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"Smart avoided any Floriduh jabs," like, that was a worry? He's not the one talking trash, though unlike Sideshow Dan the Clown, Kirby has earned that right through sheer ownage on the field the last two years (both of the 'turds and Sideshow Dan). Every time Pruitt opens his mouth, everyone with a 25 yard radius gets dumber. There's "dumb redneck," then there's Pruitt. Gus Bus was probably my favorite, because behind his acceptance of the roller coaster insanity of the Auburn fans, boosters, and admin, is the knowledge that if they fire him for any reason, he's gonna get PAID. That's gangster right there.
Um, a couple of Floriduh players said AGAIN that they were the better team even though they were blown out by double digits AGAIN in Jacksvonville. I wouldn't call that "playing nice," just a little bit of the same denial, two years in row, that Bama's feeling this summer. Also, Perine is going to have a good year running the ball behind THAT line? Okay.
With The Great Wall of Georgia paving the way for the run game, I think you might want to rethink your answer, Adam. As to your answer for a Hard Knocks style show, I completely agree with your answer. Watching Sideshow Dan the Clown talk a bunch of completely unearned crap about the Dawgs the first couple of episodes, only to have every single bit of that come back to bite him in the butt in the ultimate karmic retribution in the last couple of episodes in the most hilarious ways that would seem like it was scripted if you didn't know it actually happened in real life would be the most amazing television show ever. I'd pay money to see that. Someone invent a time machine, go back to Spring Practice time period, and sign Floriduh up for that show so I can have YouTube clips of watching Sideshow Dan flying out to California and begging Chris Steele not to jump ship, or we can see his reaction to the few blue chippers he signed entering the transfer portal or not being academically eligible to go to school.
Yeah... this seems not as good as just having a day where we can watch our school's cool games or whatever.
I hesitate to say Swift because Georgia running backs share carries, and Cook and White provide interesting contrasts to Swift. However, if Kirby decides to ride Swift like Bama did with Ingram and Henry, Swift could easily win the Heisman. He's that talented.
He says that because he must, but everyone knows it's Georgia and Bama. It's always Georgia and Bama. They could finish the year 2-10, but if both those wins come against Georgia and Bama, ruining those two teams' seasons, then I would give even odds he could maybe retain his job. For Auburn it's Bama then Georgia. For Bama it's Auburn then Tennessee. For Georgia it's Florida then Auburn. It's the way it's always been, for over a hundred years. These hatreds run DEEP in the South.
No one does excuses better than Bama coaches, players, and fans. Well, Floriduh,but they've entered into the moral victory stage of their lives, so they don't count for much. You lost when everyting was on the table. Clemson was the better team in 2018. This isn't losing to Utah in the 2008 Sugar Bowl because you were disappointed about losing to Florida in the SEC Title Game. In 2018 y'all were battle-tested and undefeated. Y'all beat LSU. Y'all beat Georgia. Y'all beat Oklahoma. Everything was in front of you to be crowned the greatest football team in college football history. And you lost. To the better team. Not that day. To the better team, period. Own it. Don't be like Floriduh fans and coaches who think being ahead by a few points in the second half before being blown out by 19 points means they were really the better team. Not a great example to follow, Bammers.
36-17. What the scoreboard read after whipping' the 'turds is the only talking that matters. Their players came out yesterday and once again claimed they were the better team, even in embarrassing defeat. Lots of moral victories over there in Floriduh, followed by a ton of unearned trash talk this Spring. November 2nd can't get here soon enough.
Modern college football is predicated on 3 things: 1. In-state recruiting resources, with relatively unfettered access; i.e. the less big schools in the same state, the more access you have. This is the most important thing; states with natural player resources will always have a leg-up on others as long as they have coaches who can take advantage of those resources. 1a. Coaches who recruit, recruit, and recruit some more 2. Money. Lots and lots of money. 3. Facilities to compete with anyone. Where does Floriduh fail here, Gatorboy? Right now, they have a lot of competition for 1, their coach sucks at 1a, and for 3, they're behind those they want to compete against on the national stage. Sorry Gatorboy, but your guy just doesn't have it in him to work hard enough to recruit with the big boys. If you get a coach who will work that hard, you'll compete with us again. Until then, I'm not worried about Floriduh.
Your first mistake was to pretend to be a Dawg. There's A LOT of y'all here.
It's already been outlined ad naseum that Tennessee is NEVER coming back, Vawl. Y'all don't have the in-state recruiting natural resources to be able to to compete. Y'all don't have the national caché that Bama does to be able to overcome that deficit. Your ceiling is 9 to 10-wins a year in a very good year where you've built up a good upper class. Congratulations... you're Kentucky.
S&P has y'all as a 5.9 win team, but as the 18th best team in the nation. That should tell you something. I think y'all can squeeze out 7 wins. If y'all do, it'll be more impressive than anything Spurrier did there; even the lone division title year.
Their schedule is maybe the most manageable in the conference outside of Bama's single-ply toilet paper-thin schedule. If they don't win 9 games, I'm honestly going to be surprised.
Butthurt Vawl is my favorite flavor of Nothing Sucks Like a Big Orange!
