Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Trojans Corch (2020)


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If you think a Felipe Franks-led Florida team doesn't lose that game they were losing to Kentucky and then loses to Auburn, you're a moron. Felipe Franks lead Florida to the 8-4 finish I predicted. Which leads to the real question about your "genius" coach Sideshow Dan the Clown: Why didn't Trask start from the beginning of the year, because he was obviously better than Franks. I mean... SO MUCH BETTER.
Best of luck, young man! At least you didn't leave like a little b--ch like Cade Mays and his 9.5-fingered Daddy and his mom suing for loss of consortium missing the shocker. Hope the fit at Ole Miss is better for you!
2019 Joe Burrow is out there writing checks that 2020 LSU can't cash! Hah!
If you're buying Floriduh and Sideshow Dan the Clown, you're much dumber than I thought. The team is losing a ton, including on defense. Georgia's entire defense that held Baylor to almost half their usual offensive production is coming back in 2020. What was the best SEC defense and the 2nd best overall defense in 2019 will be the best defense in college football this coming season, and unlike the last three years the Dawgs have dominated the 'turds from Jortsville, we have an offense that will take advantage of all the blue chip talent we have against all those 3-stars Sideshow Dan the Clown recruits. Buy Florida at your own risk, clown.
Florida loses a ton of players (the same amount of receivers and a RB to boot we lost for 2019), including on defense. No one talks about that. Florida fans are in for another miserable time in Jacksonville as Georgia's offense is about to take the next step thanks to the country's best defense AND FINALLY an actual, modern offense that will take advantage of all our blue chip talent in space. All the 'turds who think Monken "ran Cleveland's offense" are in for a shock (he didn't... Kitchens called plays and never stuck to the gameplan). He's the guy who made Ryan Fitzpatrick into Fitzmagic with the NFL's best passing offense and 3rd-rated offense overall in 2018. He's the guy who had two 45 point a game offenses at Okie State, and offenses at Southern Miss that ended inside the top-15 of all schools by the time he left for the NFL. Take in all the media b.s. Dine on that rat poison all summer long, 'turds. Come the end of October, we are going to effing DESTROY you. #ftmf
What a 'turd. Or more accurately, a Vawl. Nothing sucks like a big orange.
Awww... the troll is back! Missed you after the Sugar Bowl win, troll!
With the Dawgs hiring Monken (check out what he did with Okie State in 2011 and 2012, especially 2012 when he lost Weeden and Blackmon), it's all but over, once again, for the Floriduh 'turds. Oh, the dummies in the media will hand Sideshow Dan the Clown the division at Media Days, but when October rolls around, the beatdown in Jacksonville will be the most dispiriting for the 'turds since Bill Stanfill curbstomped Spurrier and his conference title dreams into the Gator Bowl mud in 1966.
Not Coley, I have Coley on the brain because I hate him. CONLEY.
Umm, if you said you watched it and came away thinking the pass was meant for Coley, then you're also wrong. You're partially right, and Al is partially right. The pass was meant as a fade for the corner of the endzone. It was tipped at the line of scrimmage by a blitzing LB, and the ball floated to Coley who caught it while falling to the ground on instinct. Game over.
Dang. Last one to leave Baton Rouge, make sure to turn off the lights!
LOL, why does Sideshow Dan the Clown somehow get credit for Felipe Franks going down and Trask coming in and playing so much better than Franks ever has? Why don't you give Cousin Eddie a demerit for that, O'Gara? It was obvious to Georgia fans that Franks was a crap QB. Why wasn't it obvious to ole Danny Boy? Trask should've been the starting QB from Week 1. Franks was garbage, and had Franks not gotten hurt, Florida loses to Kentucky and Auburn, finishing 8-4 just like I said they would. I swear to God, you people in the CFB media do nothing but make excuses for Sideshow Dan. You trust his game management decisions more than Kirby? Really? Like, you trust that he'll have the awareness to make sure all players are wearing the same playcall sheets? You'll trust that when presented with a prevent defense, he'll just have his QB continue to throw short and go on a 7-minute drive at the end of the game when down 14 points and every second matters? Give me a break. Dude is a complete myth. He's not some genius. He's a snake-oil salesman, and he's got you hoodwinked.
