Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Trojans Corch (2020)


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Great work, "SDS Staff," in showing your complete and total ignorance of how the law works. "Despite being 19 now." That may be the single dumbest statement I've ever seen written on this site. Ever.
You would have Emory Jones, who can't hit the broadside of a barn with birdshot, higher than this 'turd ranked him??? Maybe I need to stop saying that "delusional" is spelled H-I-L-L-B-I-L-L-Y and start saying it's spelled '-T-U-R-D
That quote from Kirby is a month old. Also, Emory Jones is your 3rd ranked QB in the SEC? Hahahahahahahaha!!! Your Floriduh 'turd loyalties come shining through as they always do, Matt. You never disappoint.
Zone read option offense is an offense based on the zone read option the same way the triple option offense is an offense based on the triple option. The triple option is not all that offense does, as they will throw the ball from time to time, but you get the picture. Or maybe you don't. From this comment, I'm going to guess you don't. I explain in further detail down below, but what makes the zone read option offense garbage for creating QBs who can succeed in the NFL is the coaches do all the work for the QBs. All the QB is in this offense is a puppet. The QB is taught some very simple tasks like when to hand off and when to pull based on a single read on the DE. Then they are taught to look at their 2-3 live routes. Then they are taught if their 2-3 (not 5) live routes are not there, meaning wide freaking open, those 2-3 dummy routes being run have cleared the middle of the defense away from their running lane which they are then to use to pick up an easy 5-7 yards or more. You're the one who doesn't seem to understand why zone read option QBs keep on failing at the NFL level. Me? I'm good.
If you can't find the schadenfreude in the suffering of Nothing Sucks Like a Big Orange, you must not have been around during the 1990's. Or you're one of the many on SDS pretending to be a Dawg. Either way, like Nick Saban, I don't have time for your s--t.
Yeah, I'm sure you were sunshine and rainbows during the 1990's like all the other a-holes in your fanbase. Y'all deserve all what you've had and will have coming to you. You plant the seeds and you reap what you've sown.
Big Urnge keep on sucking, Dumpster Fire keep on burning! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid Urnge Hillbillies! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid Urnge Hillbillies! This last decade of Tennessee Dumpster Fires, after the previous decade's long decline into mediocrity, couldn't have happened to a bigger bunch of a-holes. The 1990's ain't walking through that door, Vawls. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
Sounds like the Falcons have found their perfect trade-down partner to help rebuild their defense this year with five picks in the first three rounds.
Also, this is why Jarrett Stiddum is a complete failure in the NFL who couldn't beat out an ineffectual sCam Newton in New England. It was even reported that when he got to his first NFL camp the New England coaches were astonished at how unprepared he was. He had no concept of how to read a defense correctly and diagnose what protections to use or how to get his guys lined-up correctly or how to choose the right audible. That's the kind of QB Fields will be. A guy like sCam was able to overcome his deficiencies because he had a TE's body playing QB and he could use his athleticism along with his coaches hiding his weaknesses inside a run-heavy offense to have success for about 6-7 years. However, after he started getting hurt, that was it for sCam Newton. You have to have a good base of understanding of how to play the position at the next level to succeed, especially for a guy like Fields who is not sCam's equal in size, strength, and athleticism. I give him two years. He'll get two years of starting, but he'll be so bad that somewhere in year three he'll be replaced by someone like Ryan Fitzpatrick. Maybe even by Ryan Fitzpatrick.
Kirby gave him every chance to beat out Fromm. He didn't. Why? He couldn't do what the offense needed him to do as the QB. He couldn't make the pre-snap reads correctly and Fromm could. Then after the snap, he had issues moving through all five reads quickly. So the question is, was Kirby's mistake not giving Fields a job he didn't earn, or was his mistake stupidly hiring Jim Chaney (and James Coley) to run a 1980's style offense that even Nick Saban abandoned while Kirby was still on his staff. In that scenario, who knows. A more QB-run oriented system like Day ran for Fields takes advantage of Fields's strengths, but people forget that Fromm set all kinds of Georgia high school records playing in an Air Raid type offense similar to what Monken runs at Georgia now. Another thing most people don't know is that even though the Air Raid and its offshoots are spread offenses, not all spread offenses are run the same. The Air Raid and its offshoots like what Todd Monkey runs still rely on pro-style QB concepts of making pre-snap reads, calling the right protections and audibles, and there are no dummy routes. So Fields likely wouldn't have done well running the offense JT Daniels looked good in at the end of last season. There's a reason why he went to tOSU, and it's why he should've gone there in the first place. He was never a fit for the kind of QB Kirby wants at Georgia. Yes, he wants a mobile QB as seen by his recruitment and giving the starting job to Mathis and now his signing of BVG who is a good runner, but he still wants his QBs to have control of the offense pre-snap, even in changing the offense from caveman manball to Todd Monken's spread. So this is a long answer to say Fields would've sucked running the Georgia offense, because he couldn't run the Georgia offense. He was great running tOSU's offense, and he will become yet another zone-read QB bust in the NFL because although he has a ton of talent, he doesn't have the skills necessary to be successful as a QB in the NFL. He'll likely have a year or two of RGIII or Tebow-like "success" and then he will quickly fade-out. It's not enough to be athletic. You need to have played in an offense in college that requires the QB to have pro-style pre-snap responsibilities. Patrick Mahomes had that playing in the Air Raid at Texas Tech. Lamar Jackson had that in playing in Bobby Petrino's spread offense at Louisville. Trevor Lawrence had that playing in Clemson's spread offense. Justin Fields did not. Neither did Dwayne Haskins. Or RGIII. Or Tim Tebow. Or so many of the other failed zone-read QBs in the NFL. Their coaches did all that for them. Which is fine, because their coach's are paid to win CFB games, not make sure their QBs are Pro Bowlers in the NFL.
