Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Trojans Corch (2020)


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Umm... Kirby is 3-1 vs. MuLLLen. There's no almost about it, dumba--.
Because Sideshow Dan the Clown is an unlikeable, socially awkward weirdo. You don't get how he could turn off recruits?
MarshaMarshaMarsha!!! You're here, but you weren't there for almost 3 days. LOL.
No public (government) institution, which a University is, can force you through threat or coercion to undergo any medical procedure against your will. It's the same protection in the penumbra of the 14th amendment that the Supreme Court used in Roe vs. Wade. I hope Rolo sues, because if he sues, he will eventually win. It may take a couple of years to get to the Supreme Court given the leftist activist nature of courts out west, but once he gets to the Supremes, they will use the same precedent in Roe vs. Wade to give him the win.
13 SEC Titles to 8 SEC Titles. But that's right, to you 'turds, CFB didn't start until 1990, right?
Of course you be an authoritarian lunatic.
No, that's y'all, too. The fact that you think you have any ground on which to talk just shows how much of a uncouth hillbilly you really are. Shut up and take your lumps, hillbilly. You're just digging the hole deeper. Hah!
44 to 28 is a 2-score win. It is not a rout. Nothing about it is a rout. 42-7 is a rout, you 'turd. In two weeks, you'll be reminded what a rout actually is.
Hey Hillbilly, don't you have a mustard bottle flask to hurl at a former coach somewhere? LOL. Garbage people.
Hey dork, a two-score win isn't "routing" anyone, no matter how many times you keep saying it. Do you know what a rout is? The 2017 Cocktail Party was a rout. As far as Georgia "surging ahead of Floriduh," we were never behind Floriduh. Yeah, y'all won last year, but that was a blip. We lost our QB during the game, the best QB we had was still not cleared to play, AND we were missing Richard LeCounte, Monty Rice, and Jordan Davis in the game last season. A healthy Georgia beats Floriduh last year, and if you refuse to acknowledge that you're as much of a homer as we all believe you to be. Kirby OWNS MuLLLen. That is the one constant in life on which we can count. The real headline here should be, "Cousin Eddie got lucky in 2020 with a QB he never would have played if Franks hadn't gotten hurt, and now Kirby has returned us back to normal programming." Also, where's No-Cajones and MarshaMarshaMarsha? They refused to take their medicine, AGAIN, this weekend.
Dumpster fire program and a garbage fanbase treating their cow pasture field like a dumpster. So much poetry. Hillbillies keep on hurling, dumpster fire keep on burning! Hurling! Hurling! Hurling junk on the field! Hurling! Hurling! Hurling junk on the field!
Don't worry about me. Worry about what happens to y'all in 363 days, Bushleague.
LOL. What is it with the UT's of the world and their obsession with being "back"? Back to their 8-win a year ceiling? Sure. Why not? Stupid hillbillies. Hah!
The absolute beatdown Sideshow Dan the Clown and Third and Grantham have coming in Jacksonville will be cathartic. Especially because dooooshes like Homer Blackmon keep calling their two-score victory last year a "blow-out." Yeah, Neil is gonna be reminded what an actual blow-out is in two weeks. Also, again, where's No-Cajones and MarshaMarshaMarsha? Their continued absence is hilariously on-brand.
It's not that y'all don't spend money on recruiting, it's that Cousin Eddie is the laziest CFB coach there is and doesn't want to recruit hard. He'd rather be at the lake. UGA's recruiting budget is overblown because we don't have our own private plane like EVERYONE else does, so the cost of tickets is in our budget while every other school hides their private plane costs (pilots, fuel, maintenance) in another line item on their overall budget.
Hey, where are No-Cajones, MarshaMarshaMarsha, and the rest of the 'turd "faithful" who've been telling us for years how much better Sideshow Dan the Clown is than Kirby? They've disappeared again. mrlies may be full of it, but at least he was here taking his medicine Saturday and Sunday.
This had me in tears I laughed so hard. As a homage to The Shining and other horror movies, it's absolutely brilliant. I then lost my s--t at the "Tennessee Home Defense Kit" with the French's Yellow Mustard Bottle and Neon Golf Balls. Best video ever by SEC Shorts.
LMAO!!! Now you’re just trolling all of us by using my talking points about Sideshow Dan the Clown, Hayes. The vindication does feel nice, though. I will also give you credit for being the only writer here (and nationally) to have the right take on JT Daniels vs. Stetson Bennett. Our offense is limited by Monken with Bennett in there because he can’t see the whole field (not just a height issue), and because he needs the running game to go in order for play-action to work. He’s terrible on 3rd and long, whereas Daniels is the best QB in CFB on 3rd down. You earn a reprieve this week from the scorn you normally deserve. Good work. LOL.
Sources tell me it came down to Oxford or just hanging around Athens again during the bye week. It came down to a coin flip.
Seriously, I can smell corndogs through the screen. You better scrub down with white vinegar.
Orgeron's winning percentage at LSU is better than Cousin Eddie's at FU.
Yep, my IQ is so low I've been right about Sideshow Dan the Clown for FOUR YEARS and have been completely proven right every time, and even Floriduh 'turds are starting to see the light. Your problem dummy, is you confuse my constant ball busting with being stupid when I'm so much smarter than you as for it to be immeasurable. Go take a shower. You smell like corndogs, doofus.
That's who LSU wants. There is no way in h e l l Mel Tucker takes that job knowing he could be fired in less than 3 years. Not knowing he has Saban, Kiffin, and Jimbo in the same division. Why would Mel Tucker leave the juggernaut he's building? He only has to beat Tosu there. At LSU, he has three extremely difficult teams to beat every year, and an Arkansas team that's up and coming, oh, and OU and Texas coming, too. Mel Tucker is an LSU pipe dream.
Wow... that is extremely cold-blooded by LSU. After beating the snot out of Floriduh, and this is the news of the day? Wow. Cajuns don't mess around.
And the best guy available won't actually be available thanks to Tennessee burning down their entire program to prevent him from getting his buyout.
Just the dumbest take ever on JT vs Stetson. The fact that the offense is obviously limited with Stetson playing should matter. The fact that he is completely dependent on the running game going should matter. The fact that JT Daniels remains the best QB in all of CFB on 3rd down and Bennett remains terrible of 3rd and long should matter. This is, "Kirby should have started Fields even though Fields never earned it by beating Fromm in 2018," levels of stupid. Just stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.
It's amazing, it's almost like if your head coach is CFB's laziest recruiter in the most talent-rich state in the country and you routinely finish outside the top-10 in recruiting rankings while also having a completely mythical and untrue media-driven narrative about "doing more with less" and "developing better than anyone"... ... you're not going to be a good football team. Call me crazy, but having good players matter. It's also awesome when the guy who 'turds keep telling us "does less with more" and "doesn't develop" is about to have his third 3-star recruit get drafted in the first round of the draft in the last four years. But what makes this year even better than all that, is seen the dawning horror among all the Floriduh 'turds that I've been 100% right about Sideshow Dan the Clown for the last four years. Told y'all so! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
I knew Chris Wright loves his lazy takes, but I didn’t know he’d use the laziest take off all “KIRBY CHOSE THE WRONG QB!!!” as a warning to Sideshow Dan the Clown. Hey Wright, you Floriduh homer, while it’s hilarious you’re finally coming around to the fact that Cousin Eddie is a mediocre head coach, when you make a comparison like that, you know, they have to have more in common than just the position involved. I’m here to tell you, you ‘turd writer, that Fromm-Fields and Jones-Richardson have NOTHING IN COMMON.