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Poor Sideshow Dan the Clown. But at least he's closing the gap on Georgia and is totally going to beat Kirby on the field and win the division, right Bratton? LOL.
If you think this is angry or I am, you give yourself far too much power over my life. If I'm self-righteous, someone else must be self-absorbed? I'm simply correcting your mistakes. Hah.
Nope. But leave it to a Mizzou grad to give Mizzou more importance than they're due. Richt hadn't won an SEC title in 10 years. His recruiting had fallen-off. His picks for coordinators were legendarily terrible, from Soft Willy to Brian Schottenheimer to even Jeremy Pruitt who though good with the x's and o's literally led a mutiny against Richt in 2015. And it wasn't the Bama loss in 2015 that was the final straw, Adam. No one who knows anything about that season thinks that. It was the Floriduh loss. That's when he became a dead man walking.
The answer is Andy Staples. He's the best national CFB writer there is, but he's also Southern through-and-though. He's also the last word in food, especially barbecue. And he's the only Gator worth a dang. As for some of the other suggestions up there: I agree that even when I don't agree with Clay Travis, which is about a third of the time, he's pretty funny and has an interesting point of view. His Anonymous Mailbag is legendary in a circa 2001 Bill Simmons, "Yup, these are my readers," kind of way. You know, back when Simmons was awesome and not an SJW turd. He even took one of my questions, though I left it up to him as to whether it would go in the Anonymous Bag or the Regular Bag. It was the question from March 31st about the former Prince Harry being the most p---y-whipped man on the planet. Some of the other suggestions aren't great. The most unsurprising thing I learned today is of course Chris Wright thinks Bratton is witty. That explains so much.
So dumb. So predictably dumb by everyone but Marler. And it's nice to see Chris Wright writers out himself as a 'turd. Every single one of you have already forgotten how Georgia dominated Floriduh last year with an offense that was terrible and a defense that was very good, but won't be as good as this year's defense will be. If you think, even without Spring Practice, that Georgia can't improve on last year's terrible offense with a new offense and play caller that will take advantage of Georgia's supreme athletes in space, an offense that was in many ways worse than the 2015 offense, you're all a bunch of morons. And what's most hilarious is the biggest Sideshow Dan the Clown lover of them all is still spinning the lie about Georgia only having "one starter" back on offense. As if Jamie Newman didn't start almost every game at QB for Wake Forrest the last two years. As if George Pickens and Dominick Blaylock weren't the starting wide receivers while Cager was hurt. As if Tre' McKitty didn't start 9 games last year for Florida State. As if the offensive line doesn't have four players coming back with extensive playing time because Georgia rotates more than any other team in the league. As if Zeus and Cook don't have a ton of snaps as well. As I said to start this... so dumb. So, so dumb.
It's terrible that this information is made public. I don't care if Coach O is a "public figure." His wife is not and this is their personal business.
Too many dumb jarheads get married right out of bootcamp or SOI. Every single one of the guys I knew in the Marine Corps who got married before they turned 20 were divorced either before their first enlistment was up, or almost immediately after they got back into the real world.
This is one of those times I'd agree with you, and do appreciate your explanation as to why, though most Georgia fans who are honest with ourselves wouldn't need the explanation. Coach Richt had a great first 5 years on the job, but then for the next 10 was basically wandering in the wilderness eating off those first 5 years.
All you dummies who keep buying into the media propagated myths about a never-won-anything coach like Sideshow Dan the Clown are just that... dummies. You act like Georgia won't have the best defense in the entire nation this year. You act like Georgia, with a garbage offense and great defense last year, didn't still dominate Floriduh in Jacksonville until Kirby started trading points for time. You act like Georgia will have a worse offense, even though what's coming back in terms of starts and plays isn't nearly as bad as you dummies keep reporting and that Kirby finally hired a decent OC who will take advantage of playmakers in space instead of running up the middle over and over again into 8 and 9-man boxes. You act like Kirby is the coach with something to prove even though he hasn't lost to a rival in three years, while Sideshow Dan the Clown who's never beaten Kirby and never won anything meaningful in over a decade of coaching, is some kind of genius. This isn't like a clock being right twice a day. The same offenders keep picking Sideshow Dan over Kirby and you keep losing. You'd think you'd have learned some kind of lesson by now, but you're bound and determined to keep being dummies. Oh well.
