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Todd Gurley vs. Sony Michel in ATLANTA. As much as I didn't want the Patriots and their obnoxious fans to descend on my city, this is awesome. The Georgia Bulldogs have more Super Bowl MVPs than any other CFB team. Jake Scott. Terrell Davis. Hines Ward. (Yes, Bama has 3 awards, but only between two players, and none since 1969). It'd be awesome to see another Dawg take home an MVP trophy in two weeks!
Michael Wayne Bratton insults David Pollack, like, who the hell is Michael Wayne Bratton? And then in the insult, he gets Pollack's place of employment wrong. So it's like a double fail. David Pollack is doing a fantastic job at ESPN, and is Kirk Herbstreit's natural replacement on Gameday when it's time for Kirk to settle into announcing games full time. What's been going on at SDS with the Georgia hate lately? Anyway, the answer is Herschel Walker, Michael Wayne Bratton. Herschel. Walker. When you're talking about Georgia, it doesn't matter what the question is, the answer is ALWAYS Herschel My God A Freshman Walker. Make him the S&C Coach. Make him the Running Backs Coach. Make him the Recruiting Godfather. It doesn't matter what. Get him on the field getting after those players and soon they'll all be the best at what they do.
Again, it's more likely he tore his ACL because of number of factors that had more to do with his decision to declare early than it just being "time" for him to tear his knee. Either way, not having Roquan number one given the stated mission of the list is ridiculous.
In what world is Guice ahead of Smith on this list, given your stated reason? If he stays at LSU, he likely doesn't tear his ACL, perhaps is the missing component to LSU beating Bama and playing for the SEC tile and maybe a playoff birth, and then comes out this year as a for sure first round draft pick. Instead, he came out early, wasn't drafted in the first round, and then tore his ACL. Your logic is wacky.
Wait... Florida is laying claim to DBU? In a world in which LSU exists?
So... Tennessee is just gonna commit to being the greenest football program? A whole lot of recycling going on up in Hillbilllyville.
Vawl fan trolling, pretending to be a Dawg. Why do you keep doing it knowing that we know who you really are? Have fun with Jim Chaney, you orange-wearing loser! Hahahahahaha!
This is a known Vawl fan trolling. Enjoy Jim Chaney, dude. Hahahaha!
You literally have no idea what you're talking about, guy trolling on this site. DawgNation were united in one voice of joyous exclamation when news broke Chaney was leaving. Jim Chaney, who was asked to leave Arkansas because he did such a poor job. Jim Chaney, whose moribund offenses at Arkansas and Pitt were turned around in one year by Dan Enos and Matt Canada. Jim Chaney, who runs into nine man boxes over and over and over again and refuses or is unable to make adjustments against Bama in two consecutive second halves leading to 3-and-out after 3-and-out which tires out the defense which eventually collapses in the fourth quarter. Whose gamelans against LSU and Texas and, again, refusal to adjust, were inexcusable. Who relies on superior talent combined with his predictable, uncreative play calling to beat bad to average teams, but cannot scheme an offense to win when the talent on the other side is equal. Jim Chaney, who thinks throwing to elite, 5-star WRs five yards behind the line of scrimmage at the sideline is preferable to throwing to them in space down field or in featuring his tight ends or allowing his QB to throw anything over the middle, thus ceding half the field to the defense. Yeah... we're so sad to see Jim Chaney go. Georgia was one of the worst offenses in all of college football in the red zone this year, and the closer we got to the goal line, our offensive rating got worst to the point that from the 3 yard to the goal line, we literally were the worst offense. Because all Jim Chaney did was try to run it up the gut. No passes. No boot legs. No spreading it out and the running it. Jim Chaney is only as good as his talent. He can't scheme to save his life. The real Jim Chaney is the Jim Chaney of Arkansas, Pitt, and 2016 Georgia. Seriously, you Tennessee fans who think this is a good thing... hahahahahahahahaha! You figure it out soon enough.
The freakout by Bama fans right now on Twitter is the complete inverse of the celebration of DawgNation when we found out Chaney was leaving for Tennessee, thus helping us and hurting them. And they are freaking out HARD. So many Michael Scott .gifs. So many. Hilarious.