You mean how Floriduh fans disappeared after their butt-whuppin, then came back after their Peach Bowl win talking unearned crap about how they actually almost won that game, and then following Sideshow Dan the Clown's example, started talking about the Fields transfer and 1980 like that's relevant to the aforementioned butt-whuppin'? And then disappeared AGAIN after Chris Steele started the domino effect of so many players fleeing your program, decimating your "vaunted" 2019 recruiting class? You mean like that, Joe? Don't worry about me, Joe. I'm here rain or shine.
Good defense. Managable schedule. Much more manageable than Floriduh's.
The East Perspective: 1. Georgia (11-1) The Dawgs are loaded. The odds are they go undefeated against the East again. The one game all year that worries me is Auburn. It's in Auburn, in a year everyone expects Auburn to go 7-5. That means they'll go 10-2. I could see that as our loss. 2. Mizzou (9-3). This team destroyed Floriduh even worse than we did. I don't see that changing. They have Third and Grantham's number, just like we do. Their defense is going to be much improved. There's definitely 9 wins on this schedule. Maybe 10. 3. Floriduh (8-4) Some of the peeps here picking Floriduh to finish 3rd or even 4th in the division are the people actually looking at the context of what's happened to the 'turds this offseason combined with their schedule, and not based on what happened in last year's bowl game. They've lost depth almost everywhere. They have a mediocre OL. Even last year, we saw how Franks still folds under pressure. They better win vs. Miami and FSU. 4. Sakerlina (7-5) They have a brutal schedule. S&P has them ranked as the 18th best team, but only 5.9 wins this year. I think they can get to 7, and if they do, they need to lock Muschamp up for 5 more years. 5. Kentucky (7-5) It's a step-back year for the 'Cats. Stoops has this thing rolling though, where they should expect 9-3 or 10-2 regular seasons every three years or so when he builds up a strong upper class. 6. Vandy (5-7) I just don't see a bowl in Derek Mason's future. He'll beat Tennessee, though. 7. Tennessee (4-8) I remember Chaney's first year at Georgia. I also remember his only seasons at Arkansas and Pitt. Jim Chaney without elite talent is garbage. Tennessee takes a step back. Look for Fat Phil to backstab Pruitt at some point to take the job he really wants: Head Coach.
Neil ignores Floriduh's below-average to mediocre offensive line, meaning all those wonderful toys are far more likely to be underutilized than he hopes. Neil also ignores the self-inflicted trials of this offseason, calling them a "myth," which has sapped the 'turds of depth everywhere, ravaged their "vaunted" 2019 recruiting class. Yeah, there is literally no team and fanbase in CFB right now more delusional about the reality of what 2019 will bring. This is an 8-4 regular season team. And that's with them beating Miami and FSU. If they lost to one or either, put all 'turds on heavy meds to help them deal with it. With Kirby's continued dominance on the field and in recruiting matched with Sideshow Dan's continued lagging recruiting that is in no way making up ground, despite some people here's best efforts to spin that actual myth as true, means the disappointment for Floriduh fans will go beyond 2019.
Sideshow Dan the Clown trolls... Kirby rolls. All over Floriduh on the field and on the recruiting trail. Enjoy your future's past, 'turds.
No one asked Sideshow Dan if he regretted any of HIS dum@$$ comments about Georgia during the offseason, only to find karma come back and bite him on the behind? The way that question was phrased, about "fans" and the teams in the Georgia-Florida rivalry doing all the talking was also all wrong. No coach or player from Georgia is talking, and no Georgia fan started talking until Sideshow Dan opened his big fat mouth.
Also... the 'turd fans who are clued-in already know what's coming in the next few days. Can't wait until that news hits. Sideshow Dan has lost control of the Floriduh football team.
The fan trash talk had something to do with Sideshow Dan the Clown's trash talk? O'Gara, you have that bass ackwards! We weren't saying ANYTHING. Not even after his idiotic blind squirrel remark. But after this spring when, after being destroyed by Kirby Smart and the Dawgs two years in a row, Sideshow Dan decided to open his clown mouth on a variety of subjects he has no business talking about? Like winning national titles - he has none as a head coach. Or player transfers - almost immediately after that, Florida became one of the hardest-hit teams by transfers. He kept stepping on rakes, and then Kirby completely OWNED him in recruiting this spring and summer. His "vaunted" 2019 class fell apart, and his 2020 class is sucking hind teet. You best believe HE is what opened the floodgates of trash talk. As for Andrew Thomas or any other Georgia player, you also best believe they aren't going to say anything. Floriduh players and their coach talk, talk, talk. Our coach and players talk with their helmets.
When I want to hear from you, I'll ask, boot.
Kinda like Sideshow Dan? With all his trash talk the last two years? Something about blind squirrels ringing any bells, Gatorboy? As the real Kirby Smart, not the fake here, said at the end of last year's game: #ftmf
I'm calling you out. You're much smarter than TruDawg, but you're no Dawg at all. You're a fake.
The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry is here to tell you to get back in line behind Number 1.
It's Kirby-Sideshow Dan Part III. Don't forget the 31-3 butt-whuppin' Kirby and his Dawgs put on Sideshow Dan and Third and Grantham in 2017. We haven't. This is a good list, and while I know it's subjective, objectively it's missing the best game of the year: Bama-Georgia. SEC Championship. Sometimes chalk walks, and this is one of those years. I can't wait. The next five months of anticipation will be KILLER!