Oh BamaTard you dumb hick, just like Chris Wright you submit bs without context. He was hurt first during the Mizzou game and wasn’t right the rest of the season, especially in the next game versus Vandy. Nice try, though.
It’s amazing how you can write a story like this, provide zero context, and expect everyone to just believe you. No mention as to why Georgia lost to Mizzou and Vanderbilt. It couldn’t have been because Georgia had a spate of season-ending injuries on both offense and defense, including to all-SEC QB Aaron Murray, that sunk their once-promising season? So Georgia DID deserve their preseason top-10 ranking, Chris.
This is what happens when you have all these "commitments" now, 8 months from early signing day. They're not really commitments at all. I seem to remember the last three years, at this time of year, Georgia down there near the bottom of the SEC in recruiting "standings" because we always lack these uncommitted commitments. And then, in the weeks before early signing day, we start getting some big names and then bigger names until on signing day we trounce the foolish teams in our division who make a mistake in thinking they can hang with Kirby, the big dawg! So yeah, the Floriduh 'turds are "number 1" in recruiting now, but that and a $3 bill can get you an offense wearing the correct wristbands.
I mean, he has to say it because he's the coach there, but everyone knows who the best mascot in the country is.
Can Booger even see the pitiful amount of scoring Sideshow Dan the Clown's offenses have done against Kirby's defenses the last three years? Or heck, even going back to Kirby's time as Bama's DC, up there in his Booger Chair or Booger Cart or whatever they call it? The only thing Cousin Eddie is elite at is running is fool mouth.
Now we know why there's always more negative Georgia articles on this site compared to any other SEC team. Everyone who writes for Saturday Down South are a bunch of 'turds and Bammers. Lame.
I can name two whose hits hit much harder than Elam: Thomas Davis and Baccari Rambo.
One of the times he was hurt was on your cursed cow pasture. You know, the same crap field all you ignorant hillbillies hoped Cade Mays would tear his knee up on before he decided to "come back home."
The cow pasture in Hillbillyville has ended or impacted far too many careers. Shame on those Vawls and their awful groundskeepers and cheap Athletic Department for allowing this to happen for years and years.
Hines Ward. I never saw Herschel play, but it was Hines Ward who cemented me as a Dawg For Life. I've never seen a player do anything and everything his team asked of him in the things Hines was asked and needed to do during his playing career at Georgia. He is the absolute epitome of BIG TEAM, little me. And the thing is, almost all of the Georgia teams he played for were bad football teams, except for that last year. He played, at various times in his career: Tailback Wide Receiver Quarterback Kick Returner Punt Returner If they asked him to play corner, I'm sure he would've done that, too. Hines Ward gave everything he could to the University of Georgia, and I'll love him forever for that.
LOL. It's not 1965. Also, Clemson has the same money. Also, he's built something at Clemson that is HIS. He comes to Bama and does well, he's riding Saban's coattails. He comes to Bama and doesn't win immediately, and he's terrible. Stay delusional, Bammer.
LOL. He only wants Dabo Swinney. Why not dig up the Bear and reanimate him? Bama fans are the best! Completely delusional.
Georgia played Notre Dame first, dummy. Mountain climbers now.
Following the trends? Adam, you better check your research. Georgia, and more accurately, Kirby Smart, BEGAN this trend. You best give the man the respect he deserves. Unlike his mentor, Kirby wants home and home against the best in the nation; not only one-off opening kick-off games. In fact, Kirby's actions to beef up our schedule so shamed Florida, that about 6-months after Georgia starting scheduling every blue blood P5 school we could, even those dumb lizards decided to jump on the train. Another six months after that, Nick Saban finally admitted defeat and had Bama start scheduling home and homes with teams who had a pulse. When it comes to SEC football beefing up their scheduling, one man stands above the rest as the originator, and that man is Kirby Smart. To say he was following any trend is an insult. HE was the trend.