Or we're just having some fun, shootin' up hillbillies before they leave for the First Cousins Meet'n'Greet.
That's what your first cousin said when you walked down the hill to her house in the holler.
Let's stay off mamas cuz I just got off your's.
I work with your cousin Lurleen. She said she's pregnant and you're the inbreeding daddy. And the family tree continues to prune branches!
GFY? You french kiss your cousin while copping a feel with that mouth, Hillbilly?
Dumb hillbillies really believe crap like this. Before the game this year they also said similar things, and then we waxed them in their own ugly, erector set stadium, with about 35,000 Dawg fans in attendance. This hillbilly literally stays up at night dreaming about what he's gonna say and to whom and how much fun he's gonna have. When reality comes crashing down on this dummy in November after we wax them again sending their record to 4-6 or 5-5, someone please check in on this dumb hillbilly and make sure he doesn't do anything rash.
Hey Fuzzy, your cousin down in the holler won't wait for you forever! I said get to the steel scrub tub and wash that pig crap out your hair, get on your best pair of overalls, and take that gal out for a good time like only a family member could! You dumb hillbilly!
Also, it seems Mark here subscribes to the idiot notion prevalent in the college football medial echo chamber that a big game is defined as the game Georgia loses. So you know, beating Auburn three of four in three years, and beating Floriduh three years in a row... those aren't big games. Winning the 2017 SEC Title. Not a big game. Winning the 2017 Rose Bowl and CFB Playoff Semifinal. Not a big game. Winning the 2019 Sugar Bowl. Not a big game. None of those games were big games, because Georgia won them. Most of them in convincing fashion. Yeah Mark, Georgia just can't seem to win any big games. You dumb hillbilly.
I'm guessing none. I mean... they're still inbred hillbillies. Seems Mrs. Pruitt finally found the town when ol' Redneck Pruitt won't be tempted by the local females. Definitely not like Tally, Athens, and to a lesser extent, Tuscaloosa.
When your most returning starters suck, that means your team sucks. Have fun, hillbilly!
Yeah, you keep telling yourself that hillbilly.
I have never predicted we'll win a national championship in any year, you hillbilly dummy. Don't you have to go get ready for a date with your first cousin? Get to the steel scrub tub and wash up, son!
*That should be: an 8-9 win program AT THEIR BEST. Of course, for the most part, Tennessee is a 6-6 program overall. They're nothing special anymore. They're not a program of national prominence. All those hillbillies in checkered overalls believing the contrary, 5-7, 6-6, 7-5 is what they are.
LOL. No, Mark. Tennessee is what it is since Mark Richt shut down Fat Phil's Atlanta Pipeline: an 8-9 win program. Tennessee the state doesn't have the natural recruiting resources to be able to compete for SEC titles, let alone the division that includes two schools in two of the most talent-rich states in the country. But sure, give all these dumb hillbillies who frequent here some hope that those 6 wins in a row against mostly terrible teams actually means anything, and that the real Tennessee isn't the team that got destroyed by every ranked team they played.
Anyone who was offended by the Peloton commercial is a p—-y, period.
She shouldn't have filed a publicly viewable, baseless lawsuit for "loss of consortium," aka "no more shocker," to tack onto her husband's equally baseless lawsuit, all of which are designed in the cheapest, most disgusting ploy possible to have their son not have to sit a year. Maybe they shouldn't have listened to the detestable Fat Phil who helped organize this entire sham. Now we all know just how much Mrs. Mays misses that particular digit. How embarrassing that must be for Cade.
Shocking. Well, not for Cade Mays’s mother, according to her lawsuit. She’s not been shocked in over two years, poor thing.