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Funny enough, Miami led CFB in explosive plays with his two years of playcalling. I'm included to believe that the struggles the offense has was more about poor recruiting, especially on the o-line and at QB, than it was about the playcalling. To put it another way, Chaney had the best o-line and QB of his career, and the offense he put together was easily shut down by the good teams we played last year because of how painfully predictable he was. Maybe Coley isn't any better, but I can hardly see how he could be worse than Chaney. And if he is worse, God help us all.
There's only two things actual people in DawgNation want to see this spring, Tom: 1. No injuries 2. No drama That's it. We want boring. Why? Because boring means Kirby's on the mutha. Boring means, our entire second o-line unit could start for every other SEC not named Bama and almost every other team in CFB. Boring means we're not showing other teams any new wrinkles on offense or defense. We know Coley is going to throw more, with more varied routes, to by-God-include routes in the middle of the field which Chaney all but abandoned last year making our offense predictable enough that good teams could easily stop it (LSU, Bama, Texas). But we don't want to see that yet. We know it's gonna happen. But Spring is for building chemistry with new receivers. For building cohesion in the second and third levels of the defense. For improving. That's it. Boring. Safe. That's what we want, Tom. Anything else is unnecessary.
Chaney was criticized for wanting to THROW TOO MUCH at Georgia, O'Gara??? Are you touched in the head??? Georgia had a 30-70 pass-run split under Chaney. NO ONE at Georgia criticized Chaney for throwing too much. For crying out loud, do you guys even bother to write facts? And Chaney did not turn Fromm loose last year. In fact, it was the complete opposite. Have you even looked at Fromm's passing charts in 2018? 90% of all passes were to the sideline. Chaney completely abandoned the middle of the field. The two most-called routes by Chaney were WR boundary screens five yards behind the line of scrimmage and 10-20 yard outs. That's the complete opposite of "cutting Fromm loose." For crying out loud, dude.
Why do my comments not get posted? Too long? They don't agree with the author's ridiculous points?
How'd that blind squirrel do last year, y'all? Pretty dang good, and that was with that idiot Chaney calling plays. Maybe Dan should do less talking and more game planning, because Dan Mullen has NEVER beaten Kirby Smart as a head coach. NEVER. Scoreboard, Dan. Scoreboard.
Aw, Oskie. Is this like the delusion you have where you keep claiming we're upset Chaney's gone? Again, beat Vandy, then we can talk.
It's funny how Bama fans forget how good Kirby Smart is at recruiting. You'd think they'd know, considering we just went into Bama and pulled the top two recruits of your state. As we say... Kirby's on the mutha.
You guys are conveniently leaving out the fact that Mullen and the Gators were also recruiting him HARD, and yet, Kirby got his guy again. I know, I know. It clashes with the (bad) narrative here and other places that Mullen is some kind of threat this year to Kirby (although he's never beaten Kirby Smart anywhere as a head coach) and the Dawgs and that the Gators' recruiting is "catching-up" (which mathematically they're not close to catching-up), but, you know... Kirby's on the mutha.
Hey Pruitt, beat Vandy. Otherwise, get our name out of your hillbilly mush mouth.
Given your inability to beat Vandy, Oskie, you'd think you not spend a lot of time talking about anyone else's team.
Are you an idiot, or are you an idiot? Tee Martin coached at SC. He never coached at South Carolina. Also, at SC, where Tee Martin coached, is in California, which is the talent rich state of which I spoke. No one in their right mind would consider South Carolina a talent rich state for recruiting. They're just one rung above Tennessee in that aspect. Go crawl back under a rock.
Yep. Recruiting at SC, which is a school with caché in a talent-rich state who recruits against, well, no one really, is nothing like going to Tennessee, a school with absolutely no caché in a talent-poor state recruiting against Bama and Georgia. Seems to me the crowning of Tee Martin is a bit premature.
If I cared enough about White to spell his name right, I would. He would do well to keep Roquan's name out of his mouth, though.
Hey Vawl, why don't worry about beating Vandy and let us worry about beating, well, anyone else. We can beat Vandy, we got that locked-down. Seriously though... you keep posting why? We all know who you are. Oh, and have fun with Jim Chaney running into 9-men boxes over and over and over again.
Dude wishes he was on the same level as Roquan. I seem to remember Devon White more for coming up small in the big moments more times than not. Roquan is a generational talent. Devon White is good, but he's no Roquan.
Gonna be honest, I was completely expecting this to be similar to that ridiculous "Five Reasons Why South Carolina is Better than Georgia" from last season (which said South Carolina had a better running game). Count me pleasantly surprised to see some actual analysis. Nice article!
It was the best championship game of the playoff era. Let them eat cake.
Georgia didn't want the change, but McGarity sure did bend over and take it from Auburn just like he did 7 years ago without getting ANYTHING in return just like the submissive bottom he is.
Georgia has struggled against the SEC West AWAY the last couple of years. We've OWNED the SEC West at home. So we could still go 1-1, but the most likely scenario is 1-1 with us beating TAMU. Gotta get your narrative right if you're going to stick to the narrative.
I want to see passes over the middle. Seriously, look at Fromm's 2018 passing chart. Chaney completely abandoned the half of the field that exists between to the defense without ever trying to beat them there. With a QB as accurate as Fromm, that's just insanity. With TEs and a slot receiver as athletic as Nauta and Hardman were, again, that's just INSANITY. Jim Chaney held back this offense and Fromm's development with extremely stupid scheme and playcalls that never took advantage of all of the strengths the offense possessed.
I swear, it's like none of the writers here actually understand what DawgNation thinks or wants. Lots of snide comments and asides to the contrary, we're: 1. Ecstatic Grantham is getting paid all that money to stay in Florida because we beat him like a rented mule 2. We're not upset that Tennessee vastly overpaid for Chaney, we're again, ecstatic 3. We WANT the offense to throw the ball more especially: a. Over the middle to TEs and Slot WRs (Chaney NEVER called pass plays over the middle more than 1-2 per game and never featured our athletic TEs in mismatches over LB and DBs) b. When the defense sticks 9 men in the box we should always throw, not stupidly run it up the gut like Chaney did over and over for minimal yardage wasting downs c. In goal to go situations, instead of again, running it up the gut, let's try some Jake Fromm rollouts where he has the option to run it in or throw it? It seriously confuses me how the writers of this site have literally no idea what we think and feel when we do nothing but tell you. It's like you hear us and read us, but then you think to yourselves, "Naaah, that's not how they think or feel." It's very strange.
Slight correction: The Dillon Panthers only exist in the fictional television show. The Permian Panthers are the team from the film, which is "based on a true story" about a real football team. Also, Adam, you and the rest of the SDS staff should really take some time to explain how math works to Neil. It's sad to see he doesn't understand how it works.
Bless your heart, Dave. I think you and Neil Blackmon need to join a support group. One in which they teach you how math works.
That's literally not how Math works, Neil. The gap between Florida and Georgia GREW this recruiting cycle. It just grew by a little less than before. The only way Florida begins to "close the gap" is by recruiting more blue chip players than Georgia in a single year, which with Kirby in Athens, isn't likely to ever happen. So the gap actually widened. Georgia signed more blue chip players than Florida (including 5/6 5-Stars where Florida again had NONE). How is that "closing the gap?" The gap literally widened. You fail at the maths, Neil.
Orgeron and LSU finished strong with the top-5 class, and hardly anyone is talking about it. All the talk is about TAMU and FU, but they're still far behind the three best teams in the SEC as to sit in a completely different tiers.