Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Trojans Corch (2020)


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Trask was given 20 yard cushions for his receivers by the Kentucky defense which played prevent defense instead of bringing pressure to the back-up QB. Kentucky went into play not to lose mode the entire fourth quarter on offense AND defense. Might want to slow your role with the over-praise, Munson. Auburn, LSU, Georgia, and Mizzou loom large. This is an 8-4 team.
So you have Florida beating two of these teams: Auburn, LSU, Georgia, and Mizzou? LOL. Okay.
So, this is less about grading the Dawgs than your personal screed against cupcake games that everyone plays? So, having a super young and inexperienced receiving corps, these last two games did nothing to help ease them into game situations so they could work on their route running and blocking in real game situations? Nothing at all? Having a lot of young players on the defense, front seven and secondary, these last two games did nothing to help get them seasoning, because it's not like Georgia is going to count on those players moving forward. Oh, what's that, Georgia WILL count on those freshman moving forward? Hey Tom, talking about those two things would've made for a good column. Whining about your personal issues about the last two games? No one wants to read that. I'm angry I did.
LOL. Meltdown? Princess, you'll know what a meltdown is by mid third quarter on November 2nd with all the blue and orange exiting the old Gator Bowl, disgusted after witnessing once again Sideshow Dan's yearly spanking by Kirby.
Kentucky lost this game when Trask came into the game and Stoops decided to play prevent defense with the corners giving a TWENTY YARD EFFING CUSHION. Trask was throwing to receivers so wide open I thought he was Justin Fields playing a cupcake team. Stoops lost this game. Should've brought pressure into the face of the new QB. Should've tried to get close for the field goal. Instead he coached not to lose, and he lost. I'd be super pissed if I were Kentucky fans, because Floriduh sucks. That's an 8-4 team this year you've been better than for three straight years but only won one of those games because your coach's sphincter got tight.
Like I would ever wear disgusting orange clothes, let alone the most vomit-enducing shade of dehydrated piss orange.
LOL. Corch Irvin Meyers has officially replaced Grumors as the newest Vols pipe dream.
This is a click bait site. Hooker's insanity gets clicks. You're (we're) keeping him employed.
Man Hooker, you keep on ignoring the reason why Fulmer was fired in the first place: THE GAME HAD PASSED HIM BY. You act like he can step in and make Tennessee a contender, which is 100% delusional. Mark Richt completely shut down his Metro Atlanta Pipeline to recruits that he used to win his two SEC titles and a National title. Do you think Kirby Smart is going to get beat by Fulmer on the recruiting trail or allow him to take what he wants from Georgia? Do you think Dabo will allow him to come into Sakerlina and win recruiting battles. You're 100% delusional in your Pollyanna-ish wish that Fulmer take over. What you are 100% correct about is this has always been a long game for Fulmer to take over as coach. It is what he actually wants. The guy is a snake, he's always been a back-stabber, and he always will be. However, if the game of CFB, specifically recruiting, passed him by in 2008, how the hell is he going to compete in 2020? That's the true question you refuse to answer because you know what the answer is. He won't be able to compete with Kirby, Saban, and Dabo for recruits. He won't even be able to compete with Gus, Boom, or Geoff Collins down at NATS for recruits. You're delusional if you think otherwise.
Kentucky wins 10 games once, and they think they can get all uppity. Settle down, Beavis.
David, are you an idiot? I only ask this question, because you somehow wrote an even dumber piece for SDS than Dave Hooker did yesterday. Maybe it's just guys named David? Are all Davids idiots? ALABAMA IS PLAYING A BAD TEAM. Guess where it's just as a hot and will host a noon EST game this Saturday because the home team is also playing a bad team? Athens, GA. Where last week for a 4pm game, it was still hot as hell, meaning this weekend is going to be, with temps in the 90's at game time, literally as hot as the surface of the sun but with 134% humidity to go with it. These early afternoon kickoffs just don't happen to Bama. They have to EVERY TEAM who plays a cupcake opponent at home. For crying out loud, man. Get ahold of yourself and stifle your outrage for one second, snowflake. It's obvious why Millennials are garbage babies, they were raised by people like this.
If you're a fan of the Tennessee Vols, as Clay Travis is, your fervent, delusional hope (and the hope of all Vols fans) is that Nashville does become like Atlanta when it comes to the quality of recruits. It'll never happen, though.
HE DID NOT APOLOGIZE!!! FFS, people. He said he was "sorry for the way it ended," meaning with him getting fired. He didn't apologize for hiring his mistress to a tax-payer funded job for which she was unqualified. He didn't apologize for leaving the program in shambles, like he's left everywhere he's ever been. He's simply sorry he got caught. That's it.
