the message you think I'm imparting, there really is no help for how delusional you truly are. Good luck fixing a defense that gave up 620 yards to Ole Miss.
I guess Joe Cox only watched one half of the Georgia game. Hey Joe Cox, if Bennett had started the entire game and Georgia scored 50 points, what would you have to say about the offense then? That it looked amazing? That it moved the ball? That it did all the things the offense last year didn't? This is why hot take artists are so easily refuted. The logic and reasoning behind your hot takes are about as deep as a puddle.
I'm surprised that this is all a well-reasoned take. Especially re: Floriduh and Georgia. Almost all the hot take artists today are completely ignoring Floriduh giving up 620 yards on defense and ignoring Georgia's second half when the offense actually did what it should do. I keep on asking these people: If Bennett had played the entire game and we scored 50 points, what would all these people be saying about Georgia this morning? Would Joey Galloway make the ridiculous statement he did? Would Barrett Sallee make the ridiculous statement that Auburn will "smoke" Georgia on Saturday? Context matters.
What you miss is my point. He's not the QB who could ever win you that game. He's the QB who can almost win. He's the Joe Cox. Tyler Hilinski is the QB who can win the kind of game that was last night by putting his teammates on his back. But Mike Bobo is in love with being comfortable, so he's going to go with the guy who's just good enough to almost win.
Kenny "Trill" says what? Play a defense with a pulse and get back to me.
LOL. Colin Hill should not start another game for Sakerlina. He's not the guy. He's the safe choice Mike Bobo ALWAYS makes because Mike Bobo is in love with being comfortable. Colin Hill is Joe Cox, the red-headed menace. The guy who should have never started an entire season at Georgia. The guy who didn't have a thimble's worth of the same talent as true freshman Aaron Murray and Zack Mettenberger had, but Bobo started him because he was experienced and safe. It would've been better to take our lumps in 2009 with Murray or Mettenberger. Odds are, we wouldn't have been worse than the 8-4 regular season safe, boring, unable to make his teammates better Joe Cox got us. And had Murray had gotten that first year out of his way as a true freshman, maybe he's able to make something different happen in 2012 as a Senior. We'll never know. What I do know as someone who knows Bobo is that Tyler Hilinski should be Sakerlina's QB. Don't let Bobo continue starting this guy who won't win anything. Who will do just enough to lose close.
Guess Dinich is another hot take artist who thinks it’s no big deal Floriduh gave up 620 yards to Ole Miss. I wonder what she’d think about Georgia had Bennett started the entire game and Georgia puts up 50? Context does not exist in this dojo.
“5-foot nothing QBs don’t do well in the SEC.” “Mike Leach and the Air Raid will never win in the SEC.” Also moron, Connor Shaw wants a word with you about 5-foot nothing QBs.