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Everyone is happy in the offseason. Let’s see how happy y’a are with Chaney when he calls for the 25th straight run up the middle for no gain setting up a 3rd and long with routes run that don’t make it to the marker. Because that’s coming.
There you go, ‘turds! A 4-star player, as a blue chip, is actually worthy of a little celebration! I mean, y’all still have ZERO 5-star players on your team and zero 5-star commits, but sure, celebrate like it’s going out of style! Celebrate while you can. The butt whuppin’ you’re due on November 2ns will be here before you know it!
36-17. Much better than a subjective ranking when only 1 and 2 matter, right, BamaTime?
You know, you don't need to hire woman-abusing Gators players to get your sweaty man fix. I'm sure there's a Chippendales close to wherever you live to take care of your urges, sweetie. Your obsession with me is almost as hilarious as Sideshow Dan the Clown's obsession with Kirby. #ftmf
Maybe you can get one of those woman-abusing Gator players to do so? They can get out all their aggression (obviously, Sideshow Dan's practices aren't hard enough to do that) by pulling weeds, and you can sit in your house watching them get all sweaty. They may be 3-star players, but I'm sure they're 5-star lawnmowers.
Anything to make you feel better about having no 5-star players, sweetie.
Aww, sweetie. Bless your heart. If this is all you got, you got nothing. How's the dumpster fire burning in Gainesville? You ready for Sideshow Dan the Clown to step on more rakes? You out there celebrating more mediocre recruit commits? Enjoy!
Tom Crean is out there SLAYING recruiting. He's the basketball Kirby. Our Big Dance Drought ends THIS SEASON!
Celebrating 3-star signings? Sure. Okay. It makes sense. 3-star players for a 3-star coach, Sideshow Dan the Clown. Kirby is out there slaying more 4 and 5-stars year-in and year-out than anyone around, and this is the first year in which he has HIS team around him. 22 5-stars. Florida has none. Even Tennessee has two and Sakerlina has one.
Yes Blitzer. Two players (Jones and Hill) and a recruiting coordinator, to boot.
LOL. Dude, as I told the guy posting under my coach's name... I'm doing quite well for myself. Odds are, I make more money than you do.
I think we know where this kid is going. The only place that can offer him the best o-line outside of the NFL to run behind during his college career - The Great Wall of Georgia. I'm not worried. Kirby's on the mutha.
Dads love and supports their sons. Pretty standard stuff. The Tennessee fans who claim they'd never support their kids going to a rival school are some kind of stupid.
Only in Mulletsville are sexual assault and domestic violence against women the same as misdemeanor arrests that are citations in any other municipality outside of Athens. Keep telling yourself Sideshow Dan hasn't lost control of the Florida Gators, jortsboy. :-)
All the "arrests" were for misdemeanors that literally would be citations in any other municipality outside of the Barney Fifes in Athens. Whereas these Gators have seen two players and a recruiting coordinator arrested for violence against women. Hmm. Driving without a license or sexual assault? Minor in possession or hitting a woman? Yeah, Gator, those are EXACTLY the same. Sideshow Dan the Clown has lost control of the Florida Gators.
Not yet 40. Getting close. As to the other, I’m doing quite well for myself, but I appreciate the concern.
Methinks the [gentleman] doth protest too much. Weren’t you accusing me yesterday of being defensive? If you found it funny (i.e. it doesn’t bother you), you wouldn't have felt the need to restate what you did yesterday. I’ll restate that it’s your stereotypical Millennial worldview that a full grown adult man needs to be nurtured (like a child) and his feelings catered to by his employer and the guy whose job Lock wants to take, that is what is “soft.” The idea that feelings matter more than reality and that Lock is fragile is ridiculous. And yes, as a member of Gen-X, I thoroughly blame your late-Boomer parents for reinforcing this terrible worldview. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Two Tides. Two Dawgs. No 'turds. Sounds about right.
Piglandia... I'm a Falcons fan. I'm here to tell you, as much as I love Matt Ryan, he doesn't have a world-class arm. The guy you're thinking of, who can throw it though a brick wall, is former Georgia Bulldog Matt STAFFORD.
Elway isn't part of my generation. I actually think Flacco is a Millennial, since he was born after 1982. But I'm not "sticking-up" for either, I am instead pointing out the deficiency in how you're interpreting this. Team sports is supposed to build toughness of will and strength of character. Your worrying about Lock's feelings and thinking he need to be nurtured by 1. The man who's paying him to do a job and 2. The guy whose job he's trying to take is literally everything that's wrong with your generation's world view. Lock has a job to do. It's up to him and the choices he makes whether he'll be successful. He'll be paid well and receive coaching. His feelings don't matter. He's a grown man. Children need nurturing. Men shouldn't. That there are many who believe adults still need to be hand fed is why Millennials often find themselves utterly lost in the real world once they've left college and all of a sudden must fend for themselves. That's why so many them go back home to live with mommy and daddy, who continue to fail them by taking them in.
The youngest Boomers who birthed the Millennials really effed up, big time.