Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Trojans Corch (2020)


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Because his mother's "loss of consortium" is not a valid transfer reason. I know... SHOCKER, right?
I just realized, as a Gump, you wouldn't understand sarcasm. So... to spell it out for you, Georgia's not the only recent SEC Title winner who's had a QB transfer to a different school and have success there because he wouldn't be able to start at his original school. Can you name the other one, Gump?
Georgia has two QBs that have NFL scouts salivating, Floriduh and Big Urnge have none. Guess that's how y'all "close the gap?" And leave it to Bratton to post a bunch of tweets that try to make it seem like this is a bad thing, or that Newman wouldn't want to compete.
It won’t even be the best defense in the SEC, so no.
Compared to the $950K y’all paid Georgia State to whip your rears, the $44K Indiana lost to almost beat y’all is nothing g.
Wow. Think about how amazing it was that Kirby Smart was able to contain this level of criminal idiotry while Baker was at UGA. Unlike in other places (like Gainesville) where the Head Coach (Irvin Meyers) can get criminal activity swept under the carpet, everyone knows the Athens-Clarke County PD don't play. They arrest players and other students for MISDEMEANORS that any other local, county, or city LEOs would send away with a ticket/citation. Props to Kirby for keeping this kid's head on straight for four years.
Pruitt's teams have been relatively competitive against Georgia? Good Lord Bratton, I know you're a unapologetic, fugly-orange wearing hillbilly, but WHERE has Tennessee under Pruitt been competitive against Georgia? For like, a quarter and a half in last year's game? You're latching on that as some kind of proof for that ridiculous statement? My God, man. Talk about streeeeeeetching reality to fit a delusion.
Cam Newton went to an Auburn offense with less talent than Georgia has now and with little time to get acquainted with his teammates, and had was is now considered the second best season for a QB ever in CFB. I'm not saying Newton is going to be Cam, but what morons like Cubelic refuse to acknowledge is if Newton had the kind of players on offense at Wake that Georgia will surround him with this year, all blue chip players, he would've played much better. Football is a team sport. An idiot like Cubelic should know that. He'd rather go in for the hot take, though. He'd rather put his money behind Sideshow Dan the Clown's big mouth and a QB who is statistically one of the worst throwing the ball 10 or more yards downfield. We don't need Newton to be Burrow or Cam or Tebow or Lawrence or even Fields. We just need him to be good, and we can win the conference. Win the conference, and we're in the playoffs. Can't ask for more than that.
There is literally no way the offense could be worse than last year's offense, which was an all-time bad offense for Georgia when you realize the caliber of players we had and have. Coley was pathetic. There's nowhere else to go but up.
Why does SDS continue to ignore the fact that Kyle Trask is one of the most inefficient returning QBs in all of CFB on passes that travel ten yards or more from the line of scrimmage? It’s baffling. It’s like none of y’all care about actual data that matters.
He’s recruiting better than Sideshow Dan the Clown and The Three Star General. Unlike those guys, he’s proven he’s a good coach. I mean, at the very least, not even counting his National title, he’s managed to win a few divisions and a couple of conference titles. MuLLLen can’t say that. Jimbo will be okay. Will okay be enough in the West, though? Toughest division in all of CFB.
Elite 11 aren't recruiting rankings. It's a sponsored camp / event.
Yeah, except for the gap to actually close, you would need to recruit better than us, and you’re not. So while MuLLLen and his staff of crap recruiters may luck into a blue chip here and there, the fact remains, we lap y’all several times every signing day.
40 years of nothing, hmm? In that time we’ve won four SEC Titles and eight divisional titles. Not to mention many of the big bowls. I guess that’s “nothing” to a team that didn’t win one single conference in 100 years of playing organized football. While we would have loved to win a national title during that time, only a true moron would call SEC Titles “nothing.” That you’re a ‘turd seals it. As far as being “seven points behind,” man, does that statement lack any semblance of context and nuance and common sense (much like your “nothing” statement). Fact is, you were two TDs behind in the fourth quarter when your “genius” coach Sideshow Dan the Clown played right into Kirby’s hands by going on an 8 minute drive against a soft defense. Even Gus Bus was able to defeat that prevent tactic and score quickly. Not MuLLLen, though. Keep telling yourself fairytales if it makes you feel better.
That all you got, 'turd? You know what I have? 24-17 and you 'turds under our heel.
So now people just say things without any actual proof, and we're all supposed to just let it slide? Hey you bald dummy, no, Dan MuLLLen is not recruiting well. He and his staff, given the state they're in, are actually recruiting mediocrely. Their blue chip ratio is so far behind Georgia's that the gap is real. Georgia can go three deep in some places with blue chip players. Floriduh barely has enough blue chippers to go one deep. So yeah... keep telling us all how "now is the time" for Sideshow Dan the Clown to win and provide nothing but empty words with no proof. We're living in a feelings over fact world now everywhere else. Might as well be in CFB, too.
All I know is, Cousin Eddie is 11-37 against the top-25 as a head coach. Not quite the stuff of greatness.
It's very easy to know when to bet against MuLLLen: Whenever he coaches against a top-25 team, whether as the favorite or not, and anytime his team is the underdog. As someone who's into gambling, you should know that. The guy simply never wins games as the underdog. You know who wins games as underdogs? Actual great coaches.
Where ya been, Joe? Putting together than 2020 Floriduh 'Turds Division Champeen Banner that you'll never get to fly?
Also, his record as an underdog is terrible, as well. He wins the games he should and loses the games he should. While that makes him good for gamblers, a great coach he is not.
Hey Mike, I don't know why you don't know this, but the fact that you don't makes me question any kind of advice you'd want to give: Sideshow Dan the Clown has absolutely NO hardware in his trophy case. In eleven years as a head coach, he's won nothing of consequence. His record vs. the top-25 once stood as the all-time worst for a head coach with ten or more years under his belt.
Nuance, context, and common sense... ... Neo progressive Far Leftist SJW morons possess not these things.
Who wants a jersey if you could have the most famous piece of ephemera in SEC History? Larry Munson’s “metal, steel chair with about a five-inch cushion.” I’m sure it’s in a dump somewhere in Northern Florida (I know, that joke writes itself) after the old Gator Bowl was demolished in 1995 to be rebuilt for the Jaguars. That is what I would want.
Yes, who needs a blue chip recruit at LB when you already have a few LBer commits from non-blue chip players? The Three Star General certainly doesn’t!
Four stars is one star too many for The Three Star General up there in Hillbillyville and for Sideshow Dan the Clown, as well. Only 3-star players need apply at for their teams!
Aww... that would actually be decent if it wasn't incredibly stupid. Go back and look. There are many articles we can't be trusted to comment on, not just me, 'turd.
Are we allowed to comment on this? Wow, the first story since this morning we could comment on, and it's a stupid 'turd story. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait for the next story to come along with commenting privileges. I'm sure we'll get one by Friday.
TAMU should be No. 1 over Floriduh. FFS, enough about Trask, Connor. How is it every writer here picks apart Newman’s bonafides, but not one of y’all have picked up from PFF that Trask was one of the worst QBs in all of CFB last year on passes that travelled 10 or more yards passed the line of scrimmage? How is that not relevant?