It's amazing how you can watch the second half of both Bama games and the LSU and Texas game and say Georgia is a loser for Chaney leaving and Tennessee is a winner, Connor. Chaney has had limited success at Georgia in 2017 and 2018 BECAUSE OF THE TALENT. Which he had almost nothing to do with recruiting, because he's like, the 500th best recruiter in CFB. Literally that poor. Look at Chaney at Arkansas and Pitt. Two terrible, moribund offenses, that after he left, were vaulted to the top of their leagues IN ONE OFFSEASON by Dan Enos and Matt Canada, respectfully. The success of those Purdue offenses had everything to do with Joe Tiller and almost nothing to do with Chaney. Anyone looking at Chaney's lack of innovation in game planning and play calling would not keep saying the things you're saying, Connor. The Georgia offense in 2016 is pure Chaney, and what Tennessee has to look forward to. And Tennessee paid $1.5M for THAT??? LOL. Yeah, there's a axiom called addition by subtraction. Look into it. It fits here. Not only does Georgia get better in losing Chaney, they ensure Tennessee is hurt by paying $1.5M to a mediocre game planner and play caller who doesn't recruit. Hilarious. Kirby wins again.
Keith Farner, is that you? I guess writing a ridiculous list of "Five Reasons Why Florida is Better Than Georgia" would've been a dead giveaway, right? In all seriousness, I'm just here for the ratio for this absolutely ridiculous usage of the English language, not to mention the Grand Canyon-sized leaps in logic made in order to write it. Seriously, LMAO.
Woooooo!!! Ding dong the Chaney is gone!!! Enjoy running up the middle when it ain't working and WRs catching the ball on the sideline five yards behind the line of scrimmage instead of being schemed open in space for long gains. Enjoy trying to sit on leads in the second half. Enjoy the most predictable play calling that you'll be able to call pass or run based on formation alone.
Joe Cox loves him some Dan Mullen. No only has Dan Mullen never beaten UGA, but Third and Grantham has never coordinated a defense to a win over UGA, either.
Number 1 is probably not going to happen, and we can thank Jim Chaney spitting the bit in the second half against Bama AGAIN for that. Number's 2-4 are three guys the Dawgs must have. Number 5 isn't happening and good luck to him, unless he goes to Ohio State.
The only woman I see is the the person here whining like an 8-year girl with a skinned knee.
It was the ridiculous "Are the Vols back" headline that brought me here, but at the end of the day, it ain't trolling when it's true, Oskie. Enjoy the perpetual 7-8 win seasons and 4th-6th place finishes in the East. :-)
Funny... the inscription of my graduating class year inside the band of my University of Georgia signet ring says otherwise.
That's right. You need other people to speak to 5-star QBs for you, because none of them are coming down to Gainesville. And then the QBs you have that actually have any talent, you chase away to West Virginia.
Miami fans are turning on Mark Richt in record time. We told them so.
Georgia signed more five stars this year than Florida has signed in the last SIX years. Given that Mullen, after his first full year, isn't even in the top-10 of recruiting, while Kirby Smart coming off a 7-5 regular season was able to sign the No. 1 class after his first full year, tells me the next decade or so is going to be more reminiscent of the 80's in Athens than the 90's in Gainesville. Have fun boys from Florida. I know DawgNation sure will!
All season long you've said, or quoted people who've said, some of the dumbest stuff about Georgia I've ever heard. Did you watch the Cocktail Party? It was 20-7 at the half. Florida didn't hang around trading blows with Georgia for 3 quarters. And if his first full recruiting class is any measure, Dan Mullen is much more a media creation as a big bad bully than an actual one. Jeez, dude. Can't decide if this mess is worse than quoting an "NFL Scout" who said Georgia doesn't have anyone in the secondary who can shut down a number 1 receiver.
Shark Humper Yella Teeth found a job! Good for him!
Dude, Georgia-Texas in the Sugar Bowl THIS YEAR is gonna be a helluva fun match-up. Providing the Dawgs don't win Saturday. Remember, it's always 10 to 9 in Texas!
Still talking to that "NFL Scout" who says Georgia doesn't have anyone in the defensive secondary who can shut down a Number 1 wide receiver, Hayes? Or did you wisely lose that idiot's number?
When Mama comes calling, Dabo is as good as gone. Though if he thinks unreasonable fan expectations will lessen at Bama as compared to Clemson, well, that would be insane. Still though, he's gone.
Y'all do realize if Bama wins, they'll more likely end up in the Cotton Bowl, not the Orange Bowl, as Dallas is closer to Tuscaloosa than Miami Gardens is, right?