Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Trojans Corch (2020)


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Athens is the best College Town, and it isn’t even close. Capital cities are capital cities first and college towns second. While Madison, Austin, and Nashville are cool cities, they are true College Towns.
Auburn SEC Title Game and Rose Bowl are the first two that come to mind. There have been more.
Rats are fleeing the sinking ship S.S. Hillbilly as quick as they can!
What you say about Sideshow Dan isn’t true at all. He actually ONLY wins the games he’s supposed to win. Look at his record vs. top-25, top-10, and against the SEC. It’s abysmal. If Cousin Eddie actually was this media-created myth, his records in those three categories would be much better. Sideshow Dan is not Bill Snyder, who actually did take undermanned KSU teams and routinely beat better teams. At Mississippi State, MuLLLen’s biggest win was against an LSU team that wound up finishing outside the top-25 by the end of the year. It amazing how all the lies you people believe about Kirby and Cousin Eddie are literally the exact opposite of what reality is.
So Po, you provide no actual proof, as I did. Just more bullcrap.
Explain how Richt outperformed Smart. Smart has a better winning percentage against top-25 and top-10 teams. Smart has more NY6 bowl wins in 5 years than Richt had in 15 years. Smart recruits better. Smart has more top-10 finishes. Smart beats his rivals, especially Floriduh, better than Richt did. So please, tell me how Richt “outperformed” Kirby. Oh, and unlike Richt’s first five years, Kirby has Saban’s Death Star to deal with no matter what, and the last two years came up against the “best team in CFB history” that NO ONE ELSE BEAT. So again... provide PROOF that Booger is right and not completely full of crap.
LOL. When you look at Kirby’s performance against top-25 and top-10 teams this lazy and idiotic argument is completely undone. Especially in comparison to Richt or someone the media loves, the always overrated Sideshow Dan the Clown.
Such a weird flex from a guy who’s just returning from his shame hiatus.
Until winning becomes really difficult in a league with designed parity, where you can’t recruit the best players or hide their wrong-doings and positive drug tests from the NFL, so in the middle of your fourth season you develop an undisclosed and vague medical issue that means you must “retire” once again. No bigger immoral con man in the history of all football, now.
He’s a lousy passer because he’s a lousy passer. ‍♂️ Also, trying to tie Daniels next season to what Newman did this season is a streeeeetch if I’ve ever seen one, ‘turd. I think you know deep down bad Daniels started in Jax or maybe even was the guy off the bench then your “best ever season in 11 years that also ended with four losses” doesn’t happen. Also, welcome back from your shame hiatus.
Emory Jones completed 56.1% of his passes this season. J.T. Daniels completed 67.2% of his. But sure Barner, keep sucking up to the ‘turds. I’m sure it helps ease their pain.
The love-affair with Sideshow Dan the Clown continues at SDS regardless of the ridiculous clown Cousin Eddie proved he is once and for all this season. Also, keep hyping a guy who completes 55% of his passes. I’m sure he’ll be great. LOL.
Dude... 12 wins a season for Jax would be more than fantastic. That’s winning your division every year and probably getting a first round bye. Doing that for a period of years is basically he Brady-Belichick high point or the Montana-Walsh for those a bit older. Winning at that kind clip doesn’t happen often in the NFL. Winning 10 games a year in Jax would qualify as “fantastic.” I’m not sure Corch could get to that level.
How many years before Corch invents a health problem and quits? I’m calling it at 3.5 seasons with impetigo.
Yes, yes it is. Compared to Georgia, which has the most blue chips per capita or to Florida, Texas, California, and Louisiana, Tennessee is not great when it comes to in-state talent. It's behind Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maryland, and Alabama. You can't win in the SEC when you're that far behind in in-state recruiting and you don't have the coaching staff that can go into Atlanta and take what you want. Or who can't even protect the few blue chippers you do produce, as Clemson is taking a bunch.
He certainly acted like a dumb redneck. Open mutiny against this boss and the head coach, and getting into fist-fights with other coaches. Dude is a dumb caveman.
You talking of the one of only two victories the Vawls had against Mark Richt before Richt got Fat Phil fired? LOL. Hold onto those memories, Vawl. Even though they're crap, they're YOUR crap.
The moment Pruitt opened his mouth to speak and mangled the English language beyond all recognition like only a dumb redneck from Alabama could is the moment Fat Phil should've said, "Thanks, but no thanks." Did he not see that hilariously sad video where dumb as rocks Pruitt in his late 20's didn't know what asparagus was?
Hey remember when Aaron Murray and David Pollack warned everyone about Pruitt and all the Tennessee fans here lost their minds? Remember when Paul Finebaum attacked Murray personally (but didn't his nominal ESPN coworker, Pollack) for saying that Pruitt did not have the temperment to be an SEC head coach? Remember? Pepperridge Farm remembers. This is all hilariously karmic.
Yep. So butt-hurt I want Sideshow Dan the Clown to never leave. 2020 was a total blind squirrel year for the Floriduh 'turds, and you don't need to take my word for it, just look at how it ended. This was no passing the torch or Cousin Eddie doing anything amazing. 2021 is back to business as usual.
Loving how Floriduh’s “beat season in 11 years” ends with them outside the top-10 with four losses (three in a row). I hope to God that Sideshow Dan the Clown never leaves Jortsville!
Yeah, they don’t actually have 18 national titles. They claim a bunch that are complete b.s. Then again, this one isn’t. So congrats to Bama for winning this actual title.
It is tampering, but there is also the fact that Florida as a state law will be allowing NIL rights this year. Looks like he wants to cash-in before hitting the NFL. He can't do that at Georgia.
Matt Hayes, Stupid or Liar Edition 362: Do you sit the the established QB who finished as the third best QB in all of CFB when you have a team that can compete for an SEC and National Title, who won you the SEC and took you to the National Title game, for a true freshman who he beat out in Spring and Fall Practiced or promise the true freshman the starting job the next year with no competition? Well? If you say yes, you’re either stupid or a liar, Matt Hayes. Period. So is ANYONE ELSE. But you do what you do, you Floriduh ‘turd.
Sounds like Brian enjoyed him some time on Broad and Jackson and Lumpkin and other various streets in Athens filled with great bars and beautiful girls.
His last 8-9 years they were an 8-9 win a year program. Mark Richt came and shut down his pipeline to Atlanta recruits and that was that for Fat Phil. He never recovered.