No, that's who is moving to Nashville. Clay Travis and the rest of Vol Nation believe that Tennessee CAN return to glory because Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, meaning they're gonna start producing football talent that equals Metro Atlanta in about 10 years or so, giving Tennessee the one thing it's always lacked: recruiting natural resources to compete with the states of Texas, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, California, or Louisiana. What they're too delusional to take into account is the kind of people who are moving to Nashville and swelling its numbers in the metro area would, most of them, never allow their sons to play football. Metro Nashville will never become Metro Atlanta. Or Louisiana. It won't even become Metro Charlotte or the Research Triangle Area of North Carolina, or the DMV area. Maybe it gets to the South Carolina level. That's about it.
Hasn't won anything under Smart, 'turd Jim? Guess two SEC East titles, going undefeated in the division the last two years, an SEC Title, winning the Rose Bowl, and making the National Title game is now considered nothing? Or is it mercilessly beating your overrated coach, Sideshow Dan the Clown, the last two years the nothing you're referring to here?
Delusional, Joe Marks. You're completely delusional. Can't wait until November 2nd.
Chaney was a good hire? LOL. More Vols delusion. Also, he's not a good recruiter. At all. 247 had him ranked in the 500's (out of all coaches) as far as recruiting goes when he was with Georgia.
You people are DELUSIONAL, Hooker. You have forgotten, in eleven short years, that in 2008, the modern CFB game had passed Fat Phil by, and now you want him back? The reason why Fat Phil was fired was because Mark Richt shut down the Metro Atlanta Pipeline for recruits that Tennessee used to win that national title and two SEC titles. Without that pipeline, Tennessee doesn't have the ability to compete for the SEC East, let alone the SEC or CFB Playoff. Now with Clemson also shutting down the much lesser South Carolina Pipeline, it's no surprise that Tennessee has sunk to the bottom of the league. Y'all can have all the donors and the money and the facilities, but if you don't have the Jimmys and Joes, you won't compete. The only way around this axiom is if Nick Saban is your coach. Guess what? Fat Phil ain't Saban. DELUSIONAL. Tennessee will never be "back." The best y'all can hope for is being Kentucky. Once ever 3 or 4 years, you win 10 games and MAYBE compete for the division if Georgia is down. Jimmys and Joes are everything. Y'all don't have that natural resource in Tennessee and you never will. Nashville will never grow to the point that it competes with Metro Atlanta in football recruiting output simply because all the people moving to Nashville are completely the wrong demographic. A bunch of lily-white neo progressive Millennials, if they even have kids, are not going to have their kids playing football. Delusional, Hooker. You're delusional if you think Fat Phil can return Tennessee to glory.
You know DawgNation is going to descend on Hillbillyville and own that stadium this year.
The reason why we gave up double digit leads in the fourth quarters against Bama is now calling stupid and predictable plays for Tennessee's offense. Stop worrying about it.
We cleaned up the biggest problem from Vandy: the penalties. Now we need to clean up the second biggest problem from Vandy and the biggest problem from this game: tackling. Here's thinking like with the first thing in the second game, the second thing in the third game will be much better.
Jim Chaney is not an upgrade at OC for anyone. DawgNation warned Vols fans, but y'all just kept ignorantly crowing about how y'all, "Stole Chaney from Georgia!" We're so happy y'all did! LOL.
Still won't admit you're wrong about Chaney? Well, if it's one thing Vols fans do better than anyone, it's denial.
Chaney, for one. Then how Pruitt was not the right guy, for two. And lastly, that because y'all lack the natural recruiting resources* and haven't had a pipeline into Atlanta for almost 20 years, the Vols will NEVER be back. *The only way around this axiom is to have Nick Saban as your head coach
Yeah, 'cause winning a conference title and a Rose Bowl is just garbage, I guess.
Where you at, FuzzyVol? Still have anything to say to me, FuzzyVol? You run away and cry to your mama, FuzzyVol? Where you at? LOL.
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! Where's FuzzyVol??? Where are you, FuzzyVol? Come out, come out, wherever you are and say it! Say I was right! Say it! Say it! Say it! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!
Next week the heat will be even worse, with a noon start vs. Arkansas State. I will not be there. I love my Dawgs, and I love Athens, but there are few things worse than a noon start Between the Hedges in September.
Next Man Up. This is why we recruit and sign 5 stars on top of 5 stars on top of 5 stars.