Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Trojans Corch (2020)


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You don't compare just the losses, biased Vawl. You compare the wins. Georgia has two top-10 wins. Bama has none.
Bama has zero wins against top-25 teams. Georgia has two top-10 wins. That counts more than a bad loss, or in Bama's case, a "good" loss.
Leave it to Matt Floriduh Hayes to spend time talking down about Georgia and lining-up how his favorite dunce coach Sideshow Dan the Clown can still win the East. Floriduh still the better coached team even though they walked out on the field with different wrist bands leading to Corrine Brown's favorite team needing to burn two timeouts on their very first drive after a bye week, Matty? Sideshow Dan still the better coach even though Kirby owns him?
Top-5 win. Maybe Dean and Smith are better "gets," but they were in on Georgia for awhile. Pickens is easily Kirby's biggest flip thus far.
Like Floriduh fans, Bamastans ALWAYS have excuses at the ready for when they lose. When we lost to Sakerlina, I came here, congratulated them, and took my lumps. Stop with he excuses, Bamatard. Y'all lost to the better team. Maybe the best team in the country.
You wanna talk about ouch? Smart > Sideshow Dan. Ouch, dummy. 24-17. Love it!
Yeah, but when Smart > Sideshow Dan the Clown, that's the only thing that matters, dummy.
Hey Shadow, You do realize that the game was in Georgia's control throughout, right? Kirby played prevent D on purpose in the fourth quarter to trade long drives for time. That last drive of yours took almost 8 minutes off the clock. We didn't "barely win." We beat y'all. We made y'all one dimensional because Sideshow Dan is a terrible recruiter and your o-line sucks. He's also an overrated game day coach, as Georgia has proven the last 3 years. Barely won. LOL. Gators are so delusional.
LOL. You can always count on Neil for a good laugh when he writes about the Myth of Sideshow Dan the Clown.
And who won't even be there after running his mouth the last two offseason only to get smacked down by the BETTER COACH? Ya boy, Sideshow Dan the Clown.
None of them have two top-10 wins. That counts more than the loss.
You can't talk about quality wins and then stick Georgia at 10. Your bias is showing, Vawl.
LOL. Tennessee fans are more delusional than Floriduh fans. You discredit us for a bad loss but give us no credit for two top-10 wins, which only LSU has bettered this year. Pound sand, Vawl.
Georgia has two top-10 wins. Bama has none. I think they only have ONE top-25 win. Good wins mean more than a "good loss," even with Georgia's bad loss against it. 1. LSU 2. tOSU 3. Clemson 4. Georgia 5. Bama 6. Oregon
Yeah right, 24-17. Gator fans still talking the same kind of unearned trash talk their coach Sideshow Dan the Clown loves to talk.
While we give each other a lot of crap, I know the one thing (most) fans never want to see if a kid get injured playing this game we all love. Hope to see him playing in Jacksonville next season!
Also, Georgia built one of the best basketball facilities in the conference 10 years ago. Is it the newest? No, but it has everything you need.
The Steg is a great arena, WTF are you talking about? Since 2007, they've completely redone the entire building, inside and out. It has beautiful glass all around, the inside was completely redone with one of the nicest center-hung scoreboards in all of college basketball, and when the team is good and the place is full, it's loud and exciting. I was there for the 2008 double overtime game against Kentucky. It was amazing. People who say this about The Steg think it's still 1995 and have no effing clue what they're talking about.
Joe Cox thinks Tom Crean is a dummy? Who the f--- is Joe Cox???
You know who won't be coaching in the SEC Championship Game? Your and Matt Hayes's boy, Sideshow Dan the Clown! Why? Because Kirby OWNS dat a--!
Just another reason to avoid ESPN like the plague.
Matt Hayes has beclouded himself. I notice that much like the Gator fans who disappeared, he didn't even write his normal Monday column because that would mean admitting he continues to back the wrong horse in Sideshow Dan the Clown.
I'm just a reaction to the clown in Gainesville. He made it open season on himself, and continues to do so. If he keeps his clown mouth shut this coming offseason, there will be no reason to talk about Sideshow Dan the Clown. Here's guessing he won't be able to help himself, and you once again will feel the need to back up his unearned trash talk. I don't envy you Joe. Not only do you have to keep convincing yourself of the myth of Sideshow Dan is some kind of genius when he's obviously not, but you have to keep defending the indefensible. LOL.
Your coach made himself into a clown when he spent the last two offseason talking trash he never earned the right to talk, especially considering Kirby has OWNED his rear end for three straight years, and 6 straight years before that as a DC. You earn the right to talk trash in life. If you talk it before you earn it, you're a clown. You're not THE man, you're the man's sidekick who gets the pie in the face. You're the Krusty's Sideshow Bob. You're Kirby's Sideshow Dan the Clown
Anyone actually believe Matt Hayes has "sources"? Especially any source that believes Floriduh was a better-coached team than Georgia this past weekend, even given the fact that no one really thinks Coley is a good coach? Which team was unprepared? Which team was so discombobulated that they needed to waste two first half timeouts on the opening drive in their first game after a bye week because players were wearing the wrong wristband playcall bands? Doesn't a good coach make sure mistakes like that never happen? I think what Matt Hayes is angry about today is the egg on his face for backing Sideshow Dan the Clown the last two years only to have Kirby beat him AGAIN. Sideshow Dan the Clown's record vs. ranked teams is abysmal. Worst in the SEC for a coach with 20 or more games against ranked opponents. Floriduh fans and fools like Matt Hayes here would have you believe Sideshow Dan is some kind of coaching genius winning more with less like Bill Snyder. Sideshow Dan the Clown is NOT Bill Snyder. Why? Because Bill Snyder routinely won games his team never should have won. Sideshow Dan's record vs. ranked teams proves he's just a good coach who wins the games he should, loses the games he should, and almost never wins the games he shouldn't. He's Mark Richt, circa 2006-2015. Period. Time to bury the myth of Sideshow Dan the Clown, Matt Hayes. Time to admit you were wrong.
But but but... Kirby is a dunce who doesn't develop talent; who can only win with blue chip players. Right, Gator fans?