Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Trojans Corch (2020)


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And because Bennett is staying, Burton is leaving. Cause and effect.
Well, this is pretty much proof that Bennett is coming back in 2022. Burton was one of the WRs complaining that Daniels should've been inserted into the SEC Title Game while Bennett struggled. He doesn't want to play in an limited offense that's limited because of the QB. He wants to be in an offense where he can put up numbers and improve his draft stock. Honestly, I don't blame him.
Awwww... TruVol, what's going to be fun is watch stupid hillbillies like you lose your s--t when Huepel regresses this season, like he's done every year he's been a head coach. That first year is always his best year. For the 2022 season, the ceiling is capped at 7 wins. Enjoy!
earl.m and gwhite have definitely fought to their last good tooth for that crown, but gwhite has completely disappeare, so this means earl.m wins by default.
If he's a troll, he's likely TruVol... who's taken on the persona of almost every team and certainly NOT a Dawg fan.
Of all the delusional 'turds in the world, he's the most delusional. I would be surprised if he and the dumbest hillbilly alive, earl.m, were best friends.
Man, that you didn’t even mention the most important and obvious returning piece on defense, Jalen Carter, is head-scratching. Dude is an absolute beast, and with the Law firm of Smith, Jr, Smith, and Smith, II returning, the defense will be in good shape next season; in all three levels.
You still owe Kirby Smart an apology, you piece of dung biased ‘turd. And as for Brenton Cox, with that kid it’s always someone else’s fault, right? He was “misused” by the last staff. Dan Lanning was mean to him at Georgia. No, it’s never his fault for refusing to play the run and being a stat-chasing garbage player that gives up in the middle of plays, and who’s only looking out for himself. Sure, now that Billy Bags and his magical G5 coaching staff is at Jortsville, they’ll get Cox to see the light! We believe you Hayes. Aren’t you the same guy who’s been telling us for YEARS that Sideshow Dan the Clown is a better coach than Kirby Smart? LOL.
The secondary in 2022 gonna be special with Poole, Ringo, Smith, and Smith holding it down.
LOL… promise to not let up? You mean like every time you let up when you couldn’t get to the QB in Jax and didn’t pursue at all? When Cox left Athens, it was definitely addition by subtraction. Realistic ‘turds know what’s what about Cox.
Dude, you don’t speak for me. Saying, “Sometimes he made me mad, and sometimes he made me happy,” is about as perfect a description of his play throughout the year as you can get. I’m sorry if you’re a Disney Dawg, but I’m not gonna let you alter he history of what actually happened this season.
That’s pretty much a perfect summation of The Stetson Bennett Experience.
Welp, Brenton Cox 2.0 is also going to find that the grass isn’t greener. Best of luck, except on Halloween Weekend.
Thank you. Appreciate that most of the Bammers here are being way better than Bammers outside of here, like on RBR and the cretins who call Finebaum. God knows what they’re saying on twitter. We all give each other a hard time because it’s fun and talking smack is fun and part of the game, but this is appreciated. Great game. Can’t wait to see y’all in Atlanta next year.