Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Trojans Corch (2020)


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A bunch of northeastern and midwestern biased writers and "personalities." CFB is ruled from the South, but we still don't have good enough representation in CFB media.
Not even close. While The Grove may be cool for tailgating, the actual college town is the thing. Athens is the best college town. It's not even close.
Why is he eating a chicken sandwich when they serve CHICKEN BISCUITS all day long??? Loser.
The number one question about the Hillbillies should be: – How many points per game will they give up every week? The second question about the Hillbillies should be: – What will be the points differential for the Hillbillies and their opponents? The third question about the Hillbillies should be: – Will the Hillbillies win a single SEC game in 2021? That those three questions are nowhere to be found is a joke. Here are the answers, by the way: 1. 35+. 2. About 20. 3. Maybe, but probably not. Depends on if Vandy finds a QB or not.
The results are the results. Georgia is tier 1. Three trips to Atlanta in 4 years, an SEC Title, a Playoff win, and two other NY6 wins. But you keep thinking BamaTard, that's what you're good at.
Yeah, Barry, you're not on Georgia's level or probably even on LSU's level on a yearly basis. You're on Floriduh and TAMU's level. Second tier SEC.
FFS dummy, they won't be allowed into the SEC with the LHN running.
I'm not saying Bama hasn't been great, just that to your point, that Georgia has the best history in CFB for great running backs.
Prove me wrong based on the combination of CFB and Pro Football productivity (that includes Herschel's time in the USFL). You can't. You can't actually prove me wrong, because I'm factually correct.
Most of these questions aren't really questions, but whatever.
I'm sorry, but Georgia is RBU. Frank Sinkwich, Charlie Trippi, Herschel Walker, Tim Worley, Rodney Hampton, Garrison Hearst, Terrell Davis, Todd Gurley, and Nick Chubb All did great things playing for UGA. All did great things in Pro Football. Sorry, but Bama's guys can't touch the production from Georgia at Running Back.
Yeah, that's former Washginton QB Jacon Eason, but whatever you need to do to get clicks, right, SDS? Is Joe Burrow the former Tosu QB? Is KJ Costello who just signed as a camp arm the former Stanford QB? Why do y'all only play this game with the Dawgs? It's beyond tiresome.
He will be eligible. That is the most ridiculously clickbaity thing in the entire article.
If Georgia can play the NATS, if Kentucky can play Louisville, if Sakerlina can play Clemson, and if Floriduh can play FSU, then there is no reason why OU can't play OSU. Just like there's been no reason why Mizzou couldn't have played Kansas the last decade or TAMU play TU. It can be done. It's b.s. to suggest otherwise.
Nope. Bama, Vandy, and Auburn. Bama still has most of the power in B-ham, and they'll get their way, which means they get to keep their two most important rivals while once again Georgia gets screwjobbed by the SEC and loses out on reallignment.
Yeah dude, no one is ever creating that pod. I don't know who you've been listening to, reading, or talking with, but that specific pod has a zero-point-zero percent chance of being made. It's laughable. The most likely pod for Tennessee is with Bama, Auburn, and Vandy.
Yep, and I’m sure Kirby will hand it to Smith in a McDonald’s Bag, you hillbilly. Seriously, after seeing me destroy those two ‘turds you didn’t learn not to throw stones inside your own glass house? Hillbillies never learn! Hah!
Yep. It's sad that unlike a player who shall remain nameless who climbed over a fence into an impound lot and stole his car back, he doesn't have a booster who can drop the charges because of how important he is. You 'turd.
LOL... or he could just steal a dead girl's credit card to pay off what he owes like a Floriduh 'turd in the "Circle of Trust" would do, mullethead.
I'm sure Smith will soon have an NIL contract that covers the cost.
The B1G will be adding Kansas and Iowa St. soon to get to 16. The ACC will take WVU and have ND as an ad hoc football presence, making them about 15.5 teams. The Pac-12 will become the Pac-16 with Okie State, TT, TCU, and BYU. Baylor and Kansas State will be left to join the AAC. This is what will happen. All discussion to the contrary is wasted breath.
Even if the conference dissolves, they would have to pay the exit fee walking out the door no matter what. The other 8 teams are owed that money by contract.
It would be Okie State, and it would be a much better fit from the standpoint that OSU would not be anywhere near the massive headache Texas will be on a constant basis.
Texas could come up with the $76M tomorrow to buy out their TV Rights. OU would not be able to do so. Most likely, they buy out their TV Rights after this season and then they're in the SEC next season.
Welp, Greg Sankey, the best looking dude at the bar, just invited the craziest woman in the entire bar to go home with him. Texas has the CRAZIEST EYES! Seriously, Texas is on the wrong side of the Vicky Mendoza diagonal on the Hot-Crazy Graph.