WTF does "talent" have to do with succeeding as a QB in the NFL? Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round behind guys with far more talent than he had. What Tom Brady could do better than all of them is read the defense, get the the offensive line into the right protection, and if needs be call the right audible to get the offense into the right play. And then when the ball was snapped, he had to make FIVE reads far quicker than Justin Fields would make two, and get the ball to the receiver with ANTICIPATION, throwing to the receiver BEFORE they came open. When has Justin Fields shown he can do ANY of that? He throws to wide-open receivers as a design of the offense and because tOSU out-recruits almost every other team. Justin Fields has never had to read the defense in two years pre-snap, and by all accounts he sucked at pre-snap reads in Athens which is why he never replaced Fromm. Fields will be a gigantic bust in the NFL. Just like Giovanni Carmazzi. Or Chris Redman. Or Tee Martin. Or Spergon Wynn. All QBs with more "talent" than Tom Brady.
Connor, you’re wrong and people like you continue to be wrong about zone-read QBs in the NFL, because you refuse to acknowledge the reality of what the zone read offense does and the QB’s responsibilities in it. As in they have almost no pre-snap responsibilities at all. The coaches read the defense for them. The coaches set the protection. The coaches call the audible. And then post-snap, they have usually on two live reads, sometimes three, if they keep the ball instead of handing off. The rest of the routes run are dummy routes designed to give the QB a run lane if the live routes are covered. THAT is why Fields will fail, as did Haskins, as did Tebow, as did almost every single zone read QB out of college: They don’t know how to play the position.
The difference is my coach has never said anything so ridiculous about transfers, so when players transfer from Georgia, it’s for a variety of reasons. Sideshow Dan the Clown made it known that when players transfer, including when they transfer from Floriduh, they do so because they were lied to during recruiting and sold a dream that wasn’t true. That’s what he believes, so that’s why. So our 10 players in the portal? I’m sure there’s a variety of reasons why they’re there. YOUR six players in the transfer portal? They were lied to and sold dreams that weren’t true by Cousin Eddie and his staff.
The number doesn’t matter. Cousin Eddie made it clear that ANY player transferring means they were lied to in recruiting. Thus, every time this happens I am more than happy to remind all you ‘turds of why your clown coach thinks players transfer and how that also applies to his clown program.
Literally posted the entire quote down below, you Floriduh ‘turd. Can’t you read?
Yeah, it’s not like Sideshow Dan the Clown opened his big fat mouth and thus invited us all to dump on him and you ‘turds every time y’all have a transfer. No, of course not. Not Cousin Eddie. Why he NEVER opens his big fat mouth without carefully considering what he’s about to say and how it could come back on him almost immediately. LOL!
“I’d think we did a poor job recruiting if guys were coming in and then immediately walking out the door because it was something different than what they thought it would be and we lied to them during recruiting, or we sold them on a dream that wasn’t true.” — Sideshow Dan the Clown
Big Orange keep on sucking, dumpster fire keep on burning! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid orange hillbillies! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid orange hillbillies!
Hmm. Your attempt at wit falls woefully short, stupid redneck. 1. UGA has the second most SEC Titles all time. The only decades where they didn't win one in the SEC's history are the 1930's and 1990's. That's it. 2. UGA has the second most bowl appearances and bowl victories in NCAA history. 3. Georgia is one of only three SEC teams to make the Playoff and win a Playoff Game. 4. Georgia has been part of the playoff or NY6 for four straight years. Nice try, dummy. LOL.
Imagine spending all that money, having all those fans willfully show up to that sweltering stadium in September, and knowing you're never going to be better than a second-tier SEC East team. Some years you'll be third-tier. That has to suck, Sakerlina fans.
If true, good on him. Especially because he's correct about one thing: Coaches and athletes do a crap job of talking about or caring about or monitoring mental health.
So you're just copying and pasting now? Nothing original to say? And the fact that you think I'm angry, when I'm clearly having a great time laughing at you stupid Hillbillies and your trash school and Dumpster Fire program is what they call in the psychology profession, "Projection." Now, I know it may be difficult for your dumb hillbilly brain to process this, but what "projection" means is that you're the one who's angry. Angry that your football program hasn't been relevant since 2001. Angry that your last national title was well over 20 years ago. Angry because you know Tennessee football will never be "back." So because you have all this anger, you project the anger on to someone, like me, who is happily enjoying your misery. And believe you me, I am happily enjoying your misery. Hmm. If there only was a word for what that is. An overly descriptive German word to describe the joy I feel in your misery, anger, and embarrassment. Hmm. LOL.
If marijuana was legalized, that's one less reason to run. Your logic has holes in it.
We're so f@#$ing cursed. We just can't have nice things. That's all there is to it. Bama gets all these great WRs and all of them, even Devonta Smith who's like, 120lbs soaking wet, never get hurt. We lose our two best WRs in back to back years. It's always f@#$ing something.
Question 7: What’s the next thing that will happen to stoke the flames of the Dumpster Fire in Hillbillyville? It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.
Weren’t one or two of these mediocre recruiting classes ranked above Sideshow Dan the Clown’s classes?
LOL. Yeah, all that is mostly lies. Crowder WAS a 2-star rated RB, liar. After that lie, nothing else you say is worth reading.